Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 478

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 478: Deadly killing weapon

In front of this beast group’s attack, everyone only had one thought in their mind, that was ‘flee’!

With over a million Gnu Alligators rushing over from all direction like a wave, they didn’t even need to attack. They could just squeeze and drown the group of Ye Chuan, suffocating them to the death.

Ye Chuan made a prompt decision and led everyone deeper inside the sea to break out of this encirclement.

First, they dived down vertically, then after diving down roughly 30 meters, they swam horizontally at their fastest speed towards the sea dragon boat. This distance of 30 meters was just right. If the diving distance was not enough, then they might not be able to break out of the encirclement of this beast group; but, if they dived down further, then the sea pressure would be too big. Although sea demon warriors who lived in the sea since their childhood would be fine, the ordinary disciples of Cloud Mist Sect wouldn’t be able to endure.

Almost without thinking over, Ye Chuan instantly made the right choice. Those Gnu Alligators roared loudly and dived down in succession to surround everyone, but, although their number was very large, they were too late to thoroughly block off the sea area. Ye Chuan and others smoothly break out of the encirclement from under the water and they sprang out of the sea surface 30 meters away from this group of Gnu Alligators.

“Jiajia, take one-fifth to the sea dragon boat and prepare to provide reinforcement. As for others, board the armored warship and set off to Bellowing Waves Island!” Ye Chuan took a deep breath and ordered Zhu Sijia to leave with everyone. He however stopped there.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, then you……”

Zhu Sijia also took a big mouthful of breath. Even she was unable to adapt to the pressure of 30 meters under the water. The farther away from the sea surface, the darker and colder it was in the water. In addition, they were being chased by that beast group. This made everyone very nervous.

“Quickly leave!”

Ye Chuan didn’t have much time to speak. He wielded Iron Blooded Banner, and with a thought, he ordered super electric eel to lead numerous electric eels to bring up the rear.

The lineup of this beast group was already in chaos and Gnu Alligator King was thoroughly enraged. This meant that Ye Chuan had already accomplished the first objective. But, in order to completely implement his plan, this was not enough. He needed to enrage Gnu Alligator King further.

In front of this beast group that was gushing over like a tide, it was almost impossible to escape forcibly, but how to escape? This was also a skill.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, you must be careful!”

Zhu Sijia gritted her teeth and after taking a final look at that group of beasts, she firmly turned around and left with everyone.

Countless Gnu Alligators sprang out from under the water and under the leadership of Gnu Alligator King, they were very ferocious and fast. This distance of 30 meters, a normal person needed to swim for a good while to cover it, but these Gnu Alligators only needed the time of a few breaths. Therefore, if they don’t leave now, then it would be too late!

Zhu Sijia was very worried about the safety of Ye Chuan, but it was an urgent situation, she didn’t have much time to think. But, just after she left, crackling sounds came from behind her. She turned around and saw a wide expanse of the sea area was filled with lightning. Gnu Alligators wailed mournfully and collapsed row after row.

The super electric eel showed its might again. The water had multiplied the might of its lightning!

In this vast sea, this little fellow had become the greatest killing weapon of Ye Chuan.

Roar! A thunderous roar resounded again.

Gnu Alligator King was very furious. In that moment, all the Gnu Alligators around him were already electrocuted and sunk, some were even burned to coke. Only it was still full of vim and vigor, but, black smoke was curling up from its body. It also hadn’t escaped unscathed. With a roar, it led beast group again and rushed over at a faster speed, wanting to tear Ye Chuan into shreds and devour his flesh and blood!

Originally, Gnu Alligator King leading this beast group was only passing through this sea area, but now it was thoroughly enraged by Ye Chuan. With a crash, it plunged into the sea wave and jumping towards Ye Chuan, it ferociously attacked head-on.

As for Ye Chuan, he brandished the Iron Blooded Banner in his hands, and along with the collision, a muffled sound resounded and Ye Chuan was sent flying. His perlicue was torn and the Iron Blooded Banner also nearly slipped out of his hands. Fortunately, he didn’t seem to be injured seriously. This made Zhu SIjia sighed out in relief.

At that time, something unexpected suddenly happened.

Gnu Alligator King didn’t move, it just suddenly opened its mouth and a white light shot out towards Ye Chuan at lightning speed.

What is that?

A tongue?

The pupils of Ye Chuan shrunk, he could vaguely see what thing was attacking. This tongue was too fast, it was even a bit faster than his Dragon Slaying Flying Sword. He unexpectedly had no time to dodge. In the blink of an eye, this tongue arrived right before him and a bad smell assaulted his nostrils. In addition, not only the tip of this tongue was sharp, the tongue was also full of sticky liquid with dark light circulating in it.  Even at first glance, one would know that it contained deadly poison.

The enraged Gnu Alligator King suddenly displayed its strange deadly attack!

Little Long’er who was beside Zhu Sijia transformed into his dragon form wanting to set out a helping hand. But, someone else was faster than him.

A tough black vine suddenly sprang out from the sea surface and bound the tongue of Gnu Alligator King.

Then the figure of Old Demon of Mount Yin suddenly sprang out of the sea surface that was less than 10 meters away, “Kakaka, Your Excellency, leave this fellow to me, you can go first!”

After a successful attack, Old Demon of Mount Yin laughed heartily and stared at this Gnu Alligator King, wanting to absorb its blood, qi and essence energy.

This was a yao beast that was at peak Daoist Master realm, if absorbed its blood, qi and essence energy, then wouldn’t he be able to break through to Half-Sage realm?

The gaze of Old Demon of Mount Yin was burning hot. Other people looked at this Gnu Alligator King with nervousness, but he looked at it like he discovered a priceless treasure. He was very excited. But, very quickly, he was unable to laugh.

The vine that bound the tongue of this Gnu Alligator King was corroded rapidly by the sticky liquid on the tongue. Then, Gnu Alligator King roared and retracted its tongue, and immediately after that, it shot out its tongue at faster speed towards the glabella of Old Demon of Mount Yin, wanting to directly pierce through the latter’s head and devour qi and blood.

Old Demon of Mount Yin who was laughing heartily with a burning gaze just a moment ago instantly became pale. He wanted to dodge but discovered that he was already too late.

The Iron Blooded Banner in the hands of Ye Chuan streaked across the sky and rolling up Old Demon of Mount Yin who didn’t have time to dodge, it turned away. Behind, Gnu Alligator King whose attacked failed again roared loudly and chased, but it was greeted with lightning.

It turned out that the best weapon to deal with this Gnu Alligator King and its group was lightning. Super Electric Eel discharged lightning in a large area and was able to stop these ferocious yao beasts. Every time lightning was discharged, many Gnu Alligators would sink. Unfortunately, these casualties were still a single hair out of nine ox hides for this beast group. Gnu Alligator King led the beast group and chased relentlessly again.

In the front, now, Ye Chuan had already boarded the armored ship, but the beast group was still chasing ferociously. This was pressuring the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and sea demon warriors so much that their complexion was stretched taut. Ye Chuan however was not afraid, he was even excited. Now, this beast group was murderously chasing after them, it appeared dangerous, but wasn’t this exactly what he wanted to see?

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