Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 475

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 475: Yao beast wave

Towards evening, everyone arrived at an unfamiliar sea area. This place was roughly 70 li northwest to Bellowing Waves Island. According to the estimation of sea demon warriors, the group of Gnu Alligators that had appeared in the west of Bellowing Waves Island would soon pass through here.

They stopped the boat and a dozen or so sea demon warriors jumped into the water and spread out to scout the situation around. The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect also spread out stepping on their flying sword under the leadership of Old Demon of Mount Yin. But, compared to sea demon warriors, even though they stuck close to the sea surface, they would easily give away their positions. Hoverer, they were much faster and could scout a greater range within a shorter period of time.

Various kinds of information were continuously sent back.

The first person to return with information was a disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, “Report……, Big Senior Apprentice Brother, within the radius of 10 li, there is no enemy patrolling vessel!”

“Go to scout again, tell Rhodes to expand the range to 30 li. If the hidden lookout of Qing Tianhou army is found, destroy it on the spot!” Ye Chuan ordered sitting cross-legged on the deck.


This scout stepped on the flying sword and flew out sticking close to the sea surface and disappeared instantly into the horizon.

The sea dragon boat and captured armored warship quietly floated on the sea surface. And in the cabin of these ships, people were quietly storing up their energy sitting cross-legged while waiting for the upcoming battle.

Ye Chuan also closed his eyes and rest. His withdrew his energy fluctuation and aura. He also retracted his divine sense.

After his spirit was wounded, he was especially careful. He didn’t dare to casually spread out his divine sense say nothing of letting out his spirit. Now, in such a critical moment, if his injury worsened, then that would be anything but reassuring.

Even within the radius of 20 li, they didn’t see any sign of enemy patrolling vessels. This was well within the expectation of Ye Chuan. The army under Qing Tianhou had sealed off the entire sea area of that big ear-shaped whirlpool. They must have also discovered the whereabouts that group of Gnu Alligators. Thus, being shrewd and crafty, Lord Qi naturally had withdrawn the armored warships along the way to avoid alarming this group of Gnu Alligators. Those armored warships were huge and they would easily give away their positions, so he had withdrawn them, but it was impossible for him to withdraw completely. Instead, he might have dispatched people to closely follow the movement of this group of Gnu Alligators. And these people shouldn’t be very alert.

Sure enough, not long after, sea demon warriors and the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect brought back the news of victory.

Within the radius of 30 li, they discovered many lookouts of Qing Tianhou army. Some were on speedboats and some were hiding in nameless deserted islands. There were even some who were hiding on small reefs that protruded out of the sea water. Unfortunately, although they didn’t alarm the crowd of Gnu Alligators, sea demon warriors and the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect destroyed them. And especially sea demon warriors, they were like a tiger that had grown wings in water. They suddenly jump out of the sea surface and killed numerous unguarded soldiers.

Most of these lookouts were ordinary soldiers. Although they were agile and brave, most of them had low cultivation base. Therefore, encountering power experts including Old Demon of Mount Yin, they were wiped out. Since the attention of these soldiers was focused on that group of Gnu Alligators, they basically were unable to react to the surprise attack of Ye Chuan’s group, as a result, they were completely eradicated.

“Kakaka, report……”

After an hour, Old Demon of Mount Yin returned in person and reported, “Your Excellency, all hidden lookouts within the radius of 30 li are removed, and those Gnu Alligators are about to arrive!”

Old Demon of Mount Yin laughed heartily. Since the big battle was about to arrive, others were nervous, he however was especially excited.

Slaughtering had always been the best shortcut to cultivate for him!

Old Demon of Mount Yin yearned for a large-scale war and also yearned for stronger strength. From the time when he was still a small vine yao, he had slaughtered to become the current yao beast. The more enemies he killed, the more essence blood, qi and energy he could devour. Now, he was already at peak Daoist Master realm, and he aspired to breakthrough to Half-Sage realm.

A Half-Sage realm vine yao, even if he was still in Five Fingered Buddhist Cave, he could become the overlord of a region!

Just thinking about it, Old Demon of Mount Yin was very excited.

“Very good, continue to maintain vigilance, and now, expand the range to 70 li and also pay close attention to the movement of Bellowing Waves Island. In addition, keep in touch with Li Dianxi.” Ye Chuan nodded his head and instructed. Since the time he had tamed this Old Demon of Mount Yin, he had saved a lot of effort. There was Zhu Sijia to take care of the internal affairs of the sect and Yao Beast Legion and there was Old Demon of Mount Yin to massacre outside leading the Yao Beast Legion. With the great assistance of these two people, he was able to take out more time to cultivate and concentrate his energy on dealing with more formidable enemies.

“This subordinate has already made an arrangement, Your Excellency, you can rest assured.” Old Demon of Mount Yin replied.

Ye Chuan suddenly sensed something and looked into the distance.

At the horizon, a wave suddenly appeared.

This wave was black in color. It surged like a tsunami which was accompanied by a heaven-shaking roar.

“Came, it’s that group of Gnu Alligators!”

“Heavens, how many yao beasts are there?”


The people who originally were sitting inside the cabin rushed out simultaneously to the deck, and upon seeing this group of Gnu Alligators, each and everyone exclaimed.

As this group of Gnu Alligators got closer and closer, they were so thickly dotted that the end couldn’t be seen. Innumerable Gnu Alligators were gushing forth along with the sea waves with earth-shaking momentum. At first glance, there were at least over one million Gnu Alligators squeezed together, charging around violently. Let alone armored warships, even if a mountain was in front of them, it might be knocked down!

This, this was yao beast wave!

Ye Chuan suddenly stood up. He was shocked upon seeing this tide of Gnu Alligators.

In his past life when he dominated Wilderness World, he had also seen powerful yao beast waves, but they had occurred in uninhabited lofty ridges and towering mountains. He could only see them vaguely from far away. But, this was the first time he saw a yao beast tide from such a close proximity in the sea. Because of the vastness of the sea as well as the sea waves, this yao beast tide looked even more amazing!

“Ye……, noble son Ye, what should we do now?” Sea Demon Patriarch nervously asked.

Even though he had lived in the vast sea for his entire lifetime, this was still his first time to see such a huge yao beast wave. With millions of Gnu Alligators rushing forward, who could stop them?

The people of both ships were anxious. Regardless of sea demon warriors who were proficient in swimming or elite disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, all involuntarily became nervous.

Originally, they were discussing about how to lead the group of Gnu Alligators to Bellowing Waves Island. But now, upon seeing how big this yao beast wave was, they were uncertain in their heart. They were panic-stricken and disturbed. A slight carelessness and let alone leading these Gnu Alligators to Bellowing Waves Island, instead, they would be swallowed by this yao beast wave!

At that time, a huge banner suddenly appeared in the hands of Ye Chuan. And circulating nine Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, his energy fluctuation rose steadily and he roared. He then flew straight towards the approaching yao beast wave, “Little Long’er, follow me!”

Roar! A powerful dragon roar resounded. Little Long’er transformed into a dragon and closely followed Ye Chuan. One dragon one human advanced bravely to fight side by side. This moment resembled that time when they had explored Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm together.

“Kakaka, Your Excellency, I am also here!”

Old Demon of Mount Yin roared with laughter. When others were nervous and sweating profusely, he however voluntarily followed Ye Chuan without any hesitation.


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