Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 47

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 47: Again exploring Ghost Market

There was a point, Ye Chuan truly wasn’t speaking thoughtlessly. To help Flame Devil pass through this calamity, it was far from enough just giving few direction, rather he had to impart a technique, which wasn’t a simple matter.

For initial treatment, he used silver needles to prick the acupoints to prevent the deterioration of the injury, then Ye Chuan brought Flame Devil to the study. Afterward, according to his condition, Ye Chuan thought of a way.

Now in Purple Cloud Courtyard which had revert back to clean and tranquil in the last period of time, suddenly a swarm of mutant flies, as if a moth darting into a flame, rushed over to Flame Devil, and began sucking his scorching hot Yang Qi and blood that was seething within his body. Unfortunately, just after they bit on the body of Flame Devil, their body immediately became bright red, and falling to the ground, they stopped breathing. Beside Flame Devil, the corpses of mutated flies piled up rapidly.

Scorching Sun Fire erupted out from within his body, and like the barrage of mountain torrents, it was irresistible. And the blockage in his heart’s vein was unable to block anymore, so could only unblock.

If Ye Chuan was at his prime, then he would have many ways to help Flame Devil to treat his problem, but now, with this body with limited cultivation, he could only try a different approach. These mutated flies had nature of sucking blood, and had damaged the medicinal herbs of sect everywhere, but there was also extraordinary efficacy if used them properly.

With Golden Cicada King forcing mutated flies out, these swarms of mutated flies were used to suck out Yang Qi from the body of Flame Devil, then they collapsed and another swarm of mutated flies quickly took over their place again. This kind of circumstance continued for entire day and night.

In this day and night, Ye Chuan also wasn’t idle, rather he sat cross-legged behind Flame Devil, and circulating Heaven Swallowing Talisman, he poured his spiritual power he had condensed with hard work into the body of Flame Devil, helping him treat his damaged meridians. Simultaneously, he passed down a unique technique to Flame Devil, and personally gave direction on how to cultivate and how to control Scorching Sun Fire.

Early in the next morning, Flame Devil lightly moved, and woke from his cultivation. After one day and one night, the flame that shrouded his body had finally dissipated, and his cracked face also had a trace of moisture and luster. The disaster that had troubled him for many years finally passed.

And after carefully looking at the changes in his body, Flame Devil was endlessly excited. He felt as if he was reincarnated. But the face of Ye Chuan who was sitting beside him was thin and pallid, and the energy fluctuation of his body was also inferior to before. In order to help Flame Devil treat his injury, Ye Chuan greatly exhausted his vitality. And feeling the excitement of Flame Devil, he slowly opened his eyes.

“Thank you for your kindness of saving my life, noble son. In the days to come, Flame Devil pledge my life to follow you. If I ever betray you, then I am ready to suffer heavenly lightning calamity and have my soul scatter!” Flame Devil knelt down. This time, he was sincerely respectful.

Vitality was the most important thing for a cultivator, and merely with a glance, Flame Devil understood that Ye Chuan had paid a heavy price to help him. A man is neither grass nor tree, even if he was a great devil, he also couldn’t help but was moved.

“Rise, your calamity still hasn’t passed thoroughly. You still need a long time to fully recuperate. Stay here in the mountain and cultivate. Don’t go down the mountain without my instruction.” Ye Chuan commanded and slowly closed his eyes, to cultivate so as to restore his vitality.

Flame Devil was sensible, he just lightly flickered his fingers, and suddenly flame appeared in the sky, thoroughly burning the pile of flies’ corpses on the ground. And after cleaning, he closed the door and withdrew. Then wearing a cotton cloth, and putting on a big bamboo hat, he went to patrol the mountain carrying a medicinal hoe on his shoulders. Now he immediately changed his identity, from a great devil of underground Ghost Market who frightened other people, he changed into a loyal medicine slave.

“Not bad, this Flame Devil really is a flexible person.”

Inside the study, Ye Chuan nodded his head.

He sat cross-legged inside the study, and although his body was still, but his divine sense was watching each and every move of Flame Devil. And seeing Flame Devil was obediently staying as a medicinal slave, he finally relaxed. And after cultivating for more than two hours, he met with fatty Zhao Dazhi and quietly left Cloud Mist Sect, again proceeding towards Ghost Market.

The seeds of Qingyang fruit that he had accidentally obtained in Ghost Market gave Ye Chuan great benefit. But this time, for treating the injury of Flame Devil, he spent a large amount of his vitality, so he prepared to go to Ghost Market to try his luck again, and see if he could still find even more seeds of Qingyang fruit.

Fatty Zhao Dazhi wanted to speak something but then hesitated, and he would frequently look towards Purple Cloud Courtyard. And he was finally unable to bear when they were going down the hill, “Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, what about senior Flame Devil? Did he leave?”

Yesterday, when Ye Chuan was helping Flame Devil in treating his injury, fatty had left Purple Cloud Peak to cultivate, so he didn’t know the circumstance afterwards.

“Leave? How could that be? Now, he will never leave, he will live beside Big Senior Apprentice-Brother as a medicinal slave. Not everyone gets this kind of opportunity.” Ye Chuan laughed, bragging shamelessly. And when they were halfway down the mountain, Ye Chuan pointed, “Look, over there.”

Fatty followed the direction where Ye Chuan was pointing, and seeing the scene, he was dumbstruck. He wasn’t able to believe what he was seeing.

