Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 457

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 457: Divine Thunder Formation

The spirit of Ye Chuan suddenly jumped up and no longer rode the wind forward, rather like a dancing fairy, his spirit danced on the edge of a blade, dodging the thunder exploding the air.

Rank 4 Daoist Master realm, this cultivation base was far inferior to his prime when he concealed the heaven, but compared to when he had just freed himself out of God Burial Valley and joined Cloud Mist Sect, it was much better. Now, he could use some techniques and means of the past. Demonic Steps, he was now displaying the might of this technique.

This was a technique he had seized after beheading a demon of an ancient ominous domain. This technique was especially useful in close combat as it was very helpful in dodging the attack of the enemy and in suddenly closing near and initiating a deadly counterattack. On the surface, this technique was somewhat similar to Peerless Style Technique, but the movement distance was very limited. He could only move around within the radius of three meters to dodge, but the speed was much faster and consumed a lot of energy. It was already hard to use this technique, using this technique only with spirit was even harder, he was unable to display the full power of this technique. Just Rank 4 Daoist Master realm cultivation base was far from being sufficient.

On the sea surface, it was still calm and tranquil, the armored warship was continuously sailing through the sea waves and the soldiers standing on the deck were entirely unaware of the circumstance high above.

In the high altitude, Ye Chuan was beset by perils. But, that terrifying thunder seemed to exist only within a certain region. Moreover, sounds also couldn’t pass through this area. That formation seemed to be specially set up to attack any spirit that drew near the forbidden area.

The spirit of Ye Chuan moved around faster and faster as he deliberately lowered the altitude and drew near the sea surface, hoping to break free from the binding and attack of the restriction. But, soon, he discovered that the resistance was getting bigger and bigger. It was quite easy to enter this restriction, but it was much harder to exit.

“Your Excellency, come with me!”

A voice suddenly resounded in the spirit of Ye Chuan and a vague vortex appeared in the air with dark red flame occasionally circulating in it, then it vaguely condensed into a three eyed-toad appearance.


Beyond the expectation of Ye Chuan, Plague Archfiend Abasi had let out his spirit and followed him.

Boom! A muffled clap of thunder resounded.

The dark red flame around Abasi suddenly rose and wrapped around Ye Chuan’s spirit, then swiftly led forward. Immediately after that, the pressure felt by Ye Chuan decreased a lot.

Plague Archfiend Abasi who was similarly in spirit form had completely different means from Ye Chuan.

Ye Chuan used Demonic Steps to move about while dodging but his energy was consumed rapidly and it was getting harder and harder to struggle free from this restriction. As for Plague Archfiend Abasi, he was using brute force relying on his powerful strength.

The spirit of two people advanced forward at full speed under the bombardment of thunders. After a little while, they two were finally able to rush out of this restriction. Turning back to look, they saw that there was nothing, not even a trace of the restriction and they also couldn’t hear those thunderclaps, seemingly, inside and outside that restriction were two completely different worlds.

“Amazing, what is this technique? Is Qing Tianhou this heaven-defying, using this kind of restriction to block the sea area within the radius of several hundred li?”

The countenance of Ye Chuan changed as his spirit condensed into a several inches small man.

When a person was in Wuzhe or Xiushi realm, even if he luckily let out his spirit, he would be unable to condense into a form and also wouldn’t be able to use any technique, thus, he wouldn’t have any means to protect himself if he encountered any danger. But, it is different once he breakthrough to Daoist Master realm. He could use various kinds of techniques dedicated to spirits and also could condense into a form. And once he breakthrough to Half-Sage realm or higher, he could even condense an exact copy of himself, or fusing with yao beast or magic weapon, he can refine a second avatar. Plague Archfiend Abasi spirit had the vague appearance of the second avatar.

“In the Outer World, this is known as Divine Thunder Formation. It is especially used to block off some places and strictly prevent spirits from prying about. Usually, this formation appears in some ancient paradise realms or in the vicinity of sects’ gate.”

Plague Archfiend paused and continued, “As for whether Qing Tianhou has the ability to set up this formation or not, I don’t know now, but, as I see it, this Divine Thunder Formation doesn’t seem to be set up recently, I feel like it has a long history, moreover, this restriction has already become weaker, otherwise, we wouldn’t have escaped so easily.”

“In other words, this is the restriction of the holy land of Sea Demon Clan?” Ye Chuan muttered.

For this trip, Ye Chuan had two objectives. On one hand, he wanted to personally take a look at the circumstance of Bellowing Waves Island, and on the other hand, he also wanted to look where the entrance of Lost City was located.

A racial holy land of an ancient race, what kind of history did it possess and what kind of treasures were sealed inside?

Ye Chuan was also curious about this ancient racial holy land. Even in his past life, before he had become the Heaven Concealing Great Sage, he loved to explore this kind of places. Although the risk was great, the harvest was also amazing. It was not certain that one would obtain treasures every time, but exploring this kind of places, one could gain different experiences. Sometime, standing at the ancient historical remains and witnessing the vicissitudes of history, one could suddenly get enlightenment and breakthrough the bottleneck that one might be stuck for thousands of years. Such benefits were much greater than obtaining treasures!

Unfortunately, although the holy land of Sea Demon Clan was good, Ye Chuan had no way to get in. Moreover, now, it was more important to save people. Even if missed the opportunity to enter this holy land of Sea Demon Clan this time, at worst, he just needed to wait another hundred years and come back to explore. But, if he didn’t save Tuoba Xiaoniao now, then he would regret for his lifetime.

“Yes, this should be the restriction in the periphery of Lost City. Your Excellency, look, the center of that whirlpool that resembles a big ear, it is very likely to be the entrance to Lost City.”

Plague Archfiend Abasi pointed towards the distant sea area, and following his direction, Ye Chuan saw a huge whirlpool with the radius of roughly a hundred li on the sea surface. If it wasn’t for them being in high altitude, they wouldn’t have seen it.

On the vast sea, there were many whirlpools, but a whirlpool with roughly the radius of a hundred li, that was unheard of. What was even stranger was that whirlpool had a peculiar shape. It was just like a carbon copy of human ear, merely, it was countless times bigger. The outline, cartilage and earlobe could be seen clearly. And right in the middle of this ear, there was an emerald green island. According to the reports of scouts, clearly, that was Bellowing Waves Island where the army under Qing Tianhou was stationed.

Looking from far away, there was whirlpool just outside the island, and at first glance, it appeared as if countless sea waves were rising and falling from the bottom of the sea, forming this unique huge whirlpool.

“Bellowing Waves Island, this is the so-called Bellowing Waves Island……”

Ye Chuan muttered to himself, even he who had seen all kinds of wonders was shaken at this moment upon seeing that big ear-shaped whirlpool and Bellowing Waves Island at the center.

Every place that gave birth to an ancient race was bound to be a holy place that had extraordinary power and glorious past!

Ye Chuan got agitated and his spirit pulsated as the thoughts of immediately rushing in and exploring this holy land appeared in his mind.

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