Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 46

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 46: Medicine Slave

Flame Devil who angrily raised his hand with his twisted and cracked face looked very ferocious and frightening at this moment.

“Big-Senior Apprentice-Brother……”

Fatty Zhao Dazhi who was pouring tea at one side cried out in alarm. With his entire body trembling, even if he wanted to step forward to help, he nevertheless was powerless. Both of his legs became soft and didn’t listen to his instruction. The teapot in his hand fell to the ground and shattered into pieces.

The speed of Flame Devil was astonishing, and dense killing intent spread out from his body which was shrouded by scorching hot flame. Now he looked just like an ancient time yao beast which had gone insane. Fatty who was looking all this from the sidelines practically was scared out of his wits, but Ye Chuan who was the first to be affected remained calm and still sat cross-legged on the green slabstone without any movement.

When Fame Devil arrived ten steps away, Ye Chuan was still motionless.

When the distance between them was only three steps away, Ye Chuan as before didn’t even blink his eyes, treating Flame Devil who was moving threateningly towards himself as an air.

But this palm covered in scorching hot flame, when was only half an inch away from the chest of Ye Chuan, suddenly stopped. And the palm wind was so fierce that it blew the robe of Ye Chuan.

Ferocious Flame Devil who had viciously raised his hand stopped himself at the final moment.

“Continue, continue, why aren’t you continuing to hit me? Senior Flame Devil, aren’t you very powerful?”

Ye Chuan laughed, but his complexion was flat, as, this reaction of Flame Devil was already under his expectation.

If he could survive this catastrophe by himself, then Flame Devil wouldn’t have waited until now, dragging on to this point. Rashly killing Ye Chuan was merely harming himself and cutting off his final gleam of hope.

“I have a bottle of Marrow Cleansing Pills, I will present all of them to you.” Flame Devil turned his finger’s storage ring, then took out a bottle of pills. Inside there were ten or so top grade Marrow Cleansing Pills.

Even one top grade Marrow Cleansing Pill was something hard to come by, moreover they were also very expensive. And here he was offering a bottle of Marrow Cleansing Pills, this could be sold at the price as high as heaven in black-markets.

The eyes of fatty shone. Taking a single Marrow Cleansing Pill given to him by Ye Chuan, he was finally able to fulfill his wish of breaking through to Xuishi realm. If he was able to take this bottle of Marrow Cleansing Pills, then wouldn’t he be able to quickly become an expert of Xiushi realm, even to the extent of charging to Daoist Master realm?

The eyes of fatty shone, and his eyes became scorching hot, but Ye Chuan remained unmoved, and without even lifting his eyelid, he shook his head, “These Marrow Cleansing Pills are pretty good, unfortunately, I don’t need them. This kind of Marrow Cleansing Pills are useless to me.”

“I have a cultivation technique, All Directions Scorching Sun Technique. It is the strongest cultivation technique all under the heaven to cultivate Scorching Sun Body. I will pass down this cultivation technique to you. I have emptied my pocket, what about now?” Flame Devil gritted his teeth, ready to risk everything.

This cultivation technique was his sect’s technique which was not allowed to pass down, and also was his life technique. Many years ago, someone used a Sage technique to exchange with him, but he didn’t agree. Now, for the sake of resolving his disaster, and for the sake of his life, he had no choice but to take out this life technique to exchange.

Flame Devil was really doing all he could, however, Ye Chuan still shook his head and said indifferently, “All Direction Scorching Sun Technique is a good thing, is not that bad cultivation technique, but your cultivation ways has a problem, so it is very likely to be incomplete All Direction Scorching Sun Technique. Senior Flame Devil, even you become like this after cultivating this technique for the greater part of your life, why would I want to cultivate it? Can it be that to become like you one day?”

Ye Chuan said calmly. He truly was not interested in the compensation laid down by Flame Devil.

The cultivation technique All Direction Scorching Sun Technique of Flame Devil’s sect was a priceless treasure, but to Ye Chuan, who was once a Heaven Concealing Great Saint controlling the Wilderness world, this really was nothing. No need to mention that Flame Devil only knew incomplete cultivation technique, Ye Chuan had several better cultivation techniques which were far more powerful than this All Direction Scorching Sun Technique to cultivate Scorching Sun Body.

“Boy, are you kidding me?”

Flame Devil fiercely stared at Ye Chuan and the flame outside his body also flourished. Looking at the expression of Ye Chuan, his eyes flashed with an ominous glint, and began to have a thought of perishing together in his heart. He suddenly turned around, and his big hand grabbed the empty air, then fatty Zhao Dazhi on the sideline involuntarily flew towards him. And after catching him, a chilling smile appeared on his face. As for fatty, he was so scared that all the fatty meat on his body trembled.

If he couldn’t pass this calamity, then he was screwed. He had painstakingly cultivated for a lifetime, but his end fate was like this, so he was unwilling and resented, he hated all the people and even the entire Wilderness World. Since he would die in any case, he might as well kill, bring several people to be buried with him.

“Big……, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, save me, save me……”

Fatty wailed mournfully and was very terrified as well as very resentful in his heart. Why am I the one who would always get the injuries?

“If you don’t want to die, then let him go.”

Seeing extremely vicious Flame Devil who was beginning to think of doing everything without caring the consequences, Ye Chuan knew the time was just about enough, and said indifferently, “It’s not that I don’t want to save you, merely……”

“Merely what? Please tell me without any hesitation, noble son.” Flame Devil released fatty, and unwaveringly stared at Ye Chuan as if after drowning and drifting about in the river for a long time, he finally grab hold on a lifeline.

