Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 463

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 463: Escape

After using Spirit Division Technique again, the spirit of Ye Chuan had already withered like a lamp without oil. Still, he forcibly ran carrying along Tuoba Xiaoniao.

“Hahaha, kid, run, run faster!”

Lord Qi roared with laughter while leisurely following him. He was enjoying this chase just like a cat that had already cornered a mouse.

In terms of cultivation base, Ye Chuan was already far from being his opponent, now, in spirit form and his vitality already damaged greatly, Ye Chuan couldn’t even withstand his single blow. Like this, even if Lord Qi didn’t personally make a move, he would die due to exhaustion. And although this world was so big, there was nowhere in this vast sea he could escape.

Everyone else tactfully stopped and calmly watched the valor of Lord Qi.

Ye Chuan was already an arrow at the end of its flight. Even an idiot could see that. Now, if they rushed out to intercept and attack, then not only would they not obtain any merits, but they would also gain the ire of Lord Qi. So, no one stepped forward.

But Ye Chuan continued to run towards the seashore without looking back.

The ill wind his spirit riding was getting weaker and weaker, this in turn made his speed slower and slower. He also knew that this time the situation was fraught with grim possibilities, but as long as he had a breath and a glimmer of chance, he would not give up! Gritting his teeth, Ye Chuan’s spirit preserved and flew forward. He was also doing his utmost to circulate Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body while urging the power of his spirit to the maximum.

“Noble son Ye, don’t mind me, run away by yourself!”

Tuoba Xiaoniao looked back and seeing Lord Qi with sinister face had caught up to them, she begged Ye Chuan to put her down and escape by himself. Now, her face was filled with tears.

At this critical moment, she was able to see that Ye Chuan was trying to save herself regardless of his safety. She was already content with this, she no longer had any regret in her heart. Now, she was not worried about her end, rather worried about the safety of Ye Chuan. If she was captured then her end might be unbearable, but what about Ye Chuan?

Once his spirit was captured, what kind of hardship would he suffer?

Needless to think, Tuoba Xiaoniao also knew that Lord Qi wouldn’t let Ye Chuan die so easily. Before death, Ye Chuan would definitely suffer numerous cruel tortures and hardships.

“Xiaoniao, don’t speak, listen to the technique I am imparting you and help me undo your seal!”

On one side, Ye Chuan persisted while gritted his teeth and on the other hand, he imparted a technique to Tuoba Xiaoniao on the spot.

The technique of Lord Qi to seal the cultivation of Tuoba Xiaoniao was extraordinary. Many peak Daoist Master realm experts might be helpless in front of this technique of Lord Qi let alone Tuoba Xiaoniao. Trying to break this technique by herself was a futile effort. But, as Heaven Concealing Great Sage of the past, Ye Chuan thoroughly saw through this technique of Lord Qi. Because he was in spirit form, moreover, his vitality was greatly damaged, he was powerless to help her break this seal.

Tuoba Xiaoniao nodded her head and listened attentively while memorizing every word of Ye Chuan. By the time Ye Chuan was repeating for the second time, she was already beginning to use this profound technique while listening to him and a warm current began to appear within her body. Wherever this warm current flowed, strength gradually began to condense again.

“Eh……, kid, truly didn’t think that you still have a bit of skill!”

Lord Qi who was chasing leisurely quickly noticed this change. He didn’t wait for Tuoba Xiaoniao to completely unseal her cultivation. He ferociously smiled and accelerated suddenly, then reached out his hand to grab Ye Chuan’s spirit, “Hahaha, kid, it’s time to end, no matter how many techniques or defensive treasures you have, don’t imagine that it’s possible to escape tonight. You two can just stay here and see how I, Lord Qi, will entertain you two, hahaha……”

Lord Qi roared with laughter. He immediately used all his strength noticing the change. He wouldn’t give any chance to Ye Chuan.

No matter if that was Demon God’s Roar or Spirit DivisionTechniquee, the means of Ye Chuan were heaven-defying. Therefore, although his cultivation was very high, had a well-thought-out plan and was enjoying the helplessness of Ye Chuan and Tuoba Xiaoniao, Lord Qi didn’t dare to be careless. He feared that Ye Chuan might have even more powerful trump card.

The gale whistled towards Ye Chuan.

Ye Chuan just sighed as his limbs became cold.

As long as there was a little time, Tuoba Xiaoniao would be able to unseal her cultivation, then even if he couldn’t escape, she would have a chance to escape. But, now, both of them were powerless to resist being captured by this powerful Lord Qi.

Although Ye Chuan would not give up until he took his last breath, he truly was helpless now. With the cultivation of just Rank 4 Daoist Master realm, moreover, in spirit form, he couldn’t use many techniques. In addition, his spirit was heavily injured, he couldn’t withstand even a single blow of Lord Qi.

In the sky above Bellowing Waves Island, along with a whistling sound, another burst of strong gale suddenly blew over from the sea.

No need to mention that this ill wind had blown over so suddenly, it also brought along a powerful pressure accompanied by a strong danger.

A vague three-eyed toad manifested in the midst of this ill wind and he ferociously slammed against Lord Qi. Then, this Lord Qi who was known as the number one expert among the army of Qing Tianhou let out a muffled groan and blood flowed out of his mouth. Moreover, he was sent flying and slammed against the ground and the blood and qi within his body seethed.

“Your Excellency, go!”

Suddenly, a red light flashed in the midst of this ill wind, and a faint red halo shrouded both Ye Chuan and Tuoba Xiaoniao. Then, ill wind wrapped both of them and blew away.

Plague Archfiend Abasi who was watching this battle finally rushed out at the last moment.

Although his cultivation was much higher than Ye Chuan, he was also similarly in spirit state. If the spirit of Ye Chuan was still surrounded by Lord Qi and numerous other experts in Bellowing Waves Island, then even if he had the heart to save him, he might not be able to reach him. But, arrogant and conceited Lord Qi let Ye Chuan run all the way here, moreover, other experts took no action, just sit by and watched, this gave him a chance to make a move and save him. After one attack, he immediately used all his strength to grab two people and ran away riding his ill wind towards the vast sea as fast as possible.

A Half-Sage realm expert?

The complexion of Lord Qi changed greatly and looking at flying away Plague Archfiend Abasi, Ye Chuan and Tuoba Xiaoniao, he hesitated for a bit and chased them while gritting his teeth, “Chase, everyone, chase after them, kill them for me!”

The unexpected appearance of Half-Sage realm expert greatly shocked Lord Qi. What was even worse was that person was actually together with Ye Chuan. Regardless of private or public matter, he absolutely couldn’t let them escape unscathed. If he didn’t kill them now taking advantage of the time when they were in spirit form, then there would be no end of trouble in the future.


“Lord Qi has ordered, don’t let them escape!”

Experts among the army used their techniques in succession as they chased after Ye Chuan’s group.

Looking down from high altitude, an ill wind was rapidly moving forward on the sea surface, the spirit of Abasi was running wildly bringing along the spirit of Ye Chuan and Tuoba Xiaoniao. Behind them, there were over a hundred ferocious experts. The energy fluctuation of everyone was extraordinary, all of them were late-stage Daoist Master realm experts. Under the lead of Lord Qi, they were pursuing relentlessly sticking close to the sea surface.

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