Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 472

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 472: You have no choice

A fierce battle unfolded in front of everyone.

Rain Demon and Old Demon of Mount Yin fought while riding the sea was and sometimes even while floating in the air.

Both of them were very experienced, both of them were peak Daoist Master realm experts and their temperament was also fierce. Each move they made was fatal. Soon, both sides were injured and blood dyed their war robe red.

The attack of Rain Demon was powerful. Each attack was sinister and fatal. As for Old Demon of Mount Yin, his offense and defense were balanced, but he could summon that one strange vine to attack, retreat and guard. At this moment, both sides were unable to display their true might. The surprise attack of Rain Demon and chaotic group battle of Old Demon of Mount Yin were unavailable at this moment. The direct and frontal attack was not the specialty of these two, so this battle wouldn’t end in a short time.

“It is already long enough, attack together!”

Seeing both Rain Demon and Old Demon of Mount Yin were injured and slowed down after a while, Ye Chuan ordered. He held Iron Blooded Banner and personally led everyone to join the battle. The situation of the battle quickly changed.

Just in front of very experienced Old Demon of Mount Yin, Rain Demon was just able to keep up, now that Ye Chuan and others had joined the battle, the pressure immediately multiplied. What was worse was, he saw Plague Archfiend Abasi on the deck of the armored warship. He was prepared to join the battle at any time.

A Half-Sage realm expert!

If he suddenly rushed to join the battle, then how should he deal with him?

The heart of Rain Demon sunk and become very nervous. Even though Plague Archfiend Abasi had not joined the battle in person, just his presence alone greatly pressured Rain Demon. Soon, under the siege of Ye Chuan, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others, the injuries of Rain Demon increased. He was unable to run away even if he wanted to. Not long after, his breathing became disorderly and he was unable to stand stably on the sea surface.

“Ye Chuan, attacking me alone with so many people, aren’t you ashamed?”

After failing to break out of this encirclement for several times, Rain Demon was already gasping for breath, and while dodging the attacks of people, he shouted in anger and ferociously glared at Ye Chuan.

“What a joke, when you go to assassinate your target, you suddenly attacked them in secret, aren’t you ashamed?”

Ye Chuan sneered. Not only he didn’t stop, he also led everyone to attack even more ferociously. Who was he? He was once Heaven Concealing Great Sage, what kind of people he had not seen, he naturally wouldn’t fall into the trap of Rain Demon. “Rain Demon, either serve me or die, you choose! If you have no sense of propriety and cling obstinately to your course, then I will help you fulfill your aim!”

Ye Chuan wanted to recruit Rain Demon like first-rate expert, but if Rain Demon continued to be so obstinate, he also wouldn’t be soft-hearted!

“Brat, I will kill you!”

Rain Demon roared angrily and he suddenly rushed towards Ye Chuan regardless of his safety. It appeared as if he wanted to perish together with Ye Chuan. But, before he reached in front of Ye Chuan, he suddenly turned around in high speed to break out of this encirclement, trying to fly away from here.

“Rain Demon, it’s useless, I have already made preparation for this trick!”

Ye Chuan sneered and suddenly a tentacle-like whip whistled towards Rain Demon and binding his legs, he was slammed onto the sea.

But, Rain Demon didn’t panic, he suddenly displayed the quick reaction of a first-rate assassin. He suddenly clapped his hands and a raindrop changed into raindrop blade and chopped off the tentacle-like whip binding his legs. Next, he erupted with all the energy within his body and just when he was about to burst out of the sea surface and make an escape, a hint of light flashed before his eyes.

In the vast sea, an electric eel that was roughly as long as a chopstick appeared.

It appeared as if this electric eel had not long to live and was just an ordinary electric eel, but the hair all over the body of Rain Demon stood erect as he instinctively felt a strong danger. At that time, he recalled the scene of thousands of electric eels jumping onto the warship and massacring the soldiers.

Crackle! Along with a jarring sound, countless bolts of lightning appeared within the radius of ten meters.


