Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 477

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 477: Beast King’s rage

Everyone was fast, unfortunately, those beasts were faster.

A sudden angry roar suddenly came from the midst of this thickly dotted Gnu Alligators, then an extraordinarily large Gnu Alligator leaped high. A black light circulated around its body like a thick and heavy black armor and its streamlined muscles contained violent power. The gnu alligators roared angrily and rushed forward at an amazing speed towards Ye Chuan.

That is……, Beast King of this group of Gnu Alligators, Gnu Alligator King!

The pupils of Ye Chuan shrunk, and looking at this Gnu Alligator King, he was nervous and excited.

This Gnu Alligator King was huge and robust, moreover, its power was surging. It was by no means inferior to any peak Daoist Master realm experts. If he could tame this beast king and led this group to Bellowing Waves Island, then the fighting power of his Yao Beast Legion would definitely rise sharply. He would be able to easily wipe out Lord Qi as well as the army of 200,000 under him!

Ye Chuan was excited. He raised his head and roared, then he exerted strength on his legs to tightly hold Little Long’er as he rushed forward straight towards those beasts.

The Iron Blooded Banner in the hands of Ye Chuan swayed and pierced through a Gnu Alligator in the front without any obstruction. In the next moment, Ye Chuan had no time to fling away the corpse of that Gnu Alligator on his banner, he put forth his strength and swung it again. He then advanced forward at full speed while smashing Gnu Alligators and send them flying!

Ye Chuan held nothing back. Riding on the back of Little Long’er, he advanced rapidly while killing in all directions. The Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body were circulating rapidly.

After seeing the extraordinarily powerful Gnu Alligator King, the fighting spirit of Ye Chuan surge, and not only he wanted to draw these gnu alligators to Bellowing Waves Island, he also wanted to tame this Gnu Alligator King.

In this life, he had to start from scratch, but he had two greatest things he could rely on. One was the knowledge and experience of his past life and the other was Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Secrets he had accidentally found in God Burial Valley. If he wanted to rule Wilderness World again and look for the formidable enemies of his past life to take revenge, then his cultivation was indispensable, but taming powerful yao beasts was a shortcut and also was a key to whether he could truly rise to prominence or not!

The killing intent of Ye Chuan soared. Little Long’er under him also went all out. One human one dragon, they rushed forward like splitting a bamboo!

Looking down from a high altitude, the thickly dotted Gnu Alligators that were rolling up in the sea were like a piece of huge black cloth. And Ye Chuan riding on Little Long’er was like a sharp sword that cut this huge piece of black cloth into two.

“Kill, advance!”

“Fellow disciples, keep up!”

Seeing the courage of Ye Chuan everyone was shocked and they involuntarily stopped. Only after a short while, they reacted again and flew forward in succession. Then, plucking their courage, they chased behind Ye Chuan gritting their teeth.

The unique sounds of Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows suddenly resounded.

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect that were holding Dragon Headed Crossbows released arrows like rain, madly sweeping away thickly dotted Gnu Alligators.

In the midst of this thickly dotted arrow rain, pallid light flashed as flying swords of various shapes circled around along with whistling sounds. Those people who didn’t have Dragon Headed Flying Swords used their flying swords using various techniques to kill Gnu Alligators.

In the midst of the crowd, the tall figure of Tuoba Xiong was particularly conspicuous. Every time he smashed with his heavy cauldron, many Gnu Alligators would fall. Although his attack speed was not fast, his attack was very powerful. As for the sea demon warriors, they didn’t have flying swords, they took out their sharp fish spear and used them to stab a hole on the body of Gnu Alligators.

Under the leadership of Zhu Sijia, everyone also rushed out gritting their teeth and followed behind Ye Chuan along the bloody path.

And since there was a large number of Gnu Alligators, finally large-scale chaos occurred.

