Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 468

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 468: Entrance location

After killing all the soldiers with thunderclap means, Ye Chuan ordered to sink this armored warship, then quickly left to find the next target.

Sea waves appeared on the surface as the corpses of soldiers along with the armored warship sunk into the sea. Only blood and some bits and pieces floating on the sea described a fierce battle occurred here. After a little while, even these marks were also either dispersed or engulfed by sea waves. Now, no one could know what had happened here. A sturdy armored warship along with thousands of elite soldiers sunk just like this in the sea forever.

The sea breeze blew. It was still not bright yet, darkness still shrouded the sea.

The armored warship of Ye Chuan and others quietly sailed through the sea just like a ghost ship looking for another prey.

Another slowly sailing armored warship saw this ghost ship, and using the same method, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and Bellowing Waves Sect quietly approached the target and then initiated a ferocious thunderclap-like quick attack. Using ballistae first to gain momentum, then showering arrows with over a hundred Dragon headed Flying Crossbows and then electric eel army led by super electric eel initiating the third wave of attack. After this ferocious three wave attacks, only a few soldiers remained standing, so they basically were unable to stop the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and Bellowing Waves Sect.

Another armored warship was sunk and everyone set out to look for the next target.

This time, Ye Chuan didn’t show up from the start to the finish. He didn’t need to make a move in person. All the soldiers were rounded up at one fell swoop by everyone.

In the cabin, a dim oil lamp was burning.

Under this dim lamplight, Ye Chuan was not cultivating like usual, rather was looking at a map.

This was a map taken out by Sea Demon Patriarch after his spirit had returned from Bellowing Waves Island. Every island and even every undercurrent of the surrounding sea area were marked on it. Moreover, the terrain of Bellowing Waves Island was portrayed even more clearly. The location where ancient restriction was located was also clearly marked on this map.

After leaning Ye Chuan had sent out his spirit to scout the circumstance of Bellowing Waves Island, the old man knew that he couldn’t conceal any longer, so pretending to be generous, he took out this ancient map passed down in his clan. Originally, according to the rule of the clan, this map shouldn’t be revealed to outsiders, but in order to successfully enter Lost City, this old man had to get the help of Ye Chuan.

“Your Excellency Patriarch, that is to say, the entrance of Lost City is here?”

Ye Chuan pointed at a place of Bellowing Waves Island. That place just happened to be that underground grotto he had broken in to save Tuoba Xiaoniao.

At that time, Ye Chuan was thinking only about saving Tuoba Xiaoniao, he had no time to carefully examine the surrounding environment. But, after seeing this detailed map, he couldn’t help becoming somewhat doubtful. According to his memory, although that underground grotto looked somewhat old, it didn’t resemble ancient ruins, moreover, he also didn’t seem to have seen any entrance that led to Lost City there.

“Yes, it is there.”

Sea Demon Patriarch nodded his head and said, “In the past, I followed the previous patriarch once there, it can’t be wrong. It might not look like an entrance and passage to enter also couldn’t be found now because the right time has not arrived yet. When the right time arrives, an ancient transmission formation will appear. It can teleport us to our holy land, Lost City.”

From outside the cabin, the sounds of Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows roaring and screams came. They had successfully found another armored warship and began to initiate a ferocious attack.

Sea Demon Patriarch was somewhat restless, he repeatedly turned his head, wanting to rush out to see the situation. But, Ye Chuan completely ignored the fierce battle outside and continued to ask closely, “Your Excellency Patriarch, that place happened to be the campsite of the army under Qing Tianhou. If the Transmission Formation appears now, then wouldn’t……”

Ye Chuan slightly frowned. The location of Lost City’s entrance was far more troublesome that he had expected.

The location just happened to be right in the middle of the campsite of the army under Qing Tianhou, this meant that they must pass through this military camp if they wanted to enter the Lost City. This was far more difficult than just sneaking into Bellowing Waves Island. In addition, as soon as the transmission formation appears, he was sure that the army under Qing Tianhou would enter first and the Lost City would face the siege of large army. This was serious. Just the original elite team would definitely not be enough. Even if they storm into the city, they could do nothing!

After a short time, the noise outside gradually calmed down. Another armored warship was completely destroyed by the joint attack of everyone, and their warship continued to set out looking for the next target.

Sea Demon Patriarch came back to his senses. He was inwardly surprised by the power of the elites and Yao Beast Legion under Ye Chuan. He composed himself and said, “They won’t even if the right time arrives, the transmission formation will not manifest on its own. Moreover, outside of our Sea Demon Clan, outsider cannot activate the transmission formation, therefore, even if the army under Qing Tianhou occupies the underground grotto, they cannot take a step into Lost City. Even if they knew the location of the entrance, they can do nothing!”

The old man spoke out the secret of Lost City little by little like squeezing toothpaste out of a tube.

When all was said and done, Lost City was not only an ancient ruin, it was still their clan’s racial holy land. He had to be careful. These secrets were passed down only among the patriarch of Sea Demon Clan from generation to generation, even Hai Lili didn’t know these secrets. If it not for having no alternative, then this old man would have never told these secrets to Ye Chuan.

“It turned out to be the case, Your Excellency Patriarch, since the circumstance has changed, we should act as the circumstances demand next!”

Ye Chuan nodded his head and returned the map to Sea Demon Patriarch, then entering the secret room next door, he began cultivating.

Now that Tuoba Xiaoniao was already saved, he could completely concentrate on exploring Lost City. As for the dozen or so armored warships led by Lord Qi’s deputy commander Liu Yuan, he left them to Zhu Sijia, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others to take care of them. Now, for Ye Chuan, the most urgent matter was to restore his spirit power as soon as possible to prepare for the upcoming big war.

In the secret room, Ye Chuan swallowed a medicinal pill, and refining worldly spiritual qi, he silently circulated Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Secrets.

Outside the secret room, Zhu Sijia wearing war robe solemnly watched the map of surrounding sea area and led everyone to launch a surprise attack on another armored warship. Under the cover of the night, this move succeeded again and again. The soldiers never expected that the armored warship which look exactly the same on the surface unexpectedly hid dense killing intent, and when they notice danger, it was already too late. At dawn, when the final armored warship, i.e., the armored warship with deputy commander Liu Yuan and Rain Demon, was attacked, this move was finally seen through.

The first one to see through the disguise was the assassin Rain Demon.

From the last night to the dawn, this old fellow had continuously sat cross-legged on the deck while cultivating with crystal clear raindrops floating around him. In the Oversea World, he was like a tiger that had grown wings. When the armored warship of Ye Chuan’s group had just appeared at the distance, Rain Demon sensed the unusualness and he immediately snatched the horn of one guard and blew it to warn all soldiers. Ordinary soldiers were still confused. They were unable to clearly see what was going on, but Rain Demon was able to sense the aura of Ye Chuan, Sea Demon Patriarch and others.

This surprise attack immediately changed into a full frontal war.

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