Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 470

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 470: You are a fish, I am a knife

When the fierce battle was occurring outside, Ye Chaun was in seclusion cultivation, but, although he had given all the power to Zhu Sijia, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others, it didn’t mean that he would not care completely about this matter.

In order to make a plan to attack Bellowing Waves Island, let alone completely wiping out the troops under deputy commander Liu Yuan, he also needed to completely block the news. He absolutely cannot let anyone escape and inform the Bellowing Waves Island. Letting Rain Demon, this assassin, escape was even more impossible!

The complexion of Rain Demon suddenly tightened.

Seeing the appearance of Ye Chuan, he was very nervous. Clearly, his cultivation base was far higher than Ye Chuan and he would soon break through to Half-Sage realm, but he still didn’t dare to look down upon Ye Chuan.

He had long experienced the means of Ye Chuan, moreover, his background was even more terrifying.

“Your Excellency Rain Demon, we meet again.”

Ye Chuan calmly looked at the assassin Rain Demon. He was completely indifferent without any killing intent as he said, “Speaking about it, we are old friends, it is rare for us to meet face to face, leaving so quickly without even greeting, isn’t that too unfriendly?”

Along a pallid light, Zhu Sijia and others rushed over stepping on a flying sword. And along with ‘kakaka’ laughing sound, Old Demon Mount Yin also caught up.

The fierce battle on the armored warship had already ended. Other than the commander Liu Yuan, all soldiers were wiped out. And seeing the assassin Rain Demon was stopped by Ye Chuan, people rushed over in succession and surrounded them. Even Plague Archfiend Abasi who feared water, although didn’t dare to go into the sea, he was standing on the deck. Now, Rain Demon didn’t have any route of retreat, he was blocked in all sides.

“Ye Chuan, what do you want to do?” Rain Demon lowered his voice.

On this sea area, because of his unique technique, he was like a tiger that had grown wings. He could condense endless raindrop blades and forcibly break out of this encirclement. Even Old Demon of Mount Yin who was similarly a peak Daoist Master realm expert might not necessarily be able to stop him. But, Bellowing Waves Island was several hundred li away from this place, and if he tried to forcibly break through this encirclement, then he would definitely suffer serious injuries, and after suffering heavy injuries, it would be very difficult to get rid of the numerous experts under Ye Chuan!

At this moment, more and more disciples of Cloud Mist Sect flew over here, and over a hundred Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows were aimed at the assassin Rain Demon.

Taking a look around and seeing those ferocious crossbows, the complexion of Rain Demon become even more unsightly and his heart sunk further.

“I want to do nothing, I just want to request you to have a cup of tea, what, are you willing?” Ye Chuan indifferently said. The calmer he was, all the more unpredictable he was.

Upon hearing Ye Chuan, Rain Demon who used to wreak havoc everywhere became all the more nervous.

If Ye Chuan had shouted he would attack and screamed he would kill, then he would have felt a bit better as if the worst comes to the worst, he would fight head-on until the dish dies or the net gets torn. But, seeing the current calm expression of Ye Chuan, he truly was too uncomfortable. He didn’t dare to take the initiative to attack as he didn’t have any certainty that he would be able to break out of this encirclement and escape with his life, thus, his heart was disturbed and he didn’t know what to do.

At that time, Rain Demon saw Tuoba Xiaoniao rushing over and he suddenly had a thought and explained, “Noble son Ye, this is the matter between you and Lord Qi, it has nothing to do with me. Miss Tuoba was not captured by me and I also have never done anything to her. If you don’t believe in me, then you can ask Miss Tuoba in person.”

“I am not saying you have something to do with the matter of Xiaoniao, why are you so nervous?” Ye Chuan calmly said without anger, happiness, grief and joy. Even very experienced Rain Demon was unable to tell what he was thinking, and was stunned upon hearing his words.

At this moment, the famous assassin Rain Demon suddenly felt as if he was a fish on a chopping board. He had specially studied about how to kill people throughout his life, but now, he was in the opposite situation. He was waiting for how Ye Chuan would kill him in front of everyone.

Rain Demon breathed heavily and his heart became all the more restless. After hesitating for a while, he took out an ancient book from his bosom and said, “Noble son Ye, this is an Earth grade technique given to me by Qing Tianhou, Sea of Clouds and Misty Rain Secrets, I will give it to you as a gift, how about it?”

