Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 474

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 474: Gnu Alligator

After flying into the campsite, Ye Chuan was dumbfounded.

In the middle of the campsite, there was a stone pillar, and a monster was tied around that stone pillar. Its build couldn’t be considered big, roughly was the size of a calf. But, it had an ox head, horse face and tiger waist. Its tail was coarse, short and powerful. As for the legs, it had four alligator legs. It was grotesque and very unique in appearance. At this moment, its legs and body were tightly tied up. But, it was still struggling while roaring. Its strength was much higher than ordinary cattle, its struggling swayed the stone pillar.

“Your Excellency!”

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother!”

Seeing the figure of Ye Chuan, Zhu Sijia and others greeted him in succession. Sea Demon Patriarch was also here. At this moment, this old man who had a lot of life experience was also frowning.

“What yao beast is this?”

Ye Chuan asked. Even after searching through the memories of his previous life, he still couldn’t recognize it, moreover, he had never even heard of it. Zhu Sijia and others also shook their head in succession and no one replied. They just knew that this yao beast was captured and brought back by sea demon warriors. They didn’t know anything else. The sea demon warriors also didn’t speak as they didn’t know what monster this was. But, they told Ye Chuan very bad news. In the west side of that big ear-shaped whirlpool, there were numerous such monsters. They could run on the ground and also could move long-distance under water.

When everyone was thinking of a way to deal with the vanguard army under Qing Tianhou, sea demon warriors were ordered to go away and they had one mission, explore the terrain just outside the big ear-shaped whirlpool and gather all kinds of intelligence. The fact proved that this measure was extremely important.

According to the report of sea demon warriors, other than powerful and dynamic Qing Tianhou, there were many unknown forces around the big ear-shaped whirlpool. There were people lurking on nearby islands in twos and threes and there were also people in a large group sailing on all kinds of boats, hiding among the reefs. Although their whereabouts was secret, all were going towards Bellowing Waves Island. Obviously, they all came to try forcibly enter the Lost City like Qing Tianhou.

The speed of the sea dragon boat was very fast. After ascertaining the circumstances of the periphery of the big ear-shaped whirlpool, sea demon warriors continued to expand the range of surveillance. As a result, on the west side of this big ear-shaped whirlpool, they discovered these monsters. Then, they captured one fellow and returned in haste to notify.

Ye Chuan squatted down and carefully observed the monster bound to the stone pillar.

This monster struggled even more fiercely, and glaring at Ye Chuan with its red eyes, it revealed a mouthful of sharp teeth and roared. It had a violent temperament, and its sharp claws left behind deep claw marks on the ground and stone pillar. It had coarse skin, thick flesh and shark claws with innately superhuman strength. It was an amphibian savage beast. Moreover, it seemed that it could at least easily kill initial stage Xiushi realm cultivators. In a one on one fight, it was much more powerful than Evil Eyed Cow Demon of his Yao Beast Legion.

“Your Excellency, be careful, don’t let the claws of this monster injure you.”

Plague Archfiend Abasi also walked over and looking at this strange-looking monster, he said, “Many years ago, when I was traveling through the world beyond the highest heaven, I once heard of a kind of similar monster, it was called Gnu Alligator. Allegedly, they belonged to one of the subdivisions of alligator, but their disposition was more ferocious and they like to stay in a damp and dark place. Sometimes, they could hibernate for hundreds of years, but just a rustle of leaves in the wind could wake them up. They like to live in groups. Often, they are subdued by powerful people to use them for guarding their cave dwelling or treasures.”

Gnu Alligator?

People began to make all sorts of comments and the more they watched this yao beast, the more they felt that this it truly resemble an alligator a bit.

“But, if this yao beast came from the world beyond the highest heaven, how come there are so many of them?” Sea Demon Patriarch objected with a frown.

The space of this Wilderness World was truly not very stable. The occasional appearance of a few experts or yao beasts of the world beyond the highest heaven was very normal, but the sudden appearance of innumerable yao beasts of the world beyond the highest heaven, this was not normal. According to the map passed down in Sea Demon Clan, the space around this big ear-shaped whirlpool was very stable and also had ancient restrictions. There was no marking of the passage to the world beyond the highest heaven.

