Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 476

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 476: The stupidest plan in history

The earsplitting roars resounded on the sea surface as countless Gnu Alligators gushed forward like a tide.

On the sea dragon boat and armored warship, the palm of people was already drenched with sweat and they looked very nervous. But, two people and one dragon were rushing straight towards that yao beast wave.

When this yao beast wave was only a 100 meters or so away, Ye Chuan slowed down a little and immediately landed on the back of Little Long’er. He then waved the Iron Blood Banner in his hand and said pointing at a Gnu Alligator at the outermost fringe of this yao beast wave, “Little Long’er, fly in the opposite direction, quickly!”

Roar! Little Long’er understood the meaning of Ye Chuan. And the moment before they collided with this crowd of yao beasts, he suddenly changed the direction, and his robust body brushed past that Gnu Alligator at the outermost fringe and flew towards the opposite direction.

As for Ye Chuan, the Iron Blooded Banner in his hand suddenly stabbed forward like a spear, and the flagpole stabbed into the body of a Gnu Alligator. He then lifted this more than two thousand jin Gnu Alligator up.

After breaking through to Rank 4 Daoist Master realm and condensing nine Heaven Swallowing Talismans, although Ye Chuan was far from being as heaven-defying as his previous life, normal Daoist Master realm experts were far from being able to match him. Anything in his hands might become a killing weapon. Even this Iron Blooded Banner left behind by State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng displayed amazing power in his hands. Stab, sweep and smash, all moves had great strength!

The Gnu Alligators at the periphery suddenly became chaotic and roared repeatedly. But, to the surprise of people, they didn’t rush forward to fight, they just accelerated to flee, creating chaos on the sea surface.


Ye Chuan exclaimed in surprise. Old Demon of Mount Yin and Little Long’er were also dumbfounded.

Originally, Ye Chuan had thought that these Gnu Alligators were innately aggressive, so he thought to kill some Gnu Alligators at the outskirts, provoking their hatred towards him. Then, he would lead them to change their direction. But, looking at the current situation, it seemed that he was completely mistaken. All Gnu Alligators were fleeing like mad. They didn’t even look at the trio of Ye Chuan. It seemed that it was not so simple like they were passing by this place, rather they were escaping.

“Little Long’er, chase!”

Ye Chuan instructed again and raised his Iron Blooded Banner.

Little Long’er quickly turned around and chased after these yao beasts. Now, his speed was even faster.

The heavy Iron Blooded Banner fluttered up and down. Ye Chuan was calm like water, but his hands were ruthless, killing Gnu Alligators. But, he saw that these Gnu Alligators were completely ignoring them and continued to run like mad, so he simply accelerated and rushed towards the front of this group. And after he was over 800 meters away, he suddenly turned around, and one human and one dragon coldly faced this wave of over a million Gnu Alligators.


On the sea dragon boat and armored warships, people were screamed and got nervous.

Such a ferocious yao beast wave, it was already shocking looking from a distance, but jumping in front of them, wasn’t that courting destruction? What does Ye Chuan want to do?

Zhu Sijia tightly held her flying sword. Her palm was sweaty. She was so nervous that her heart was beating rapidly.

On the sea surface, Old Demon of Mount Yin who originally was closely following Ye Chuan had fallen behind. And seeing this scene of Ye Chuan facing this yao beast wave, he also get nervous. He wanted to rush over, but he felt that his legs had gone soft. In regards to cultivation base, he was far ahead of Ye Chuan, he was about to breakthrough to Half-Sage realm, but when it comes to courage and resolution, he feared that even those cunning evil spirit lords of Five Fingered Buddhist Cave were inferior in front of Ye Chuan!

At this moment, insolent and audacious Old Demon of Mount Yin began to get nervous and shivered.

Roar! An ear deafening roar pierced through the sky.

This group of yao beasts finally became angry. All of them roared one after another and rushed towards Ye Chuan at a faster speed. From afar, it looked as if a monstrous sea wave was about to engulf Ye Chuan and Little Long’er.

In front of this kind of yao beast wave, even a mountain would be knocked down much less a trifling human body.

Zhu Sijia and others screamed. Even the experienced Sea Demon Patriarch became pale and his mind almost become a blank space. His cultivation base couldn’t be considered as weak. He was a top figure with peak Daoist Master realm cultivation, but he still didn’t dare to rush over to save them. On the one hand, it was already too late to make a move now because of the distance, but more importantly, he wouldn’t be of any help even if was able to rush over there. Even if everyone including Plague Archfiend Abasi rushed over there, they would be drowned by this group!

After waiting for so long, was this the result?

Was this the excellent plan of Ye Chuan?

Under nervousness, Sea Demon Patriarch was thoroughly disappointed and sighed that Ye Chuan was too rash. Originally, he had always believed that Ye Chuan had some excellent plan and countermeasures in advance, but to his surprise, he unexpectedly made such a move. It was not ten or twenty Gnu Alligators in front of him, rather over a million, how could he stop them?

Zhu Sijia who was standing on the deck suddenly made an alarming move. She jumped off the armored warship and rushed towards Ye Chuan stepping on the flying sword. Even though it was very dangerous and already late to help, she nevertheless still rushed over.

“Senior Apprentice Sister!”


The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect turned pale with fright. Some sharp-sighted disciples subconsciously reached out to intercept, unfortunately, they were still a step too slow and only tore a sleeve of Zhu Sijia.

At that moment, another figure jumped off the armored warship and flew away stepping on the flying sword. This however was not the disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, rather was a graceful figure.

At this critical moment, Tuoba Xiaoniao also rushed out without any hesitation.

Although her cultivation was not as good as to Zhu Sijia, and even worse than the elite sea demon warriors and disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, her action was only half a step slower than Zhu Sijia without any hesitation.

During this time period when she roamed about in Overseas World, she had suffered a lot. She had also experienced a lot of things she could never imagine before. And after she was rescued from Bellowing Waves Island by Ye Chuan, she thought about her experiences and understood a lot. In the past, she wouldn’t dare to speak out even if she found something she liked, she would just hide this feeling in her heart. But now, she was unwilling to do so, she wanted to boldly pursue her own happiness. If she didn’t pluck up her courage to chase and made a mistake again, then she would definitely regret for the rest of her lifetime. Thus, upon seeing Ye Chuan was in imminent danger, she dashed ahead regardless of her safety. Even if it was already too late, she would at least make an effort. Moreover, being able to die together with Ye Chuan also might be the best ending.


A low and powerful voice resounded. Tuoba Xiong who had been curled up in one corner of the cabin suddenly stood up, and carrying a big cauldron, he rushed out. As a leader of the past, he now had nothing and was downtrodden, his daughter Tuoba Xiaoniao was his only spiritual concern and support. After shouting, he chased after her without any hesitation.

“Protect Big Senior Apprentice Brother!”

“Fellow disciples, come with me if you are not a coward, let’s go together!”

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect also reacted. They stepped onto their flying sword and flew out to save Ye Chuan. Sea Demon Patriarch hesitated for a bit and wanted to reconsider again, but his granddaughter Hai Lili had already rushed out, so he was forced to lead numerous sea demon warriors out.

On the sea surface, suddenly a strange scene appeared.

Ye Chuan didn’t move, he calmly wanted this group of Gnu Alligators. Meanwhile, everyone was flying over at their fastest speed, their complexion was stretched taut and they were nervous in their heart.

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