Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 458

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 458: You are getting married tonight

Lost City, this ancient racial holy land was full of unknowns and opportunities. If he went in, then he might obtain some fortunes and make a breakthrough and condense tenth Heaven Swallowing Talisman. But, after thinking again, even though Ye Chuan was excited, he didn’t dare to seriously rush into the Lost City to explore. On the one hand, it was more important to save Tuoba Xiaoniao, and on the other hand, Lost City was very dangerous, recklessly rushing in in this spirit form without any preparation was just courting death. He wouldn’t even know how he died.

Even in the periphery of Lost City, there was Divine Thunder Formation, this kind of ancient restriction, the closer to the entrance of Lost City, there might be more restrictions which were even more powerful.

Ye Chuan calmed down sensing many powerful energy fluctuations. Inside and outside Lost City, there were many ancient restrictions, even that vast big ear-shaped whirlpool itself was also a restriction. It had not occurred naturally, rather someone had used a heaven-defying technique to create it. No one knows what would happen if this huge ancient restriction was triggered accidentally.

Then, looking at armored warships cruising on the sea surface, Ye Chuan suddenly had a thought.

This time, Qing Tianhou had sealed off the sea area nearby the entrance of Lost City in a domineering manner. The main objective for this was to monopolize the treasures and opportunities sealed inside the Lost City, but they also had another reason, they were also worried that the other forces would trigger the restrictions of Lost City. There was a heaven-defying restriction around Lost City, once this restriction was triggered, let alone Half-Sage realm expert, even a true Sage realm expert might not be able to withstand the might of that restriction.

Can he think of a way to intentionally trigger the restriction nearby Lost City and spell an end to this army and experts under Qing Tianhou?

Ye Chuan suddenly had a bold idea. Although he had the surviving disciples of Bellowing Waves Sect as his planted agents and had the trump card Five Step Fragrance, they were still not enough to guarantee the destruction of the army under Qing Tianhou. If he could fully utilize the ancient restriction around Lost City, then that would be wonderful.

This idea was tempting, but after thinking carefully, Ye Chuan shook his head and tossed away this idea.

With regarding the ancient restrictions around Lost City, Ye Chuan knew that no one was more familiar than Sea Demon Patriarch. This old man was so shrewd, but he had never mentioned anything about this aspect, he had been continuously worried about whether they could enter the Lost City or not. Clearly, not only was it impossible to use the ancient restrictions around Lost City, they even need to worry about those restrictions.

“Your Excellency, it’s almost time, we should return. When all is said and done, we are at sea, it is wide and open, it is very easy to get noticed, and it is not good to expose our whereabouts.”

Plague Archfiend Abasi warned very cautiously and with the dark red flame outside their spirits getting dimmer and dimmer, he completely retracted his aura and energy fluctuation, not daring to expose their whereabouts.

On the sea surface, a cold wind whistled and the soldiers standing on the deck felt chill. As for spirits, they were even more affected by this cold wind. With every burst of this cold wind, they felt as if they were sinking deeper into an ice cave.

The cultivation of Plague Archfiend Abasi was high, but he innately feared water, and now, his spirit was above the sea, he was feeling even worse. Usually, he would just stay curled up at one corner of the cabin and never come out let alone letting out his spirit. But this time, if it was not for the case of coincidentally noticing the movement of Ye Chuan and being worried about the safety of Ye Chuan, then he would have never let out his spirit.

When this cold wind blew, Ye Chuan also felt not good, he had a feeling that some kind of yao beast was staring at him, making him feel ill at ease. But, looking at Bellowing Waves Island in the distance, he was somewhat unwilling to return halfway just like this.

“Abasi, wait a minute.”

Ye Chuan hesitated for a moment, then continued to advance towards Bellowing Waves Island riding the wind as he spread out his powerful divine sense to observe every aspect of Bellowing Waves Island. His invisible divine sense spread through Bellowing Waves Island like tidewater.

All spirit form had a very sharp sense, Plague Archfiend Abasi quickly noticed the move of Ye Chuan’s spirit and carefully following after Ye Chuan, he asked, “Your Excellency, what are you looking for?”

“Looking for a person, a woman, mainland’s person, oval face, pointed chin……”

Ye Chuan simply described the appearance of Tuoba Xiaoniao so that Plague Archfiend Abasi would help him to look for her. The divine sense of the latter was more powerful than his. Moreover, with two people working together to look for her, the chances of finding her were naturally much higher.

