Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 479

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 479: Final Destination

Bellowing Waves Island.

It was getting late at night and the darkness had shrouded this island.

In the newly renovated underground grotto, Lord Qi sat on the woolen rug with his eyes closed. In the incense burner not far away, there was a stick of sandalwood that was emitting a faint fragrance. Experienced people could smell a hint of unusual fragrance which was somewhat similar to the smell of shiso in the midst of this sandalwood fragrance. Clearly, this was the best quality sandalwood, Purple Dragon Sandalwood.

This kind of sandalwood could make people feel peace of mind. But, Lord Qi who was sitting cross-legged on the ground however was unable to sit still and he was feeling ill at ease. After a good while, he just gave up cultivating, he sat down behind the desk and spreading open a blank sheet of paper, he began writing.

On the blank sheet of paper, soon a big ‘Ye (叶)’ word appeared.

Lord Qi suddenly stopped and looking at the ‘Ye’ word, his mind shook.

His heart was agitated, so he had just thought to scribble. But, he subconsciously wrote this word “Ye’, what did this imply?

Love a person and he would be expressed in every regard; Hate a person and he would be thought unwittingly!

Lord Qi came back to his senses and took a glance at those big bright red ‘喜’ words stuck on the walls he had yet to tear and knew why he was unable to sit still.

He wanted to force himself upon dainty and lovely Tuoba Xiaoniao and lash her to his heart’s content, but she was saved by Ye Chuan right before his eyes. A fat piece of meat right before his mouth had fallen. This made Lord Qi burn with anger, in addition, he also lost his face altogether. Thus, he decisively sent Rain Demon and Liu Yuan along with other elites to attack the campsite of Ye Chuan. The result, there was no news of them until now. They didn’t send back any news of victory and disappeared without a trace in a space of a night. He didn’t know whether they were killed by Ye Chuan and sea demon warriors or they were lost in the vast sea due to a storm.

The hatred for Ye Chuan coupled with the disappearance of the vanguard army made Lord Qi who was the commander of this army feel even more pressure. If he didn’t handle this matter properly, then in the future, it would naturally be hard to avoid the blame when Qing Tianyou looked into it. If it was just that, then it was still fine, but what was even more troublesome was the situation in front of him.

According to the estimate, the defensive restriction of Lost City should have already weakened and the entrance should have already manifested, but, even after the army almost overturned the entire Bellowing Waves Island, he ended up empty-handed. He couldn’t find the entrance to Lost City. And at the same time, the scouts reported that there was a yao beast wave crossing the nearby territorial waters from the west to the east in the direction of Bellowing Waves Island. But, although he had already confirmed that the target of this yao beast wave was not Bellowing Waves Island and would pass by this island from several dozen li away, for some unknown reasons, the heart of Lord Qi was always restless and his eyelids flickered.

With over a million Gnu Alligators, if they happen to change their direction and rush straight towards Bellowing Waves Island, then what would happen?

Lord Qi was weighed down with anxieties while wondering all kinds of scenarios. Then, looking at the word ‘Ye’, he became even more irritated. He crumpled this paper into a ball and threw it away, “Guards!”

“This little one pays respect to Lord Qi!”

The bodyguard captain quickly entered and bowed respectfully, and seeing the angry look of Lord Qi, he lowered his head even further and didn’t dare to raise his head. In front of ordinary soldiers, this captain acted like a tyrant and he would bully people by flaunting his powerful connection, but in front of Lord Qi, he was obedient like a mouse that had seen a cat.

“Is there any news about Rain Demon and Liu Yuan?” Lord Qi asked.

“No.” The bodyguard captain shook his head.

“What about that kid Ye Chuan? Did you find the whereabouts of Cloud Mist Sect and Sea Demon Clan?” Lord Qi asked again.

The bodyguard captain shook his head again, “No.”

The face of Lord Qi sank and his complexion became cold as he lowered his voice, “Then, what about that beast group? Where are they located now? Did you dispatch more people to monitor closely?”

