Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 460

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 460: I have a husband.

After leaving the room, Wang Ma just happened to run into Lord Qi who was rushing over with excitement. She quickly stood at one side and bowed, “Congratulation Lord Qi for the wedding, you are valorous and peerless.”

Having heard what was said, Lord Qi stopped his steps and scanned Wang Ma with narrowed tipsy eyes, then roared with laughter, “Hahaha, good, good, Wang Ma, I like your words! Valorous and peerless, hahaha, I want to be especially valorous tonight, hahaha……”

Lord Qi walked forward while laughing and pushing open the door, he entered.

Behind, everyone looked at Wang Ma with admiration and also jealousy.

Even if other people exhausted themselves to half-dead, or even go through fire and water for many years, the end benefit might not be as good as those words of Wang Ma. Valorous and peerless, saying these words at this time was great flattery, no wonder Lord Qi was so happy.

“Wang Ma, you are getting better at talking!” The leader bodyguard of Lord Qi sized up Wang Ma and his complexion was not that good, clearly, he was somewhat jealous.

“How can that be? Captain Liu, this servant was only telling the truth, if I have committed a crime somewhere, then this servant request Captain Liu to be magnanimous enough to forgive. I heard that another batch of goods has arrived on the island, and among them, there is a girl that is quite good. She is a smooth-skinned well-bred lady but her temperament is a bit fiery and unyielding. As it happens that your place has an opening for a maid, when I have an opportunity, I will help you persuade her.”

Wang Ma lowered her voice and said meaningful words.

The eyes of Captain Liu shone. Like if the upper beam was not straight, the lower ones would go aslant, these bodyguards who followed Lord Qi throughout the year were similar to Lord Qi. Seeing Lord Qi had gotten married with Tuoba Xiaoniao and was about to go on a campaign tonight until dawn, this Captain Liu had been drooling, “No problem, then I will trouble Wang Ma. In the future, if you have a matter, then feel free to look for me.”

“Then, this servant will leave first, Captain Liu shouldn’t be too hasty, hasty men don’t get to eat hot tofu, wait for my news.”

Wang Ma smiled and walked away twisting her waist. Although she was already old in age, her dress up style was still lascivious.

“This old woman truly isn’t bashful, but, she also has some skill, heh heh……”

Captain Liu spat a mouthful of saliva towards the direction where Wang Ma had left. He looked down on the behavior of Wang Ma. But, thinking about that smooth-skinned little girl Wang Ma had mentioned, he let his imagination ran wild.

Outside, the soldiers stopped their steps and walked some distance away intentionally or unintentionally. No one dared to disturb the good deed of Lord Qi. Thinking about that delicate and soft appearance of Tuoba Xiaoniao, they wanted to quietly peep, but no one dared to put this thought into action. Just listening to the moaning sounds of Tuoba Xiaoniao would be enough to make them feel pleasure.

All soldiers pretended to be serious, but their ears were erect in secret.

But, even after waiting for a while, they didn’t hear the voice they expected to hear.

Inside the room, the candlelight flickered, slightly illuminating the bright red ‘喜’ word stuck on the wall. This dim candlelight made people feel warm too.

After closing the door, Lord Qi sized up Tuoba Xiaoniao who was sitting straight on the bedside under the candlelight. Her long and slender legs, her slender waist and her graceful figure under that bright red marriage gown, the more he watched, the more he liked them, “Hahaha, my little beauty, I, Lord Qi has come!”

The tipsy Lord Qi became more excited the more he watched Tuoba Xiaoniao. He roared with laughter and spreading open his arms like a ravenous wolf, he pounced on, imagining how he would lash Tuoba Xiaoniao while pushing her down. But, beyond his expectation, he caught empty air and fell flat on his face on the bed. Tuoba Xiaoniao lifted the red veil and fled to the front of a dressing table like a startled little rabbit. She was terrified to see this drunk Lord Qi.