“No wonder, it turned out to be a woman!”

Plague Archfiend Abasi finally understood why Ye Chuan had taken risks to send out his spirit. Unfortunately, since Ye Chuan had already spoken, he could only help him look for that woman. To look for a person via spirit’s reaction, on one hand, one’s divine sense should be sufficiently strong, and on the other hand, one should look for the reaction of people’s heart, only those people who are very familiar with each other could mutually sense each other over long distance to some extent.

The spirits of two people carefully advanced towards the Bellowing Waves Island located at the center of that ear-shaped whirlpool.

And with the help of Abasi, Ye Chuan smoothly passed through the second invisible Divine thunder Formation and tried his best to sense the aura of Tuoba Xiaoniao in Bellowing Waves Island with his divine sense. They advanced forward while spreading out their powerful divine sense, scanning through distant Bellowing Waves Island with many experts. Such a move was very dangerous as it was very easy to expose themselves. Regardless of alarming the experts under Qing Tianhou or heaven-defying yao beasts of this vast sea, both were very dangerous. Plague Archfiend Abasi who was accompanying Ye Chuan was very nervous as if they were discovered, then even his spirit might be damaged heavily or captured using a heaven-defying technique.

Looking from far away, Bellowing Waves Island was just a small oasis in the midst of that huge ear-shaped whirlpool, but getting closer, one could see that this island was in fact larger than Cyan Sand Island. Now, there were many camps on this island. Many soldiers and servants were moving back and forth. Dense killing intent was being emitted from those camps. Moreover, there were over a hundred powerful auras of rank 7 Daoist Master realm experts. So many experts could make people feel intimidated.

Ye Chuan was also very careful as he spread out his divine sense cautiously throughout this Bellowing Waves Island. But, even after scanning quite a few times, he was unable to sense the aura of Tuoba Xiaoniao.

Was Tuoba Xiong wrong? Was Tuoba Xiaoniao not on this island?

Or, was he late and Tuoba Xiaoniao was already killed?

The spirit of Ye Chuan became unstable as he began to lose his cool and became somewhat restless with anxiety. Now, their spirits were just a dozen or so li away from Bellowing Waves Island but he boldly continued to advance, approaching Bellowing Waves Island. And at the same time, he used an ancient technique and the might of his already powerful divine sense multiplied, then he scanned through Bellowing Waves Island again. He even scanned underground. If one said that the divine sense of before was water that quietly seeped in, then the current divine sense was a violent bull that wanted to turn the entire Bellowing Waves Island upside down.

Even if he had to dig three feet down, he must find the whereabouts of Tuoba Xiaoniao today!

Ye Chuan went all out, completely ignoring the danger of being exposed. But, the more he couldn’t sense the aura of Tuoba Xiaoniao, the more restless he became.

At that time, in an ancient underground grotto of Bellowing Waves Island, a woman who was lying unconscious on the bed suddenly woke up.

“Father? No, noble son Ye, it’s noble son Ye……”

Tuoba Xiaoniao muttered and became excited feeling this familiar aura she had not felt for a long time.

“Miss, you finally woke up. Just in time, put on this red gown, it is almost time, if we don’t hurry, then it will be too late.”

A thin old maid servant walked over with an exquisite red gown in her hands. She was very polite, but her face was so ghastly that it was somewhat frightening. On the desk at one side, a red candle was lit, and on the wall, a large red ‘喜’ word was stuck.  (‘喜’ is the symbol of good luck, especially marriage)

“Who are you? What do you want to do?” Tuoba Xiaoniao was nervous and she wanted to walk away, but discovered that her limbs were limp without any strength, moreover, her cultivation was sealed with a heaven-defying technique.

“Miss Tuoba, congratulation, tonight is a great day for you and Lord Qi. Hereafter, you will be the thirteenth concubine of our Lord Qi.”

This old maid servant smiled and said politely, but his hands weren’t polite at all. He called two other maids and stepped forward to help put on this red gown on Tuoba Xiaoniao, then combed her hair.

“No……, I don’t want, I don’t want to marry that old man, no……”

Tuoba Xiaoniao’s heart thumped as she suddenly understood what was going on. She desperately struggled, wanting to escape, but that old maid and other two maids were holding her so tightly that she was unable to move.

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