An old man with a big bamboo hat on his head was doing manual labor on the mountain in the scorching sun, he was waving medicine hoe to remove weeds. Dressed in a coarse and crude cotton clothes, although he had a big bamboo hat on his head, he was sweating like rain and his body covered with dust. Now he looked one hundred percent old farmer.

“That’s……, Flame Devil?”

Fatty Zhao Dazhi rubbed his eyes, and got an unprecedented shock in his heart. Although this was unbelievable, but with that tall stature of the old man and furthermore with that trademark red colored beard, fatty understood that he hadn’t misjudged this person.

Originally, he believed that Ye Chuan and Flame Devil were not serious. But who would have thought that, Flame Devil who could summon wind and rain in Ghost Market was really leaving here as a medicine slave? Who will believe such news?

With the seniority and cultivation of Flame Devil, no matter whether he joined Cloud Mist Sect, Black Cauldron Sect or Five Style Sect, all of them would welcome him with the position of at least Guest Elder. But now, he actually was leaving beside Ye Chuan as a medicinal slave without attracting public attention. This truly was too hard to believe.

Fatty shook, and he looked at Ye Chuan, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother with increased respect once again, not because Ye Chaun was able to help Flame Devil treat his injury, but because of Ye Chuan’s boldness and insight. All under the heaven, making Flame Devil, this grand Rank 5 Daoist Master realm expert, live beside him as a medicine slave, only Ye Chuan would dare to have this kind of thoughts!

“What good is a medicine slave? Fatty, let’s go, afterwards, when I am not on the mountain, if you have any matters, you can directly look for Flame Devil. Of course, if you were the one to violate the rules and regulation of sect to do something bad, to say for example, female disciples chasing to kill you after you peep them bathing, then treat that I have never had this talk with you.” Ye Chuan patted the shoulder of fatty and strode away.

“Wait for me, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, wait for me!”

Fatty as if awakening from a dream, speed up his steps chasing after Ye Chuan. And the two figures quickly disappeared among the vast mountains.

Since this was the second time, Ye Chuan was familiar with the path, and quickly went straight to Ghost Market. And just when he reached the underground Ghost Market, he unexpectedly saw a familiar figure. Zhu Sijia garbed in red attire was unexpectedly also in Ghost Market, and she was standing at the entrance of Ghost Market. It seems, she was especially waiting for Ye Chuan and fatty Zhao Dazhi.

“Miss Jiajia, what are you doing here?” Fatty exclaimed in surprise.

“Humph, if this Miss doesn’t even have this small amount of skill, then how can this Miss still oversee in Ghost Market?”

Zhu Sijia coldly snorted, and intentionally or unintentionally, she looked at Ye Chuan, then coldly said, “Two days ago, you contradict with Great Devil Flame Devil in Ghost Market, nearly inviting a calamity. But there is no market today, why did you come? Could it be that you want to stir up trouble again?”

Three large sects have eyes and ears both inside and outside Ghost Market. And in these past few days, Zhu Sijia who was overseeing underground Ghost Market naturally understood the whereabouts of two people, so she was able to easily stop them in the entrance of Ghost Market.

“Jiajia, you don’t know, Flame Devil is already……” Fatty was so excited that he almost blurted out the matter of Flame Devil becoming medicine slave of Purple Cloud Peak in public, but Ye Chuan hit him and gave him a meaningful glance, this sobered him up, and he hastily shut his mouth.

“We’re not here to get into trouble, we’re here to put out a fire. I head fatty saying, someone didn’t have eyes, and unexpectedly spanked the buttocks of junior apprentice-sister. Senior apprentice-brother, I am here to immediately kill him. Daring to take cheap advantage of junior apprentice-sister, I would like to see who that fellow is! Fatty, where is he?” Ye Chuan looked all around. Fatty was so scared that he felt miserable, when did he say such words? Talking about spanking buttocks in front of Zhu Sijia, wasn’t this looking for trouble?

Sure enough, Zhu Sijia go angry all at once, and recalling that spank of Ye Chuan, she gnashed her teeth, and her assertive boobies jumped up and down like a little rabbit.

“It’s just a joke, don’t be angry, junior apprentice-sister. It is not good for your skin if you get angry too much. Today we came to buy some small items, absolutely will not cause trouble for junior apprentice-sister. Of course, if junior apprentice-sister isn’t assured then you can come along.”

Ye Chuan smiled, then taking a quick glance at the provocative figure of Zhu Sijia, he took fatty who was fearful and anxious, and left. Behind, Zhu Sijia stomped with her legs, and really followed them. Don’t know whether this was because she really wasn’t at ease, or want to look for an opportunity to ruthlessly retaliate to take her revenge.

With the help of flames on the both sides, Ye Chuan went straight to the stall of Exploiter Hu.

According to the customary rules, the underground Ghost Market held a big market once every three days. Although there was business usually too, but whether it was a seller, or the people that came to stroll, there were much fewer people. At noon, the old man nicknamed Exploiter Hu was lying inside his stall and was sleeping soundly, and the front of the stall was empty.

“Little……, Little Seductress, where are you running? Eat my old man’s stick!”

Exploiter Hu muttered to himself, clicked his tongue and saliva flowed out from his mouth. He had a wretched smile on his face, wonder what he was dreaming. When he was just at the wonderful part of his dream, he was suddenly woken up by a noise. He raised his head and looked, then saw Ye Chuan was standing in front of him and was looking at him with a smile, and Zhu Shijia with the provocative figure was standing aside with disgust in her face. It seems she was itching to go far away from vulgar Exploiter Hu.

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