Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 469

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 469: Dead end

When the distance between these two armored warships was more than one thousand meters, the ballistae on both warships roared, opening a ferocious attack.

Those heavy arrows that were as thick as a thigh had extremely terrifying destructive power. They would create a hole through a solid iron plate and hit people inside. That was very terrifying. The cultivators with Daoist Master realm cultivation could dodge them, the cultivators of Wuzhe realm and initial Xiushi realm didn’t have such a fast reaction speed, they were hit by those arrows and either died or barely alive.

Although there was a similar number of ballistae onboard, when it comes to the manipulation of these ballistae, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and Bellowing Waves Sect were inferior to the trained soldiers of the opposite warship. Soon, the warship was riddled with holes and it swayed violently.

But Ye Chuan still sat motionless in the secret room while cultivating.

Now, he was testing whether Zhu Sijia, Old Demon of Mount Yin and other followers could truly take charge or not. Moreover, since this battle had already developed to this stage, even if Ye Chuan personally stepped into this battle, there will not be much change. Meeting face to face on a narrow path, they should just face those ferocious ballistae head-on while rushing forward. And after they got close enough, they would have a hope to turn the tide. As long as they could reach within 100 meters, they could display the might of Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows.

On the sea, ripples closely followed behind the warship. The electric eel army led by Super Electric Eel was hiding in the water preparing a deadly attack, but without the suppression and cover of Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows, if they forcibly entered the battle, then they would certainly suffer heavy casualties. Even without the orders of Ye Chuan, Super Electric Eel also knew that it was not the time to enter the battle yet.

At this moment, Zhu Sijia was feeling a heavy pressure.

Since Ye Chuan had not come out from his seclusion cultivation, she was the leader of the numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and Old Demon of Mount Yin commanded Yao Beast Legion. But, she was feeling far heavier pressure in her heart compared to the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect.

The shaking warship suddenly accelerated towards the opposite armored warship.

Zhu Sijia didn’t shrink back. Under her leadership, everyone emitted dense killing intent and advanced courageously. Even the disciples of Bellowing Waves Sect who wanted to take revenge for the massacre of Bellowing Waves Island gathered at the bottom of the warship and desperately rowed the ship. Even without any supervision and urge, they used all their strength.

The distance shrunk to 700 meters, the hull had already dozen or so holes;

The distance shrunk to 500 meters, the numbers of holes on the hull reached over a hundred;

The distance shrunk to 300, the hull showed a clear inclination and even water began to enter the cabins;


The soldiers manipulating ballistae on the armored warship crazily released heavy arrows. They wanted to forcibly bombard and sink the warship of Ye Chuan’s group. Still, under the leadership of Zhu Sijia, the people advanced at full speed with strong momentum.

When the distance between them shrunk to roughly 100 meters, already impatient disciples of Cloud Mist Sect poked out their heads from the cabins and initiated a fierce counterattack.

Over one hundred Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows roared practically at the same time.

And the dense arrow rain came down in torrents along with whistling sounds. The soldiers standing on the deck of armored warship quickly fell one row after another. The heavy armor they wore was useless. Especially those soldiers who manipulated ballistae, they suffered the most ferocious attack.

“Endure, use arrows to counterattack, withstand for I, this commander!”

The deputy commander Liu Yuan roared loudly, ordering the soldiers to fight back. Unfortunately, after the distance shrunk to 100 meters, the situation took a sudden unfavorable turn. The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect occupied an absolute advantage. Under the suppression of Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows, the soldiers basically couldn’t raise their head let alone stand up and counterattack. In this helpless situation, they could only prepare to jump onto the other warship and fight the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect when these two warships collided.

Liu Yuan was a very experienced commander and the soldiers onboard were also the very experienced elites under his leadership. Although the current situation was not good, no one was alarmed and bewildered, they just laid down their crossbows and pulled out their swords, preparing to fight more fiercely. Unfortunately, although their courage was very good, Zhu Sijia simply didn’t give them an opportunity to show their courage.

Crackle, crackle, crackle, suddenly, crackling sounds came from the sea below.

The electric eel army under Super Electric Eel surfaced and jumped onto the armored warship in succession. Then, their terrifying lightning bolts rapidly spread through the entire warship forged with the iron peg.


“What is this? Where did these evil spirits come from?”

The unprepared soldiers were basically unable to resist this attack. Even more terrifying matter was, there was no place to retreat in this armored warship that was forged with the iron peg. Lightning spread everywhere and the soldiers standing on the deck were electrocuted to death. Even inside the cabin, it was not safe and jumping into the sea was also a dead end.

This sudden and unexpected lightning attack broke the fighting ability and morale of the soldiers. Soon, other than some Daoist Master realm experts, soldiers fell in succession. Next, the numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and Bellowing Waves Sect began to board this warship and jointly attack to kill the surviving soldiers.

This battle was a lot more difficult than the battle before, a sudden surprise attack changed to direct confrontation, but, without other armored warships to cooperate, this flagship suffered a similar fate.


The deputy commander Liu Yang commanded the remaining few bodyguards with red eyes. He also brandished the sword in his hand and cut a disciple of Bellowing Waves Sect into two. Now, his killing intent was soaring.

Immediately after this battle had begun, he had crushed the message talisman to notify all other warships. According to common sense, they should have already rushed over here, but even until now, there was not a single armored warship at sight. There was only one explanation for this, all of them were already destroyed.

More than a dozen accompanying warships were gone, and his flagship had also suffered a massacre, the entire army was completely wiped out. This made deputy commander Liu Yuan completely lose all his hopes. Even if he was able to escape with his life by luck and returned to Bellowing Waves Island, the great commander Lord Qi also wouldn’t spare him, thus, returning back was also the road to ruin. Since he would die whatever he did, it was much better off to die in the battle!

Liu Yuan who had no regard of life and death crazily killed everywhere he went like a mad yao beast. No one could stop him. With every slash, blood would spray. He didn’t care about any injury he suffered and inflict heavy losses among the disciples of two sects. In the end, Old Demon of Mount Yin rushed forward and forcibly suppressed this fellow with his formidable powers. Soon, tough and tensile vines bound his limbs and he was caught alive.

As for another great expert, assassin Rain Demon, seeing the situation was anything but reassuring, he suddenly jumped off the warship and ran away.

Unlike deputy commander Liu Yuan, the identity and task of Rain Demon were different. This vanguard army had no relation to him. He didn’t care even if the entire army was wiped out. His true value relied on his powerful cultivation base, excellent movement technique and the assassination technique that was hard to guard against. As long as he returned to Bellowing Waves Island, he would still be an honorable guest.

At that time, a figure suddenly came out from behind a reef and blocked the path of Rain Demon.

Ye Chuan who had been in seclusion cultivation had come out at an unknown time. He had been waiting for Rain Demon here after calculating his escaping path.

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