Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 467

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 467: Thunderclap means

The dance in the cabin of the other warship made people drool and slowly, more and more soldiers walked out on the deck to watch.

After the other warship reached close, they could clearly discern that it was also the armored warship of their side. Even the armor worn by the soldiers guarding on the deck was exactly the same. In the beginning, there were some who were still vigilant in secret, but slowly, as they watched the girls dancing in the other warship, they also relaxed and enjoyed the dance.

As the distance between the two warships got shorter and shorter, the soldiers were able to see the move of dancers clearer and clearer. They were even able to hear the sound of singing.

These soldiers became even more fascinated as their gaze rested on the towering chest, pert buttocks and slender waist of those dancing girls. Among those female dancers, the figure of the female dancer in the middle was the best, but it was unfortunate that her face was covered with an extremely thin veil, so they were unable to clearly see her facial feature. But, the more it was like that, the more fascinated they became, ardently hoping to see her face.

A ripple had appeared on the sea surface ay an unknown time, those ripples were rippling towards the armored warship from all directions. Listening carefully, one could hear a round of peculiar sound of gurgling water as if a big fish was swimming at a high speed just below the sea surface.

“Eh, strange, how come no one gave a signal until now? Did the sailors on the watchtowers of that warship all asleep?”

On the watchtower, that short person called Gangzi muttered to himself in confusion and waved the flame banner in his hand again. This was a rule established personally by Qing Tianhou. It was used for coordinating different troops from distance. On the sea, this method was especially practical, it can be used to cooperate from the distance to jointly attack enemy warships.

From the moment he noticed the opposite warship, this short soldier had been continuously waving the flame banner on the watchtower, taking the initiative to communicate, but the opposite warship didn’t respond even though it was getting closer and closer. This was strange.

“Yes, who actually is the commander of the opposite warship? In our vanguard army, who has captured such alluring female dancers? How come I have never heard of it before?”

The tall soldiers were also confused and upon closer look, he felt apprehensive, and the more he looked, the more he felt that something was wrong.

The opposite warship looked exactly the same as their armored warship, but there was no one on the watchtowers, and those few soldiers standing on the deck were also facing their back towards them from the beginning to the end. The female dancers in the cabin were very attractive, and they could vaguely see that the cabin was filled with people, but the strange thing was they couldn’t hear even a little noise. It was very quiet and frightening.

There were several charming female dancers dancing in the front like that, and they often revealed their slender waist and navel. If he was the soldier onboard, then he wouldn’t have cheered loudly, but, how come the soldiers on that warship not making any noise?

This is strange, basically is contrary to common sense!

There is something wrong with that warship, enemy attack!

On the watchtower, the two soldiers looked at each other, then simultaneously raised the horn hanging on their waist and blew it.

An ear-piercing horn sound resounded throughout the night sky.

On the deck, the soldiers that were captivated by the dance looked up in confusion. The majority of them were still confused, but there were also some who reacted quickly and pulled out the sword hanging on their waist. The commander of this warship who had fallen asleep dead drunk in his cabin finally rushed out and ordered soldiers loudly to prepare for the battle.

At that time, the opposite warship suddenly accelerated.

The female dancers in the cabin suddenly disappeared, even the dim oil lamps were also extinguished. The entire warship was like a ghost ship now, but it still sailed towards them. At that time, with the help of hazy moonlight, they saw ice cold crossbows extending out from the windows of the cabin and cold light glimmered.

“Enemy attack, enemy attack, they are enemies!”

“Prepare ballistae, use ballistae to bombard and sink this enemy ship, quick!”

The soldiers finally came back to their senses. Some didn’t know what to do in a rush and some thought to rushed to ballistae on the deck, but they were unable to advance or retreat due to the crowd. For a short while, there was chaos. The result, before they could aim their ballistae, the ballistae of the opposite warship roared first and heavy arrows that were as thick as a thigh ferociously hit the hull. The huge armored warship swayed as holes appeared on the hull and those soldiers who didn’t have time to dodge and unfortunate soldiers were also hit by those arrows, and even if they didn’t die, they were heavily injured.

The speed of that strange warship increased and quickly approached within 100 meters. Immediately after that, the soldiers heard a strange sound which resembled the roars of sea waves and also countless bees bussing beside their ears. They looked up and saw countless arrows were whistling towards them. It was dense like rain and also locust blotting out the sky.

On the warship, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect who had been prepared to fight for a long time immediately attacked. Over one hundred Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows roared and sharp arrows came down in torrents like a rain.

Sad and shrill screams quickly resounded throughout the sky.

The soldiers that were crowded on the deck to watch a play fell one after another. Since they had suddenly rushed out in the middle of the night to watch the dance of female dancers, no one had worn helmet and armor, thus, in front of dense sharp arrows descending from the heaven, moreover, no place to hide, they could only pray for their luck. The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect basically didn’t need to even aim.

“Retreat to the cabin, quick!”

The drunken commander finally sobered up. He loudly gave orders while brandishing his sword to block arrows. But, when he just finished speaking, the arrows falling from the sky suddenly stopped, however, before he had time to have a sigh of relief, even more terrifying sound came from the sea below.

On the sea, bolts of lightning appeared along with the crackling sound. They merged and become a net as if their armored warship had accidentally entered the lightning domain.

Crackle! A chopstick-length electric eel took the initiative to jump out of the sea surface and landed on the deck, followed by ten, one hundred……

In an instant, tens upon tens of thousands of electric eels jumped onto the deck and shot into the cabin, followed by terrifying screams and wails.

The soldiers who had survived the bombardment of Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows suffered even more terrifying attack. In the blink of an eye, terrifying electric eels with crackling lightning were everywhere of this armored warship. Since this warship was forged with pig iron, lightning spread everywhere. Other than the salves at the lowest floor of this warship, all the soldiers onboard instantly suffered a deadly attack. Even the commander was also bound by the super electric eel and soon changed into a coke.

The armored warship without anything unusual on the surface was just a cover to lower the guard of the enemy troops, then using the dance of Hai Lili and other women of Sea Demon Clan to attract their attention, they instantly initiated a thunderclap-like quick attack!

Ye Chuan walked out of the cabin and stood on the deck coldly watching the blood enemy warship.

He was still very weak and his spirit was severely injure. He couldn’t recover in a short period of time, but the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and Bellowing Waves Sect quickly followed him. Everyone greatly respected him. Especially the disciples of Bellowing Waves Sect, experiencing the strategy and thunderclap means of Ye Chuan again, they had more hopes for their revenge war.

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