Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 466

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 466: Female dancers

Under the cover of the night, two boats rapidly sailed away.

The sea dragon boat sailed deeper into the sea. It had some other task far away. As for armored warship captured by Ye Chuan and others, it didn’t sail far away, just hid in the nearby waters.

Shortly after the two boats left, along with crashing sounds, about a dozen dense and dark armored warships sailed straight towards the nameless deserted island where Ye Chuan and others were stationed previously for two days. And even before the ships docked, many people were so impatient that they jumped off the deck and rushed to the nameless deserted island.

But, on this nameless deserted island, there were tents, but no people.

“Damn it!”

The deputy-commander Liu Yuan gnashed his teeth and kicked a piece of rock. He was furious.

After Lord Qi had given the order, he had immediately led his troops to this place, not daring to waste a moment, but beyond his imagination, he was still a step late!

Since he was unable to capture Ye Chuan and Tuoba Xiaoniao and also unable to find that mysterious Half-Sage expert, how could he explain himself to Lord Qi?

Liu Yuan was surprised and also angry, but the restlessness and fear in his heart were above anger.

At first glance, there were many tents on the island, clearly, a group of people had broken through the blockaded and quietly arrived here. It seemed to be the group of Ye Chuan. As a deputy commander that was responsible for vigilance and patrolling, this was clearly neglecting his duty. In the future, it was fine if nothing happened, but if something happened and ruined the important matter of Qing Tianhou, then he would be the first person to suffer the disaster. Let alone keeping his official position, he feared that he would be in the situation where death was better than life!

Recalling the means of Qing Tianhou, Liu Yuan trembled.

Long Qi was already cruel and brutal enough, but compared to Qing Tianhou who truly controlled the army, it was still just a small part. If Lord Qi was enraged, you would die, but if Qing Tianhou was enraged, then you will not be able to die even if you want to!

“Commander Liu, look.”

Rain Demon walked over to one bonfire and noticed that the ashes were still somewhat hot and said, “These bonfires were just extinguished. The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and those sea demon warriors shouldn’t have gone far!”

“Chase! Disperse and chase, once the target is discovered, don’t let them run away!”

The deputy commander Liu Yuan loudly ordered and quickly flew back to the armored warship.

Immediately after that, those armored warships quickly dispersed into the vast sea. The soldiers in the lower level cabin swung their leather-thonged whip, whipping slaves. They forced slaves to grit their teeth and use all their energy to row and increased the speed of the armored warship.

In the distance, Ye Chuan watched this entire scene and smiled coldly, then instructed everybody to get into action. The captured armored warship didn’t sail away from this dangerous sea area, instead, they quietly look for their target using the cover of the night just like a yao beast hunting for prey.

Unlike the sea dragon boat, these armored warships mainly depended on manpower to sail forward. The temporary burst of energy had greatly increased the speed of these armored warships, but this wouldn’t last long. In less than half an hour, the speed of these armored warships slowed down in succession. No matter how much these soldiers whipped the slaves, the slaves had no strength to row. At this moment, those armored warships were at least 30 li away from each other. They had sailed towards different direction with that nameless deserted island as the center.

The deputy commander Liu Yuan also had many years of experience in the army. He decisively divided his forces under the warning Rain Demon. Unfortunately, even after half an hour, he gained nothing. The group of Ye Chuan seemed to have gone far away without a trace. There was no clue and it was still dark, so it was not easy to look for people in this vast sea.

The soldiers of all armored warships were also well aware, and with their speed slowing down more and more, they no longer had any hope in their heart.

On a deserted island 50 li away, an armored warship drifted over along with the tide, it didn’t have the speed of before. The soldiers who originally were standing on the deck and watching all around with dense killing intent slowly returned to the cabin to rest. Since it was hopeless to find Ye Chuan’s group, they naturally were downhearted. Although deputy commander Liu Yuan was burning with impatience, ordinary soldiers didn’t realize the seriousness of this matter, so they didn’t care so much. In any case, for them, even if the heaven collapse, there were commanders in different levels to hold on.

Crash, the sound of sea waves resounded through the night sky.

The soldiers on duty on the watchtower were still doing their duty. They quickly became alert. They looked over and only saw a ship had appeared some distance away at an unknown time. And under the dim lamplight, they could indistinctly see many figures. It seemed that there were many people on that ship.

“Quick, enemy!”

The short soldier called his tall partner beside him and subconsciously raised the horn hanging on his waist. But, just when he was about to blow the horn and warn everyone, he felt that something was wrong. He hesitated for a bit and watched carefully. The boat that was coming from the darkness looked like it was also an armored warship. The outline and high mast of the ship and even the armor worn by the soldiers standing on the deck were exactly the same!

“Don’t make a fuss about nothing, they are on our side.”

The tall soldier shook his head and complained the vigilant short soldier for making a fuss about nothing. Then, he yawned and closed his eyes again. He was not interested in watching the armored warship that was coming from the dark. The result, just after he had lied down, the short soldier beside him made a fuss again.

“Gangzi, are you sick tonight? Why are you not letting others take a rest?”

The tall soldier angrily scolded and felt that he was unlucky. In the other group of people on guard duty, one took the rest and one stay to watch in turns. This was the secret rule, but when together with this persistence small soldier, he didn’t have any quiet time. Perhaps, this fellow was too young, or perhaps, he had come to the sea for the first time after he was enlisted, but he was terribly suspicious and get frightened if he sees anything.

“Big bro, you……, look!”

The short soldier shouted again with an inconceivable and doubtful look.

The tall man muttered and watched carefully and was also stunned.

The armored ship that was coming from the dark was very quiet, but its speed was not slow. The distance was getting shorter and shorter. On the deck of that armored warship, he could vaguely see a few soldiers on duty. The majority of them were crowded in the cabin. And through the window, he could indistinctly see several women dancing inside the cabin. The posture and movements of those dancers were delicate and lovely, especially the woman standing in the middle, she was jumping while singing something. Her figure was lithe and graceful. These two soldiers had never seen this kind of dance. It danced as if her body was boneless and the charm of her soft and graceful body was displayed to the max, moreover, the vaguely seen charming body under her spacious gown was all the more attractive.

“Who is the commander of that warship? No wonder there are so few people on the deck, all of them are in the cabin watching the erotic dance! Tsk tsk, how come our commander didn’t capture such dancers and satisfy our craving!”

The tall man drooling watching those female dancers. If he could, he wished to fly over to watch clearly. He placed his hand on his mouth and whistled a few times and several acquainted soldiers came out from the cabin upon hearing his whistle. Their eyes also lit up seeing the figure of those female dangers of that armored ship.

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