Rain Demon screamed in pain, then his body became stiff and numb. He was almost burned to coke by this lightning.

After the fierce battle of Old Demon of Mount Yin, he was ferociously attacked by Ye Chuan and others, thus he was already dripping with blood and exhausted. In such a state, he encountered Super Electric Eel in water, the result was catastrophic. The Super Electric Eel had arrived just in time.

Stiff Rain Demon who was seriously injured was quickly brought to the armored warship.

After this warship was bombarded with ballistae, there were holes everywhere, but the disciples of Bellowing Waves Sect had repaired it. Although it was not strong enough to storm into Bellowing Waves Island, just sailing on the sea was no problem.

Pa! Rain Demon was heavily thrown onto the hard deck by a disciple of Cloud Mist Sect.

Due to the numbness, Rain Demon still couldn’t move, but he was still sober. Looking up, he saw disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and Bellowing Waves Sect looking at him with dense killing intent. Some were even raising their glimmering swords, preparing to attack. They were itching to rush forward and cut him into pieces. If it was not for Ye Chuan stopping them, then he would have already died long ago. Not far away, deputy commander Liu Yuan was tied up. His cultivation was also sealed. Now, he was pitifully kneeling on the ground. Behind him, there were two disciples of Cloud Mist Sect holding a huge ax. It appeared as if he would be executed on the spot.

“Your Excellency, spare my life, Your Excellency, spare my life, I surrender, I can swear allegiance to you……”

Seeing the figure of Ye Chuan, Liu Yuan loudly begged for mercy. He even crawled and rolled over in tears and nasal mucus. Then, knocked his head on the ground. In the past, as the deputy commander under Lord Qi, he had a commanding presence, but now, he was just like a stray cur.

Now, he had two choices, either beg mercy to Ye Chuan, or become food for fishes. It was not that Liu Yuan didn’t have moral integrity, rather at the critical juncture of life and death, who cares about dignity and grace?

“It is not impossible, but, what do you have?”

Ye Chuan didn’t answer directly and said while preparing to walk away indifferently, “Want to pledge loyalty to me, not everyone has that qualification, a yao beast might have a big bigger change. What about you, Liu Yuan? If you pledge loyalty to me, not only there is no benefit and no earth grade technique, on the contrary, I will suffer many losses. First, swallow this poison pill to express your loyalty or go to Nether World and continue to be the deputy commander.”

Ye Chuan causally took out a dark red pill with a faint fragrance. It didn’t look like a poison, but ever since ancient times, Cloud Mist Sect had been good at refining pills. This might be a very poisonous pill.

“No, Your Excellency, please spare my life……, I am willing to swallow this pill, I can fight for you, I can help you row this warship, tell you many intelligence on the army under Qing Tianhou, lead you to kill on Bellowing Waves Island……

Liu Yuan didn’t even think, he said everything in one breath for fear that Ye Chuan would deem that him useless. If that happened, then his life would end.

“The idea of rowing the boat is not bad, I have never made a deputy commander row the warship, I want to see how effective it is. Perhaps, it might be faster than those slaves. Hey, take him away for me.”

Ye Chuan nodded his head and signaled Little Long’er to untie begging Liu Yuan and casually threw the pill on his hand to him. Then, turning around, he looked at Rain Demon who couldn’t move and said, “Rain Demon, what about you? Last chance, pledge loyalty to me or become the fish food? You choose. If you are willing, then nod your head and swallow this pill, unwilling, then also fine. This poison pill will not be wasted. It is very troublesome to refine this poison pill.”

Ye Chuan looked at Rain Demon and appeared as if he wanted to walk away.

“Ye……, noble son Ye, you are more ruthless than Qing Tianhou!’

Rain Demon exhaled. He was unwilling to join Cloud Mist Sect, merely, at this moment, did he have any choice? Obviously not. Joining Qing Tianhou, he could still leave the battle and escape, and when the worst comes to the worst, he could think of a way to die from the pursuit of experts under Qing Tianhou, but with the means of Ye Chuan, he absolutely wouldn’t have such opportunity!

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