The Gnu Alligators that were rushing in the front had no choice but to move sideways to dodge the attack of Ye Chuan and others, as a result, their speed decreased. But Gnu Alligators behind them were still rushing forwards at full speed, so they collided with each other, and the formation fell into chaos. The Gnu Alligators that were swimming around the outskirts scattered all around, thoroughly separating themselves from this large group. This was the sign of the collapse.

Roar! A thunderous roar resounded again.

Gnu Alligator King jumped out from this group again and roared angrily. Then, the group of Gnu Alligators that had begun to separate themselves gathered together again and continued to advance.

Gnu Alligator King didn’t direct to attack everyone, he just ordered to compress this formation and rush forward. As a result, pressure on everyone increased vastly.

This was not a group of several hundred or several thousand Gnu Alligators, rather over a million. At first glance, the ends of this group couldn’t be seen, they could only sense dense killing intent!

Even the speed of Ye Chuan who was in the front clearly slowed down under this pressure.

The might of Iron Blooded Banner was amazing. Over one thousand Gnu Alligators had already died under his hands, but after this crazy massacre, his energy consumption was also high. Even with his doughty body, he could already feel exhaustion and he knew that he would be unable to continue much longer. But, at this moment, Gnu Alligator King was still at least 2-3,000 meters away, moreover, the density of Gnu Alligators around him was much higher.

Looking at Gnu Alligator King from distance, Ye Chuan sighed in regret and issued an order to withdraw. He then killed a dozen or so Gnu Alligators around him and suddenly dived into the sea to avoid this yao beast wave. Behind, the eyes of similarly exhausted Zhu Sijia and others shone and they also followed suit and dived into the sea.

Now, the large-scale chaos among these Gnu Alligators was already settled and they continued to advance forward like a black ocean current.

Under the sea surface, Ye Chuan and others saw an even more magnificent scene.

Looking up, they saw countless Gnu Alligators sweeping past above their heads. They seemed to cover the entire sea. Some people continued to use Dragon Headed Flying Swords and sharp arrows shot into their bellies. But, no matter how many were killed or wounded, it was like a single hair out of nine ox hides for this group. This group of Gnu Alligators continued to advance without stopping.

Ye Chuan signaled to Zhu Sijia and others to not make a meaningless move.  Then, began to swim underwater towards sea dragon boat.

In this action, Ye Chuan understood that he had failed. He underestimated the numbers and madness of this beast group. Clearly, these Gnu Alligators were determined to hurry on with their journey, they wouldn’t stop even though there was heavy casualties among them. Unless a very strong power forcibly blocked them, it was impossible to change their direction. Unfortunately, although their attack was swift and fierce, it was still not enough to forcibly block the step of this yao beast wave.

Crackle, crackle, crackling sounds suddenly came from the seawater.

Everyone turned around to look and saw the sudden appearance of lightning 2,000 meters away. Shortly afterward, it advanced towards that group of Gnu Alligators at lightning speed. Then a blank space appeared suddenly in the midst of that thickly dotted beast group.

Super Electric Eel?

The eyes of Ye Chuan shone as he saw the figure of the super electric eel. This little fellow was originally guarding the sea dragon boat. Now, it had come over along with a large group of electric eels without anybody knowing, then suddenly launched a surprise attack. Moreover, it happened to choose the center of this beast group to attack and that place just happened to be the place where Gnu Alligator King was located.

Roar! A thunderous roar resounded once again.

This sudden and unexpected lightning attack didn’t seriously injure Gnu Alligator King, but thoroughly enraged this Gnu Alligator King. It raised its head and roared, then this beast group stopped for the first time. They then dived into the water and initiated an insane attack on electric eels. Moreover, innumerable Gnu Alligators rushed towards Ye Chuan’s group too, wanting to tear them apart.

Beast King’s rage!

Ye Chuan had tried his best to enrage this Gnu Alligator King, but he was unsuccessful, but now, it was thoroughly enraged by a super electric eel. And the consequences of this rage would be very serious!

Along with Ye Chuan, the heartbeat of everyone accelerated. Seeing countless Gnu Alligators coming from all directions, everyone felt ice-cold.

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