“It is possible that these Gnu Alligators swam all the way over here from far away, and it is also possible that they came here from some transmission formation or from the world beyond the highest heaven directly via time and space rift. Any world, including Wilderness World, is not eternal and unchangeable. Impregnable without a crack today doesn’t mean that it will never be wrecked by time and space storm and a huge time and space rift might appear in the future.” Plague Archfiend Abasi answered.

“Little Long’er, map!”

Ye Chuan instructed Little Long’er to take out a map, then spreading it out, he observed it and solemnly said, “Where are these Gnu Alligator located now?”

“At that time, we discovered these Gnu Alligators at this place.”

A sea demon warrior walked over and pointing at one little dot outside the big ear-shaped whirlpool, added, “According to the direction and speed of those Gnu Alligators, now, they should be roughly around here. If they continued without changing direction, then they will go across the big-ear whirlpool from west to east.”

“Noble son Ye, will these Gnu Alligators cause any trouble for our operation?” Sea Demon Patriarch asked with some worry looking at Ye Chuan.

In order to capture this one Gnu Alligator, two sea demon warriors were seriously injured. These Gnu Alligators were extremely ferocious. Now, these Gnu Alligators moving in crowds when the restriction of Lost City just happened to be weakened, this naturally made him worried.

“No, even if they truly cause trouble, it would not be us.” Ye Chuan smiled and didn’t speak further as he thought of a bold plan.

Zhu Sijia vaguely guessed the plan of Ye Chuan and asked: “Big Senior Apprentice Brother, you mean……, led these Gun Alligators to Bellowing Waves Island?”

“Yes, this is a heaven-sent chance, isn’t there the army of 200,000 at Bellowing Waves Island? Let’s make them fight with these yao beasts to death!”

Ye Chuan nodded his head. The sudden appearance of so many yao beasts nearby also puzzled Ye Chuan. He wondered what was going on and vaguely felt ill at ease in his heart. But now, instead of investigating where these Gnu Alligators came from, it was even more important to think of a way to inflict heavy losses to the army under Qing Tianhou. He paused for a bit and asked, “Jiajia, how is the refining of Five Step Fragrance going?”

“We have already refined more than 300 bottles of Five Step Fragrance. There is still a small part of medicinal herbs remaining, merely……” Zhu Sijia replied. To completely refine the remaining herbs into Five Step Fragrance, they needed at least two more days.

“That’s enough, hand over all of them to the disciples of Bellowing Waves Sect, Li Dianxi, I will leave next step to you.”

Ye Chuan instructed and looked at Li Dianxi who was standing among the crowd of Bellowing Waves Sect’s disciples.

“We obey your command, Your Excellency, rest assured, as long as we can exterminate the army of Qing Tianhou and avenge ourselves, even the last remaining disciple of my Bellowing Waves Sect will also fight to the last drop of the blood!” Li Dianxi bowed and took the order.

“Noble son Ye, then how will you lead Gnu Alligators to Bellowing Waves Island?” Sea Demon Patriarch asked, roughly understanding the plan of Ye Chuan.

Leading the yao beast tide to Bellowing Waves Island, and at the same time, secretly getting touch with all the disciples of Bellowing Waves Sect in all armored warships, then using extremely corrosive Five Fragrant Step to corrode through the bottom of the ship, these moves were sufficiently ruthless. If they succeeded, then they would inflict heavy losses to the army of Qing Tianhou, or even the entire army of 200,000 would be annihilated, but was it easy to succeed?

“I have my own way.”

Ye Chuan whispered some instructions in the ear of Zhu Sijia and the latter showed a knowing smile, then commanded everyone to get into action. The soldiers separated two ways. Li Dingxi led the disciples of Bellowing Waves Sect and left bringing along all Five Step Fragrance. Next, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and sea demon soldiers boarded another armored warship and sea dragon boat respectively, heading towards the location of Gnu Alligators.


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