Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 461

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 461: Demon God’s Roar

Lord Qi stood still and remained silent for a long time, merely his complexion was getting heavier and heavier.

And seeing he seemed to be shaken, Tuoba Xiaoniao saw a glimmer of hope and continued to plead, “Lord Qi, you are a big figure, Your Excellency, please be magnanimous and let me go.”

Tuoba Xiaoniao pleaded with tears in her eyes. She looked very pitiful.

Now, her father was imprisoned and she led a wretched life far from home by herself, moreover, her cultivation was sealed and she was no different from mortal who had never cultivated. Even if she was given a chance, she couldn’t escape this place. She had only one means, beg bitterly, earnestly hoping Lord Qi who set himself high above the masses be stung by conscience and be lenient.

“Heh heh, let you go? Okay!”

Lord Qi smirked and readily agreed, merely his smile was sinister and his tone changed, “Tonight, as long as you serve I, Lord Qi, well, you can do whatever you want. Little beauty, a moment of the spring night is worth more than a thousand pieces of gold, don’t waste time, come!”

Lord Qi said with sinister expression and pounced onto Tuoba Xiaoniao again.

After thinking over, he still decided to deal with Tuoba Xiaoniao first. It was not easy to deal with Cloud Mist Sect that had long inheritance, but when all was said and done, it had already declined. It couldn’t be counted as a top-notch sect. If the worst comes to the worst and Ye Chuan came for an explanation, then he would just think of a way to respond. Tuoba Xiaoniao was already such a beautiful endearing little bird, and when she begged, she looked so pitiful that it gave him an impulse to conquer her. In front of this kind of beauty, who could endure?

Regardless of the consequences, Lord Qi was prepared to first forcibly take the body of Tuoba Xiaoniao and think afterward.


Tuoba Xiaoniao screamed and hastily dodged.

But this time, she was not so lucky, Lord Qi grabbed her shoulder and the scissors in her hand was also knocked out, then, he held her tight.

“Let me go, Lord Qi, I beg you, let me go!”

Tuoba Xiaoniao burst into tears and struggled while begging bitterly, “Lord Qi, you are a great personage, you shouldn’t do this, I beg you……”

“Hahahaha, tonight, I will let you see what is called….. great personage!” Lord Qi roared with laughter and pushed down weak Tuoba Xiaoniao onto the bed. He couldn’t wait any longer and began taking off his clothing.

“Lord Qi, are you not afraid that my husband will kill you and exterminate your whole family?” Tuoba Xiaoniao hugged her chest and shrunk at one corner of the bed in despair and fear.

“Hahaha, I am a grand Half-Sage realm expert, would I fear a youngster? You said your husband is called something Ye Chuan? In the future, if he truly dares to come, then that would be the best, I can capture him and let him watch how this lordship conquers you, and even lead the army to wipe out the entire Cloud Mist Sect, hahaha……”

Lord Qi roared with laughter. Now, he didn’t have any misgivings. Tonight, he had only one objective, i.e., pushing down Tuoba Xiaoniao. He wanted to push her down on the bed and lash to his heart’s content to seize her purity.

An ill wind blew over Bellowing Waves Island along with the sea breeze directly into the underground grotto.

The soldiers outside were frowning as they vaguely felt something was wrong. But, Lord Qi who had the highest cultivation base was entirely unaware, on one side, he was drunk and on the other side, his mind was filled with filth and he only had Tuoba Xiaoniao in his eyes, so even if he sensed something, he regarded it as a matter of any importance.

There were many armored warships patrolling around this sea area. Let alone a person, even a fish couldn’t approach the island without anybody knowing. As for entering into this island that was strongly fortified with countless experts, who could do that?

Lord Qi was very confident with his means, tonight, he would forcibly take the body of Tuoba Xiaoniao. He roared with laughter, “Little beauty, be obedient and serve this lordship, tonight, even if you shout until your throat splits, no one can save you, you are mine, hahaha……”

Lord Qi jumped onto Tuoba Xiaoniao like a ravenous wolf.


A roar suddenly exploded in the sky.

Outside the grotto, the cold wind suddenly rolled up and the fallen leaves flew all over. Moreover, the wooden door of the grotto was blown open by a strong gale. Then, a vague humanoid shaped air mass suddenly appeared in Bellowing Waves Island and it whistled over along with the cold wind. It opened its mouth and roared which exploded above Bellowing Waves Island like a sudden clap of thunder. Instantly, the soldiers who were eating and drinking wine stopped and everyone felt danger as they sensed the cold wind blowing.

Sensing the position of Tuoba Xiaoniao, the spirit of Ye Chuan was very pleased and had subconsciously got closer, the result, he just happened to come across Long Qi wanting to force himself upon Tuoba Xiaoniao. He instantly flew into a rage and regardless of anything, his spirit rushed over. Plague Archfiend Abasi was too late to stop him and he used an ancient technique regardless of the backlash.

The brutal Lord Qi suddenly stopped and turned around, then he just happened to see a vague three inches small man rushing over along with the wind.

“Someone has let out his spirit, stop him!”

“Protect Lord Qi!”

The guards hastily rushed over. And in haste, some used flying sword and some shot arrows with crossbows, but these physical things were useless against the spirit.


The spirit of Ye Chuan rushed over riding the wind while expanding suddenly and roaring again.

This time, since it was close at hand, the roar directly exploded in the mind of these guards and those guards simultaneously staggered and vomited a mouthful of blood. Even Lord Qi who had the highest cultivation base shook as he was first to be affected. His blood and qi seethed and he vomited a mouthful of blood.

Demon God’s Roar!

This was a lost ancient technique of Wilderness World. Allegedly, this was a heaven-defying technique used by an ancient Demon God to kill people from thousands of miles away. This technique especially attacks the spirit of enemies. In his previous life when he concealed the heaven, Ye Chuan had accidentally found this technique in an ancient ominous domain.

Originally, with his current Rank 4 Daoist Master realm cultivation base, it was impossible to use this heaven-defying technique as his spirit was not powerful enough, but at the critical moment, seeing Tuoba Xiaoniao was about to be disgraced, he risked everything.

“Where did this evil spirit come from, daring to sneak into my military camp in spirit form?”

The drunk Lord Qi finally sobered up. He was startled and also angry, then he clapped all of a sudden and powerful wind stopped the spirit of Ye Chuan. Next, he grabbed the empty air wanting to capture the spirit of Ye Chuan alive.

In the vast sea, no one dared to easily let out their spirit. Forcibly intruding the military camp under Qing Tianhou, even less dare to do so!

Lord Qi had never expected that someone would dare to do so, so he was caught unprepared, but he reacted quickly and the circumstance changed rapidly.

Outside the grotto, whistling sounds resounded as many experts also rushed over. The soldiers rushed all over and activated the restrictions and formations, wanting to surround the spirit of Ye Chuan.

The spirit of Ye Chuan that had rushed over in anger instantly fell into heavy besiege. Once his soul was caught or destroyed, he could become a living corpse. Even if he was a powerful expert, there was no escape from this misfortune.

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