Originally, under the pressure and threat of Wang Ma, she had already resigned herself to fate for the sake of avoiding being taken into the military camp and also for the sake of her father. But, after Lord Qi walked in and she saw this wretched old fellow, she was disgusted and instinctively resisted. She would rather die.

In age, Lord Qi was much older than her father Tuoba Xiong, she could even call him grandfather. Thinking of marrying such an old man and allow his hands filled with age spots touch her body, goosebumps appeared all over her body.

“Aiyo, little beauty truly know how to make a mood, want to play with I, Lord Qi? Hahaha, then let’s play properly, come, huge I, this Lord Qi first, then kiss, hahaha……”

Lord Qi roared with laughter and pounced onto Tuoba Xiaoniao again, wanting to hug her. But, since he was drunk, his steps were not stable and he was slow, so he caught just empty air again. However, after several attempts, Tuoba Xiaoniao was slowly cornered and he said, “Hahaha, my little beauty, I will see where you will go this time.”

This action of dodging and nervousness of Tuoba Xiaoniao nevertheless stimulated the heart of Lord Qi. He roared with laughter and wanted to use all kinds of means to thoroughly conquer this soft and delicate little beauty tonight.

“Don’t, don’t come over!” Tuoba Xiaoniao was anxious. She immediately picked up a scissor from the dressing table and aimed at her own heart, preparing to die, “Don’t come over, step forward again and I will kill myself!”

“Humph, how did this Wang Ma handle affairs?”

Seeing Tuoba Xiaoniao was not joking and truly wanted to commit suicide, the complexion of Lord Qi become cold, but he still continued to push forward as he said sinisterly, “Little girl, what, are you feeling wronged to get married with this lordship?”

“I……, I already have a husband, Lord Qi, I beg you, please let me go.” Tuoba Xiaoniao implored.

“Oh, is that so? Who is your husband? Come on, tell me.” The complexion of Lord Qi became even colder.

According to the words of Wang Ma, Tuoba Xiaoniao was still an inexperienced woman. Only because of that, he had publicly married her, otherwise, he would have already played with her and then sent to the military camp. He had thought that he would be enjoying himself tonight, who would have thought that this would happen? Was Tuoba Xiaoniao finding an excuse or did Wang Ma do a poor work?

No matter what the reason was, Wang Ma wouldn’t be able to take responsibility. Lord Qi was very upset now.

“He……, He is the Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, Ye Chuan, Lord Qi, you are also a cultivator, you……, you shouldn’t act recklessly, otherwise, my husband will not let you off!” Tuoba Xiaoniao was out of her wits and subconsciously spoke the name of Ye Chuan.

“Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, Ye Chuan?”

Lord Qi stopped and his complexion became even darker.

As the number one trusted subordinate and advisor of Qing Tianhou, he naturally knew the situation of Da Qin Dynasty and various cultivation sects. Recently, in the southern part of Da Qin Dynasty, Ye Chuan had defeated the 200,000 soldiers of Da Qin Dynasty just by leading the disciples, he had naturally heard of this. If the husband of Tuoba Xiaoniao was an ordinary person, then he naturally could ignore it, but if Ye Chuan was truly her husband, then it was somewhat tricky.

Although Cloud Mist Sect was declining, when all was said and done, it was an ancient sect with long inheritance. It had deep foundation outsiders couldn’t imagine. This kind of sect, unless its fate was thoroughly severed, it was impossible for outsiders to completely uproot it. The defeat of the army of Da Qin Dynasty was the clear proof of it.

On the surface, Qing Tianhou had already joined the Da Qin Dynasty and become the youngest Duke, but he had been preparing for battle in secret while gathering intelligence of major forces including ancient Cloud Mist Sect. At this moment, Qing Tianhou was accumulating powers without restraint, if they had a strong conflict against this ancient Cloud Mist Sect at this moment, then their power would be exposed in advance and its effect would get out of control.

Tuoba Xiaoniao truly didn’t know what the words she had subconsciously uttered implied, but her words stopped Lord Qi who was prepared to battle until dawn. Now, he was faced with a tricky choice.

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