Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 471

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 471: Heroic return

Crash, the sound of sea waves reverberated the ears of people.

The sky gradually brightened and even more disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and Bellowing Waves Sect joined the ranks, completely surrounding Rain Demon. Outside this heavy blockade, there was a vast sea that stretched as far as the eye could see. Even a bird would be exhausted before it flew across this vast sea.

At that moment, Rain Demon who had stood still without speaking for a long time suddenly moved. He didn’t utter a word, directly turned around to break out of the encirclement. Moreover, he ferociously rushed towards Tuoba Xiaoniao, trying to catch Tuoba Xiaoniao as a hostage.

Last night, Ye Chuan had risked his life save Tuoba Xiaoniao, this proved that the latter had a high position in his heart. If he captured Tuoba Xiaoniao and threaten, then he could force Ye Chuan to compromise and leave successfully.

“Block this fellow!”


Everyone shouted and intercepted in succession.

The Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows in the hand of the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect roared and hundreds of arrows instantly shot towards Rain Demon.

The complexion of Rain Demon was cloudy. He met this rain of arrows head-on. Not only he didn’t dodge, he instead increased his speed. Moreover, along with blue light glimmering around his body, raindrops condensed out of thin air, then these raindrops instantly changed into sharp water drop blades and spread around him along with whistling sounds, cutting and shaking off the arrows.

An offense is the best defense!

Rain Demon proved this saying. The ordinary raindrops could not only turn into a killing weapon, they could also turn into the most solid shield in his hands, blocking all attacks.

A dozen or so disciples of Cloud Mist Sect standing in front of Tuoba Xiaoniao became nervous. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. They were stunned for a moment because they had never thought that this assassin Rain Demon was so ferocious. Even over a hundred Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows were unable to stop him.

A pallid light glimmered and another wave of raindrop blades whistled through the air towards those dozen or so disciples.

Then, those a dozen or so disciples in front of Tuoba Xiaoniao let out a muffled groan and feel in succession. Some had their throat cut open and some had their stomach cut open. Tuoba Xiaoniao who was standing behind this crowd was startled and turned around to flee, unfortunately, she was too late, Rain Demon instantly arrived in front of her. No one had expected that Rain Demon would be so fierce all of a sudden, even Ye Chuan and Old Demon of Mount Yin had not time to intercept.

“Stay away from my daughter, scram!”

A low, muffled voice suddenly resounded in the ears of everyone.

Immediately afterward, along with a thunderous noise, a robust figure rushed out and ferociously hit Rain Demon with a huge cauldron. All the raindrop blades were also scattered. Now, a middle-aged man with a big beard who was more than two meters tall stood in front of Tuoba Xiaoniao.

Tuoba Xiong who had been drinking alone in depression due to hopelessness had come behind this crowd at an unknown time. And at the critical moment, he made a move to block ferocious Rain Demon.


Tuoba Xiaoniao exclaimed in pleasant surprise. She was very excited, but her eyes turned red and tears flowed down her cheeks.

Ye Chuan was also dumbfounded, then a hint of smile appeared on his face.

In order to pull Tuoba Xiong together, Ye Chuan had thought of many ways, but all were useless. Unexpectedly, Tuoba Xiong stood out at this critical moment and displayed his style of that time when he dominated Cloud Mist Mountain Range. Heroes also had desolate time, fierce and ambitious person was also the same because of his daughter Tuoba Xiaoniao. After not seeing any hope in saving his daughter Tuoba Xiaoniao, he had given up on himself in despair, and now, also because of Tuoba Xiaoniao, he pulled himself together!

“Mmm, Xiaoniao, standing behind your father, don’t move!”

The trace of vicissitudes could be seen on his face, but now, his back was straight again as he stood in front of his daughter Tuoba Xiaoniao.

In terms of cultivation base, he was inferior to the assassin Rain Demon who was peak Daoist Master realm expert, but in order to protect Tuoba Xiaoniao, he would absolutely risk his life. If Rain Demon wants to capture his daughter, then he must walk through his corpse first! With the cultivation of Rain Demon, he could kill Tuoba Xiong, but the problem was, it would take time, however, did he have time now?

Obviously now!

The Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows in the hands of the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect roared again and all other retreated in succession, opening an open space. Tuoba Xiong was also the same, he quickly retreated while protecting Tuoba Xiaoniao. In the midst of the rain of arrows, there were also flying swords shining with different colors. They whistled through the air wanting to stab the glabella, throat and other vital parts of Rain Demon.

Zhu Sijia and other reacted quickly and ferociously attacked Rain Demon in succession.

Around Rain Demon, countless raindrop blades appeared again and whistled towards those arrows and flying swords. Then, he roared gritting his teeth and turning around, he rushed towards Ye Chuan. To catch brigands, first catch their king, he tried to directly capture Ye Chuan first.

Since he was obstructed and was unable to capture Tuoba Xiaoniao, Rain Demon thought of a daring plan. He wanted to capture Ye Chuan and become more ferocious!

Suddenly, a red light flashed and huge banner appeared in the hands of Ye Chuan. He swung this banner and this banner chopped straight towards the head of Rain Demon along with fluttering sound. Instantly, a strong wind blew and sharp raindrop blades were not only unable to reach Ye Chuan, instead they were blown back.

“Rain Demon, come, let me see how skillful you are!” Ye Chuan said with dense killing intent. He didn’t fear Rain Demon, instead the energy fluctuation within his body rose steadily with fighting spirit.

Before intercepting Rain Demon, Ye Chuan was already prepared to fight. Although his spirit was heavily damaged and his cultivation was still far from his peak, with numerous treasures and followers, he was not afraid of Rain Demon at all. Although Rain Demon was powerful, when all was said and done, he was just a peak Daoist Master realm expert. He was far from reaching the point where he was able to easily crush and kill all Daoist Master realm experts. He had no chance to break out of this encirclement today. Even if Half-Sage realm Lord Qi was here in his place, he might be in the same plight. He would still be trapped and captured alive.


Rain Demon shouted angrily and advanced straight towards Ye Chuan. Then, with a single punch, the Iron Blooded Banner in his hand was sent flying.

Just a single collision separated the winner and loser. Ye Chuan who had yet to heal his spirit was far from being the opponent of Rain Demon. But, Rain Demon also could only do this, it was impossible to capture Ye Chuan. In the next moment, before he had time to follow up a victory with hot pursuit, an extremely dangerous aura came from the side. Turning around to look, he saw thousands of strange vines whistling towards him like a fierce snake.

“Kakaka, old man, your opponent is me! Come and offer your qi, blood and essence energy to this Great Rhodes, kakaka……”

Old Demon of Mount Yin laughed and rushing over, the two people came into blows. The techniques of these two people were unique, one could condense raindrop blades out of thin air to attack and the other could summon countless vines. And since both of them were peak Daoist Master realm experts, they were locked together in a struggle.

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