Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 473

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 473: Major inauspicious sign

After thinking over and over again, Rain Demon had no choice but to lower his head and pledge allegiance like the deputy commander Liu Yuan.

People had to bow under the eaves.

Rain Demon was unwilling in his heart, but like Ye Chuan had said, he had no choice.

A fierce battle came fast and also went away fast. The vanguard army under the lead of deputy commander Liu Yuan was completely wiped out leaving behind only himself and Rain Demon. More than a dozen armored warships shank together with the corpses onboard, disappearing into the bottom of the sea without a trace.

Using the negligence of soldiers and the cover of dense night, everyone destroyed the enemy one by one, routing the elites under Qing Tianhou.

This battle was a big victory. The moral boost due to this victory was irreplaceable. From Zhu Sijia and Old Demon of Mount Yin to the ordinary disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, all were very excited and full of fighting spirit.

In this battle, more than 200 disciples of Bellowing Waves Sect were rescued. They and the group of Li Dingxi excitedly hugged each other and were eager to fight. They couldn’t wait to immediately kill over to Bellowing Waves Island. They were even more excited compared to the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect.

When everyone was celebrating this victory, Ye Chuan however was even calmer. He ordered to pull back 200 li away and led everyone to look for another nameless deserted island to settle down.

This was a remote island. According to the old map passed down in Sea Demon Clan, it just so happen to locate on the third ring wave of that big ear-shaped whirlpool. Moreover, this island was 700 li away from Bellowing Waves Island which was the entrance to the Lost City. With such distance, those armored warships would take at least several hours even if they travel in full speed. In addition, they wouldn’t be able to discover them easily. At the same time, it was also not a big distance, when needed, they could quickly hurry over to Bellowing Waves Island.

After docking the warship, everyone got busy.

Even without the instruction of Ye Chuan, Zhu Sijia took the initiative to take authority and began commanding people to set up a temporary campsite. She also sent elite disciples all around to scout and lay out the line of defense.

In less than two hours, a simple campsite was made. But, the most important thing wasn’t watchtowers, rather a very big alchemy room.

After commanding people, Zhu Sijia quickly busied herself in refining Five Step Fragrance. This time, other than Little Long’er, she called up many disciples of Cloud Mist Sect to refine this poison.

The vanguard army under Qing Tianhou was already dealt with. Now, they had to think of a way to deal with Lord Qi who had forcibly occupied Bellowing Waves Island as well as the army under him.

To deal with small units, they could fully utilize the weather and favorable geographical position to destroy one by one. But, this strategy wouldn’t work to deal with over 200,000 soldiers. They needed a better strategy.

After learning the entrance to Lost City was in the middle of Bellowing Waves Island, moreover, just happened to be in the enemy campsite, Ye Chuan decisively gave up the former plan of sending just a small squad. There were many experts around Lord Qi, so sending just a small squad was no different from sending them to death. He feared that they wouldn’t even be able to reach the military camp.

When everyone was busy, Ye Chuan however was cultivating far away from the campsite. He sat cross-legged on a reef by himself, facing the sea while cultivating quietly. It would appear that he was alone with no guards around, and he was completely defenseless when he was cultivating. At this moment, even a slightly better assassin could kill him. But, if one looked carefully, one could notice unusual sea waves on the sea nearby, moreover, a hint of lightning would flash occasionally.

Under the sea surface, Super Electric Eel leading a big group of electric eels was swimming around. They were paying close attention to their surroundings. If someone wants to sneak attack Ye Chuan who was cultivating while sitting on the reef hiding under the sea, then there was only one consequence, i.e., being burned into a coke.

Three days quickly passed.

Zhu Sijia and others were still busy, but Ye Chuan who was sitting cross-legged cultivating on the reef slowly opened his eyes.

After three days of cultivation, although his spirit was not completely recovered, it was much better. Now, with some more cultivating couple with taking specially made pills, it was expected to be completely healed before the war. But, for some reason, Ye Chuan woke up automatically, and his heart was restless. He couldn’t calm down his heart and cultivate. In addition, he vaguely felt ill at ease.

“On the eve of the battle, my cultivation broke off without cause, could it be……”

Ye Chuan took out a tortoise-shell and used an ancient technique. Slowly, the ancient tortoise-shell shook and glimmered with radiance. In addition, an ancient aura of vicissitude rippled and the surrounding air distorted.

Shell Stealing Heaven Technique!

Ye Chuan circulated Heaven Swallowing Technique within his body and used an ancient technique.

This was one branch of the legendary ancient Prophecy Technique. According to the legend, after achieving success in the cultivation of this technique, one could thoroughly understand, past, present and future, becoming the master of fate. In order to obtain his technique, in the past, Ye Chuan had spent a lot of manpower and resources. Even he himself nearly lost his life. In the end, he obtained this technique in one ominous place by luck. Unfortunately, even after cultivating this technique, he never comprehended the essence. He could only calculate odd bits.

The radiance of the tortoise-shell flourished more and more. Finally, after the sudden tremor, it stopped and seven drops of blood appear on that tortoise-shell.

The appearance of blood represented inauspicious, the appearance of seven drops of blood in succession represent very inauspicious!

The heart of Ye Chuan shook and became heavy.

The battle of Bellowing Waves Island was about to commence, the appearance of such a major inauspicious sign at this time was absolutely not something good. Was this responding to Lord Qi, or……

Ye Chuan though to pry even more secrets, but the blood on the tortoise-shell slowly dissipated.

“Big brother Ye Chuan, big brother Ye Chuan……”

A demonic dragon whistled towards him from afar and suddenly changing into the appearance of Little Long’er, he landed in front of Ye Chuan, “Big brother Ye Chuan, the sea dragon boat has returned, and the old man wants you to rush over. It seems that there is an urgent matter.”

“Let’s go!”

Ye Chuan stood up and crossed more than 20 meters in a single step. He rushed straight towards the campsite at high speed. Behind him, Little Long’er transformed into a dragon and chased after him, but he was unable to catch up even after accelerating to his full speed.

After the repeated cultivation sessions, although Ye Chuan had yet to make a breakthrough and there was no sign of condensing tenth Heaven Swallowing Talisman, moreover, his spirit had not recovered completely, his body however seemed to have become even more doughty and his speed had become faster. Even Little Long’er who excel at speed could only eat the dust behind.

This time, what news did the sea dragon boat bring back? Was it something good or something bad?

Ye Chuan at full speed was even faster than flying swords.

Before Liu Yuan leading the vanguard army had attacked, he had especially made the warriors of Sea Demon Clan go out to perform another task. They were responsible to scout the situation around the big ear-shaped whirlpool. Since Sea Demon Patriarch had hastily sent Little Long’er to find him, they clearly had got some news, but he didn’t know whether that was good or bad news. Thinking of the major inauspicious sign of just a moment ago, the heart of Ye Chuan became heavier.

This island was not big, very soon, the campsite appeared in his sight.

But, even before he had reached there, he could hear bursts of exclamation coming from the campsite, accompanied by a deep and powerful roar, seemingly, a ferocious yao beast had appeared in the campsite. Ye Chuan who already was restless became nervous and then accelerated gritting his teeth.


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