“A scout reported back not long ago, the beast group is already a few dozens of li away, and they are still going straight from the west to the east, and soon, they will be far away from the nearby territorial waters.” The bodyguard captain answered. He became nervous under the glare of Lord qi and added, “And according to Lord Qi’s orders, all warships were withdrawn back to avoid alarming the beast group, but many hidden lookouts were dispatched throughout the way to monitor this beast group closely to ensure everything is perfectly safe.”

“That’s more like it!”

The irritated Lord Qi finally heard good news, then pausing for a bit, he said, “Although the beast group is just passing by, it is also uncertain that there will be no mishap. Pass down my orders, the leaders of various levels must strictly restrain their subordinates and prevent them from alarming this beast group. In addition, be prepared for a battle at any time and beware of any mishaps!”


The bodyguard captain bowed to receive the orders, then he quickly left to convey the orders.

It was not a problem to strictly restrict the subordinates. There was no one that didn’t have eyes and dare to go and provoke that monstrous beast group. As for being prepared for a battle at any time, it was hard to say. The scouts had already monitored the movement of that beast group repeatedly and determined that they were only passing by. Thus, after the initial nervousness, the soldiers were no longer disturbed and nervous. Moreover, since they had been drifting on the surface of the sea for a long time and this was a rare return to the base camp, a lot of people seek pleasure and made merry and the leaders of different levels also turned a blind eye. In such a moment, if they were ordered to be prepared for a battle at any time, the soldiers will clearly be unwilling and it was also impossible.

This bodyguard captain knew the current circumstances like the palm of his hand, but even if he was given a tiger’s guts, he would not dare to offer advice to Lord Qi and explain the current circumstances. Afterward, no need to speak about how Lord Qi would make the life difficult for soldiers, if by chance, Lord Qi’s mood turn worse and vented his fury on him, then what? Wasn’t that asking trouble on oneself?

Like being close to the emperor was like being close to a tiger, the bodyguard captain simply didn’t dare to speak more to unpredictable Lord Qi.

Like every strategy had a counter-strategy, many stern regulations often become a mere formality at the critical moment.

But, no one knew a great calamity was getting closer and closer.

Lord Qi sat cross-legged on the woolen rug again. This time, under the fragrance of sandalwood, he finally calmed down. Outside the grotto, soldiers beamed with joy. Then, some began to drink strong wine, some began to sleep without any worry and some sneaked into the residential houses where many women were imprisoned.

The soldiers rarely got together, so they relaxed and played to their heart’s content. The orders of Lord Qi reached only to the leaders of different levels, but these leaders also ignored and played to their heart’s content. Soldiers naturally imitated their leaders. The orders of Lord Qi was completely muddled through. But, no one knew that the beast group was approaching Bellowing Waves Island under the lead of the armored warship at an astonishing speed.

In order to take precautions for all contingency, the leaders had indeed dispatched many hidden lookouts to monitor the beast group closely, unfortunately, all those hidden lookouts were already gotten rid by the group of Ye Chuan. And in order to avoid alarming the beast group, all armored warships were also docked at the harbor. Thus, it was like this army had lost its ears and eyes, entirely unaware of the approaching danger. In addition to this, it was a dark night, thus, a few guards who were still standing fast at their post also had a limited field of vision and were unable to see the approaching danger.

On the deck of the armored warship, Ye Chuan stood still. Behind the ship, there was a mighty yao beast wave, slowly about to catch up. Everybody was nervous, but he was undaunted, on the contrary, looking at Bellowing Waves Island that was getting closer and closer, his eyes were blazing like torches with soaring fighting spirit.

“Your Excellency Patriarch, are you sure that the entrance to Lost City is in that underground grotto?” Ye Chuan suddenly asked Sea Demon Patriarch standing beside him.

“I am sure, absolutely sure!”

The old man nodded his head and looking at Bellowing Waves Island that was getting closer and closer, he was also excited. Success or failure would be decided with this one move. Whether he could enter their racial Holy Land, Lost City, again or not depended on this battle.

“Tonight, Death God is with us!”

Ye Chuan sneered and made a beheading motion with his right hand. The armored warship accelerated and sailed towards Bellowing Waves Island at even faster speed.

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