Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 464

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 464: Approaching war

Compared to Ye Chuan, Plague Archfiend Abasi’s spirit was flying faster and faster. On the sea surface, there was no obstruction, so his speed was even faster. Although Lord Qi and the numerous experts under him were pursuing relentlessly, slowly, the distance between them was getting larger and larger. After chasing until a nameless deserted island, they could only watch these three people disappear into the horizon.

“Damn it!”

Lord Qi was so angry that his face twisted.

He had coveted the beauty of Tuoba Xiaoniao for a long time. Until some time ago, he had been busy dealing with the matters of Bellowing Waves Island, so when he was free today, he was prepared to leisurely enjoy the young and beautiful body of Tuoba Xiaoniao tonight to his heart’s content. But who would have thought that that piece of fat meat would fly away from his mouth?

As a Half-Sage realm expert and commander of the army, since such a matter had happened, he had completely lost his face.

At this moment, Lord Qi was so angry that his chest was rising and falling rapidly. And looking at the direction where the trio of Ye Chuan had disappeared, his face twisted and shouted ferociously, “Liu Yuan, where are you? Roll out for me!”

“Here, this servant pays…… pays respect to Lord Qi!”

Liu Yuan was the deputy commander responsible for patrolling and gathering intelligence. Now, he stood out with fear and trepidation. Seeing the ferocious complexion of Lord Qi, he was feeling fidgety and his forehead was covered with sweat.

“Liu Yuan, how did you do your job? A Half-Sage realm expert has come to nearby waters, but you actually have yet to get to the information.”

The voice of Lord Qi was ice-cold, and he continued with dense killing intent, “It seems your current life is too comfortable, using all your energy and strength in the belly of women. Do you want I, Lord Qi, help you request Lord Hou to recall you back to Flames Mountain to recuperate for a period of time?”

“No, Lord Qi, please spare me!”

The deputy commander Liu Yuan hastily kneeled on the ground and said with a pale face, “Lord Qi, just give me some days, I will definitely clear up the origin of those people, I will never let them sneak in again, and also will not let them obstruct our important matter!”

“Some days?”

The eyes of Lord Qi glimmered with pallid light and emitted dense killing intent as he roared, “After dawn, I want to see the result. I want to see people if they are alive and corpses if they are dead. The entrance of Lost City is about to manifest, how can I give you some days?”

The army had forcibly seized Bellowing Waves Island, on one hand, it was to seal the nearby territorial waters and not allow other powers to get a share of action, wanting to monopolize the treasures inside Lost City, and on the other hand, they were also waiting for an opportunity.

The defensive restriction of Lost City, the holy land of Sea Demon Clan, had already weakened, and the once in a century chance was about to appear, but, the entrance has yet to manifest, so they couldn’t enter even if they had heaven-defying means. However, according to the estimation of Qing Tianhou, the entrance to Lost City would appear in one or two days, so they couldn’t waste even a second. At such time, suddenly a mysterious Half-Sage realm expert had appeared, moreover, he was together with ancient Cloud Mist Sect, so this matter was very grave. Capturing back young and beautiful Tuoba Xiaoniao was just a minor matter, ensuring that their action was smooth and obtain the origin energy and treasured sealed inside Lost City was the matter of utmost importance.

If the task issued by Qing Tianhou was not accomplished, then everyone would be severely punished. Even Lord Qi who was the leader of this troop might not be able to save his head!

“Lord Qi, I……”

The deputy commander Liu Yuan was drenched with cold sweat and he trembled.

The entrance to Lost City was about to manifest, he was well aware of the seriousness and urgency of this incident. But, finding a few people in this vast sea and having a result before dawn, was that possible? Not to mention Half-Sage realm expert, even an ordinary fisherman could easily hide in this vast sea. Moreover, there were countless nameless deserted islands just within the sea area around several hundred li.

“Lord Qi, perhaps, I know where they are.”

The assassin Rain Demon who was among the crowd suddenly spoke.

“Speak, where?” Lord Qi looked at Rain Demon and other experts also looked at him.

“Lord Qi, do you remember the special sea dragon boat you especially asked me to be careful of?” Rain Demon asked. Even while facing the extremely vicious complexion of Lord Qi, he wasn’t panic-stricken.

Even though all experts here were similarly under Qing Tianhou, their status however were different. There were plenty of direct subordinates, but some were experts Qing Tianhou had recruited. The assassin Rain Demon was the latter kind. In this operation, although he was under the command of Lord Qi, his status was somewhat different, it was sort of like a guest of the army. Especially Rain Demon, his unique technique was even more powerful in this Overseas World. He could casually change a raindrop into a sharp blade, increasing his fighting power. Even Lord Qi had to be somewhat polite with him.

“Rain Demon, are you saying that that mysterious expert is from Sea Demon Clan?” Lord Qi was shocked.

In this operation, they had to fight against other forces, but the most important matter was destroying Sea Demon Clan. According to the intelligence, Sea Demon Clan had deteriorated, and the highest level of cultivation was peak Daoist Master realm, and only their patriarch was in his realm. If this intelligence was wrong and Sea Demon Clan also had a Half-Sage realm expert, then that meant trouble!

“Two days ago, during the routine patrolling, I accidentally encountered sea dragon boat of Sea Demon Clan. So, following your instruction, I directly tried to assassinate Sea Demon patriarch. At that time, I encountered the interception of Ye Chuan, this Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, and also discovered a mysterious Half-Sage realm expert. Thus, the assassin that should have easily succeeded failed.”

Rain Demon paused and added: “Whether that mysterious Half Sage realm expert is from Sea Demon Clan or not, I am not sure for the moment, but, I personally think that he is not, on the contrary, it appears as if he is the flower of Ye Chuan. His appearance with the spirit of Ye Chuan tonight proves this. Originally, I should have immediately reported this to Lord Qi, but Lord Qi was especially busy these two days, so……”

Rain Demon was somewhat tactful. In these two days, Lord Qi was not especially busy, rather he was especially looking forward to this bridal chamber and no one dared to tell the news that would destroy his mood. Originally, Rain Demon was thinking to wait until after the bridal chamber of Lord Qi, then report this to him in the next morning. But beyond his expectation, such a matter happened.

“Where are they?”

Lord Qi asked, his complexion cloudy.

Now, it was not the time to look into the responsibility of Rain Demon, he needed to round up the trio of Ye Chuan along with Sea Demon Clan in one fell swoop!

“On a nameless deserted island that is several hundred li away in the west. Looking at their appearance, they should be waiting for a chance to break through our blockade. They would not have moved easily so as to avoid exposing their whereabouts, but, it is hard to say after tonight.” Rain Demon replied.

“Liu Yuan, immediately take your troops with Rain Demon to that nameless deserted island, and after discovering the target, trap them first, the main army will come soon afterward!”

Lord Qi quickly calmed down and ordered coldly.


The deputy commander Liu Yuan and Rain Demon bowed then left in haste. Soon, about a dozen armored warships sailed through the waves. Then, a low bugle resounded throughout the Bellowing Waves Island and even more armored warships rushed to gather together. The soldiers also hastily left the military camp and began to move huge massacring machinery of Qing Tianhou army.

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