Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 459

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 459: The most poisonous woman’s heart

The sky gradually darkened and lights were lit up.

Now, on Bellowing Waves Island, there were lights everywhere. Soldiers and servants were sticking large ‘喜’ character everywhere. Many places were even covered with big red woolen carpets. There were tables inside and outside military camps. On the table, all kinds of delicacies from land and sea were piled up. Furthermore, there was also various kind of strong liquors soldiers loved. This was a rare chance for these soldiers who were strictly disciples in military ways to drink to their heart’s content, so they were very happy. They were shouting loudly and laughing merrily.  Everywhere was full of joy.

It was full of joy outside, but inside the underground grotto, Tuoba Xiaoniao was full of tears. The two maids along with that old maid had caught her firmly while dressing her up. Even though she wanted to run away, she couldn’t do so.

“Miss Tuoba, don’t cry, today is the wedding day of you and Lord Qi. It is not good to let Lord Qi see you crying, and it is also inauspicious!”

The mouth of this old maid was sharp. On one hand, she combed the hair of Tuoba Xiaoniao, and on the other hand, she said: “I, Wang Ma, also know your suffering, which young girl doesn’t yearn for love? Which young girl doesn’t have her own dream lover? But, who is Lord Qi, he is the number personage under Lord Qing Tianhou. He can get whatever he wants. You should consider yourself most fortunate being able to become a concubine of Lord Qi. This is the fortune many women couldn’t get even if they want to. Even those more than a dozen woman captured together with you in Bellowing Waves Island didn’t have this kind of fortune. Lord Qi has given them to soldiers as a reward, and now, they are brides of numerous soldiers every night. Their days are so miserable, ai……”

Wang Ma calmly pressured desperately struggling Tuoba Xiaoniao, and his very thin face became even more ghastly. She didn’t believe that Tuoba Xiaoniao wouldn’t be obedient.

Sure enough, after hearing her words, Tuoba Xiaoniao became pale recalling those more than a dozen women who were captured together with her in Bellowing Waves Island. Talking about good looks, among them, there were a few who had a pretty good appearance. They were from large families of nearby islands, and some were even the inner disciples of some sects, so their cultivation as not shallow, still, they were awarded to numerous soldiers. If that day…..

Tuoba Xiaoniao didn’t dare to imagine, her complexion became pale in fright. Now, she didn’t dare to struggle, but even if she wanted to struggle, she had no strength, only tears flowed down her cheeks. She was feeling a stabbing pain in her heart as the figure of Ye Chuan appeared again and again in her heart. She also deeply regretted not listening to him and rashly going out to the sea.

Thinking about it, in those times, when she heard Ye Chuan calling her wifey, she used to get very angry, but now, Tuoba Xiaoniao knew that ye Chuan was not hateful, rather was too kind. As for this Lord Qi, he was a ruthless and cruel great devil. Although he was a very old person and already had 12 wives and concubines, he actually was still unsettled and wanted to marry thirteenth, moreover, he sent all other women that were captured together with her to military camps. He had not a shred of humanity, saying he was a devil was speaking highly of him, he clearly was an old beast!

Seeing Tuoba Xiaoniao was no longer struggling, the scheme of Wang Ma succeeded and a smile appeared on his face. Then, she continued, “Miss Tuoba, that’s good, obediently dress up and serve Lord Qi tonight. Hereafter, you will live in ease and comfort, in the future, don’t forget me, this old maid. Now, wipe off your tears, Lord Qi will arrive soon, don’t let him see this. Even if it is not for yourself, think about your father. I heard that your father is working hard to row the armored warship, although he is working hard, he is still safe and hasn’t received any punishment, everything is your blessing. If you are not obedient and anger Lord Qi, then only you suffering hardship is fine, but implicating your father is not good. The position of slaves are already not high, just a slight mishap and they would be tied up by the soldiers and thrown into the sea to feed fishes…..”

Wang Ma struck while the iron was hot and pressured unwilling Tuoba Xiaoniao a step further using her father Tuoba Xiong as a chip to threaten.

This move truly as ruthless enough. Originally, Tuoba Xiaoniao was already thinking of committing suicide. She was prepared to run into a wall to commit suicide upon finding a chance, but now, she was stunned.

This person Wang Man was already old, her hair was white, but struggling for power throughout her life was not for nothing, all of her moves were ruthless. She easily handled desperately struggling Tuoba Xiaoniao. Struggle and resist? Thinking about the fate of those women first, Tuoba Xiaoniao didn’t dare. Find a chance to commit suicide? Thinking about her father, how could she let him suffer the consequences?

“Miss Tuoba, that’s good, be happy, in any case, a woman needs to marry someone eventually, marrying anyone, isn’t it the same? How could those wet behind ears youngsters compare with our Lord Qi? If other women had a chance like this, they would laugh even in their dream. When I, Wang Ma, was young, I was much more miserable than you, I married my neighbor Dai Niu who was my childhood sweetheart, I also chose a young man, but what about afterward? It was a lifetime of a poor life!”

Wang Ma gently moved up the beautiful hair of Tuoba Xiaoniao, revealing her slender neck and pretending to open up her heart, she added, “Miss Tuoba, don’t blame this Wang Ma for speaking out of turn, I am telling you this for your own good. Later, when you live in luxury and have attendants crowding round, you will naturally know the efforts of this Wang Ma. Youngsters are youngsters, they are inexperienced and impulsive, when you are old in the future, you will know this.”

Tuoba Xiaoniao didn’t utter a single word, just endured. She didn’t want to shed tears and also didn’t want to implicate her father, but her tears were flowing out uncontrollably.

“Noble son Ye, Xiaoniao is sorry, Xiaoniao can be your bride only in next life!”

Tuoba Xiaoniao muttered to herself, recalling the voice and expression of Ye Chuan.

In the past, she was always angry with Ye Chuan, but now, thinking about it, she knew that she was blessed for Ye Chuan to call her wifey. Unfortunately, those days would never return!

A heavy footstep came from outside.

A white bearded old man with a group of ferocious bodyguards clustered around him was walking over from distance. When he walked past, guards bowed and saluted in succession. This old man was very old. There were many age spots on his face and hands, but his body was firm and powerful, moreover, the energy fluctuation within his body was comparable to the energy fluctuation of Plague Archfiend Abasi. And when he walked, a vigorous wind would blow over, making others feel heavy pressure. But, perhaps he had drunk more tonight, he was tipsy and his entire body emitted an alcoholic smell, moreover, his steps were also not steady like in the past, he was somewhat swaying.

Since the auspicious hour has arrived, Lord Qi who commanded the large army and many experts walked over. Just thinking about the dainty and lovely Tuoba Xiaoniao’s slender waist, furthermore, those beautiful legs, he was especially cheerful and had a boorish smile all along the way.

“We pay respect to Great Commander!”

“Lord Qi has come!”


The soldiers guarding outside the door bowed and saluted in succession. Ordinary people addressed him as Great Commander, only those people extraordinary relationship could address him as Lord Qi.

“Lord Qi has come, Miss Tuoba, perform well tonight. In the future, just like your those sisters, your livelihood depends upon your performance.”

Wang Ma arranged the clothing of Tuoba Xiaoniao and put over a bright red veil, then hastily left along with those two maids.

Now, there was only Tuoba Xiaoniao alone in the room with bright red ‘喜’ word stuck on the wall. Her head and face was covered by that bright red veil and was somewhat invisible, restlessly waiting for the next moment.

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