Like people under the eaves had to lower their head, in order to survive, Rain Demon was forced to part reluctantly with what he treasured. The reason why he abandoned the freedom of the past and joined the army of Qing Tianhou, on the one hand, it was because of the intimidation and pressure of Qing Tianhou, and on the other hand, it was also because of this ancient technique, Sea of Clouds and Misty Rain Secrets. This was an ancient technique, but it was lost millions of years ago, he didn’t know how it fell into the hands of Qing Tianhou. The essence of this technique was about cultivating in seaside and fully utilizing the might of the vast sea. After achieving success in cultivating this technique, one would be like a tiger that had grown wings in the sea area, and it just happened to complement the life technique of Rain Demon.

As soon as Rain Demon saw this technique, he was unable to let go of it. Because of this technique, his cultivation advanced by leaps and bounds in such a short period of time, breaking through to peak Daoist Master realm. Now, in order to save his life, he had to reluctantly take it out.

“Oh, earth grade technique?”

Ye Chuan was a little surprise, then he calmed down, he didn’t even look at the ancient book in the hands of Rain Demon.

For an average cultivator, an earth grade technique was a priceless treasure, but for him who once was Heaven Concealing Great Sage, let alone earth grade techniques, even many heaven grade techniques wouldn’t enter his eyes. He just said with a smile yet not a smile, “Rain Demon, is this the treasure Qing Tianhou used to buy you? I am sorry, you can put it away, I never seize the beloved things of other people.”

The words of Ye Chuan were beautiful. He was saying he wouldn’t seize the beloved things of others, but even a fool could tell his meaning. He was not interested at all.

Rain Demon who was prepared to reluctantly part with his treasure became pale and his limbs turned ice-cold.

Since Ye Chuan was not interested in earth grade technique, it meant that he hoped to get something far above this technique.

So, what else was more valuable than this technique on his body?

Rain Demon looked pale as he asked himself what better thing he had. Only his life was more valuable than this technique. After hesitating again for a while, he looked at Ye Chuan and said, “Noble son Ye, I can swear to the heaven that I will immediately separate myself from Qing Tianhou and return to Sealed Sword Gu to live in seclusion, no longer bothering about the affairs of the world. I will never step into the mortal world from now on, how about it?”

Rain Demon went all out. His words were no different from betraying Qing Tianhou. Even if he could leave safely today, he would face the attack of Qing Tianhou in the future.

Everyone looked at Ye Chuan, thinking about how he would respond.

Pressuring a peak Daoist Master realm expert to this extent without fighting, perhaps, only Ye Chuan had the ability and means to do so.

Under the eyes of everyone, Ye Chuan shook his head and the heart of Rain Demon sunk further.

“Rain Demon, with such a good skill, if you live in seclusion and no longer step into the world just like this, then is that too pitiful?” Ye Chuan said.

“Noble son Ye, you mean…… let me join your Cloud Mist Sect?”

Rain Demon suddenly saw the light and finally understood the purpose of Ye Chuan, then he shook his head and said, “Impossible, this is absolutely impossible!”

Separating himself from Qing Tianhou and joining Ye Chuan’s Cloud Mist Sect were two entirely different things. It was not that Rain Demon was unwilling, merely he had misgivings about the reaction of Qing Tianhou. Separating from the army, Qing Tianhou would only dispatch experts under him to hunt him, but if he joined Cloud Mist Sect, then Qing Tianhou might personally come after hearing the news. At that time, if he fell into the hands of Qing Tianhou, then he would suffer the fate where death is better than life!

“Nothing is impossible, Rain Demon, think carefully, you have only two choices, either die or join my Cloud Mist Sect, you don’t have any other choice.”

The tone of Ye Chuan was very calm, but it was very cold to Rain Demon.

You are a fish, I am a knife!

Ye Chuan was ferocious and overbearing, but no one could deny that he had the qualification to be overbearing here. Although his cultivation was not up to much, Old Demon of Mount Yin and Plague Archfiend, who was not a heaven-defying evil spirit? Moreover, who can stop the elite disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and Yao Beast Legion?

Rain Demon became pale and became silent for a long time.

Ye Chuan also didn’t urge, waited quietly, not anxious at all.

Now, he had a well-thought-out plan, he wanted to recruit this very experienced Rain Demon with a unique technique. He already had Old Demon of Mount Yin, this kind of evil spirit, and also had Plague Archfiend Abasi and Super Electric Eel, this kind of powerful followers, now, he wanted to recruit a first-rate assassin. Of course, if Rain Demon was not sensible, he also didn’t mind eliminating this hidden trouble. Rain Demon, this kind of first-rate assassin, if he couldn’t be used, then he should be eliminated!

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