“Cloud Mist Sect has always been good at planting various kinds of medicinal herbs, and in the course of time, the sect has congealed a natural elixir of qi. And using a secret technique to absorb this natural elixir of qi, coupled with the nourishing of pure worldly spiritual qi, it could slowly recuperate your body. Cloud Mist Sect has many mountains peak, but this Purple Cloud Peak left behind by my master Sect Master, no matter in the natural elixir of qi or in worldly spiritual qi, it just happened to be richly endowed by nature.”

After saying that, Ye Chuan hesitated for a while, then looking at Flame Devil, he said, “It’s just that, this Purple Cloud Peak has always been strictly prohibited to any outsiders to stay long, so……”

The complexion of Flame Devil was cloudy and uncertain, then the flames on his body increasingly flourished, burning his body and soul. And not even a moment later, it became unbearable, so snorting few times, he said in a low voice, “Okay, then I will just join Cloud Mist Sect, and afterward, just like others, I will respectfully address noble son as Big Senior Apprentice-Brother.”


Fatty Zhao Dazhi exclaimed, then running far away from Flame Devil, he looked up and down.

Although Cloud Mist Sect didn’t have any restriction in identity, cultivation and age while recruiting disciples, but Flame Devil, this senior was truly too high leveled and his cultivation was also too strong. If he seriously joined Cloud Mist Sect, then what would happen in the sect’s challenge of once every five days, wouldn’t everybody have their heart in their mouth?

“Becoming a disciple, calling me Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, this is far from sufficient. If I want to help you to resolve this calamity, I have to pass down a secret technique, and do you think that would be this simple?”

Ye Chuan shook his head, and silently reciting his technique, he forced out a drop of essence blood out of his finger, then making it float in front of Flame Devil, he indifferently said, “Currently, I want to repair and sort out the Medicine Spirit Formations of mountains, as well as sort out the matter of growing medicinal herbs, so I just happens to need a medicine slave. If you are willing, then stay and swallow this drop of essence blood.”

Flame Devil reached out his hand to catch this floating essence blood, then remaining silent for a while, he didn’t answer immediately and his complexion became cloudy and uncertain.

A drop of essence blood could imply many profoundness. An expert who was greatly proficient in techniques could control the body of other people, or even their spirit with a single drop of essence blood.

Flame Devil had abundant experience, so he easily understood the meaning of Ye Chuan. Staying here to become a medicinal slave was merely Ye Chuan’s nominal servant, but once he swallowed his essence blood, then Ye Chuan would be the real master, and in the future, it would be impossible to betray or have any thoughts to harm Ye Chuan.

Flame Devil remained silent, and Ye Chuan also said nothing, and also didn’t urge, he just leisurely sipped few mouthful of tea.

After being trapped inside God Burial Valley for millions of years, he had learned a lesson, which was he should never leave any hidden danger beside him. And Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique he had obtained inside God Burial Valley was just perfect to resolve this problem.

“From now on, I, Flame Devil will follow noble son. Noble son is young and promising, and you will definitely not be just a fish of this small pool in the future.”

After hesitating for a good while, Flame Devil sighed, then respectfully prostrated down. One was to live, as, if he hesitated for any longer, then he would be burned to ashes, so it was a necessary consequence. And on the other hand, he saw the extraordinary temperament of Ye Chuan, and thought that following Ye Chuan, he might be able to obtain greater accomplishment in the future. Instantly after swallowing the essence blood, in the heart of two people, a subtle telepathic connection appeared.

“Don’t be so reluctant and unwilling. After many years, you will understand that it was your honor to follow me. At that time an average person like you, even if he cried to follow me, I will not accept him.”

Ye Chuan looked at Flame Devil with flat complexion.

Fatty Zhao Dazhi who was looking from the sideline thought this situation was anything but reassuring. He was itching to run far away from Ye Chuan, really afraid of getting especially himself into trouble. The latter’s tone was also too crazy! Flame Devil finally admitted his defeat with great difficulty, but Ye Chuan was saying such words, wasn’t he afraid of Flame Devil going insane and killing him?

Flame Devil was stunned, also thought that he had heard wrongly, and suddenly lifting his head, his eyes glimmered with a trace of ominous glint. But before he could raise his hand to attack, his heart suddenly stopped and his four limbs got limp and painful. Moreover his spirit ached as if it was cut apart by an invisible dagger, and his whole body trembled. Only after a good while, this gradually took a turn for the better.

“Many thanks for the grace of not killing me, noble son.” Seeing the intentional and also unintentional smile on the face of Ye Chuan, Flame Devil quickly understood what was going on.

“Okay, carefully cultivate in the mountain.”

Ye Chuan nodded his head, and seeing the flame around the body of Flame Devil was beginning to pulsate as well as flourishing more and more, and was almost at the point of going out of control, Ye Chuan raised his hand to save him.

In fact, he was telling the truth, if it was millions of years ago, when he was able to conceal the heaven with only his hand, then he truly wouldn’t have even looked at Flame Devil, this kind of average person. At that time, no matter if it was Blue Eyed Yao Empress or Ghost Hand Medicinal King or any others who accompanied beside him, which one of them was not Great Sage expert? With such lineup, why would he take in Flame Devil, this kind of little shrimp?

But now, it was just a lie everyone loves to hear, no one would believe that was a truth!

Ye Chuan shook his head, then instructed Fatty to bring the box of silver needles from inside the Purple Cloud Courtyard, and busied himself.

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