Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 455

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 455: Five Step Fragrance

On the sea dragon boat, Ye Chuan quickly pulled Zhu Sijia into a secret room.

Upon seeing this, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect ducked to one side. The warriors of Sea Demon Clan also tactfully walked away. And at that time, the long haired youth, Li Dingzi, returned from the sea along with the disciples of Bellowing Waves Sect and offered coral reefs and items brought back from nearby nameless deserted islands.

When the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and the warriors of Sea Demon Clan were celebrating the triumphant return of Ye Chuan, these disciples of Bellowing Waves Sect however had split to take action and brought back the things Ye Chuan needed.

Ye Chuan took out a big pill furnace and circulated the energy within his body. Slowly, the temperature ice-cold pill furnace rose.

After the pill furnace became hot, Ye Chuan poured in a bottle of spring water and after the spring water boiled, he began to add a specific amount of sticky and thick tree sap, dark red blood and a number of things others couldn’t recognize. And finally, he added musk.

Immediately after that, a fragrance slowly spread throughout the air.

This fragrance was very alluring, but the liquid inside the pill furnace was getting more and more sticky and thicker. Ye Chuan was very carefully, he didn’t dare to let even a drop of this liquid splash out of this pill furnace. After a while, he added a bottle of spring water, then various kinds of medicinal herbs and so on.

Zhu Sijia stood at one side and worked as an assistant for Ye Chuan while carefully observing the process and technique of Ye Chuan.

Cloud Mist Sect had always been famous for growing medicinal herbs and refining pills. Among the younger generation disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, her attainment in making pills already stood out from her peers. Usually, she liked to browse through all kinds of books related to making pills after cultivating. Thus, she was well versed in many alchemy techniques, but now, she was unable to make sense of the technique of Ye Chuan. Almost an hour had already passed, but she unexpectedly wasn’t able to tell what Ye Chuan wanted to refine.

Was that liquid in the pill furnace some kind of poison? But, Ye Chuan was not afraid of this smell spreading out, so that didn’t seem to be the case; it looked like he was refining a good wine, but Ye Chuan was so careful that he didn’t dare to let even a drop splash out of the pill furnace and his movement was very careful, so that also didn’t seem to be the case.

The more Zhu Sijia watched, the more confused she became. In the end, she couldn’t help asking, “Big Senior Apprentice Brother, what exactly is this?”

“Wine, a kind of good wine that has long been lost in Wilderness World, Five Step Fragrance.”

After throwing in the final batch of medicinal herbs in the pill furnace, Ye Chuan carefully stirred it for a while and then covered it. In addition, he increased the energy he was injecting in the pill furnace, and the pill furnace became boiling hot. Very soon, a dene smell floated out from the pill furnace. Just smelling a bit, one would feel as if they were intoxicated.

The spring water poured into the pill furnace was nothing special, it was just ordinary water. The real mystery lied in the sap of sea parasol tree, the blood of sea snakehead fish and other numerous things ordinary people couldn’t recognize. Of course, the refining technique was also crucial. Even using the same pill furnace and same kind of materials, if another person refines, then the end product would very likely be completely different.

Smelling the dense smell spread throughout the air, Ye Chuan became even more prudent and he concentrated on controlling the heat. He first refined it in burning hot temperature for an hour, then he used gentle fire to slowly stew for three full hours. Then, he let this pill furnace cool down.

Now, that intoxicating smell had already dispersed, leaving behind only a faint alcoholic fragrance. Opening the lid, one could see that the pill furnace was filled with light yellow colored liquid. It looked somewhat like yellow rice wine, but the taste was clearly different.

“This….., Big Senior Apprentice Brother, is this the Five Step Fragrance you spoke about?”

Zhu Sijia was puzzled. The liquid in the pill furnace truly didn’t appear anything peculiar, it was just like an ordinary wine. It was completely unworthy of the elegant name Five Step Fragrance.

“Yes, this is Five Step Fragrance, good wine to kill without spilling blood, poisonous good wine. After drinking it, even Daoist Master realm expert will certainly die after five steps!”

Ye Chuan carefully scooped out a bit of this wine with a long wooden ladle, then dripped a few drops on a piece of iron plate. Immediately after that, along with a hissing sound, smoke curled up from it and holes appeared on it.

The complexion of Zhu Sijia greatly changed and was terrified.

Even an iron plate was corroded, if this wine was drunk, wouldn’t all internal organs be corroded into a pool of blood?

Not to mention Daoist Master realm experts, even Half-Sage realm expert might die after accidentally drinking it!

This was not wine, this truly was a strong poison!

The heart of Zhu Sijia shook. Now, she roughly understood what Ye Chuan wanted to do. “Big Senior Apprentice Brother, are you thinking of sending someone to infiltrate and make the soldiers and experts under Qing Tianhou drink this Five Step Fragrance?”

“That’s right, that is the plan, but, this is just the first step.”

Ye Chuan paused and added, “If we are able to poison Lord Qi, Rain Demon and other experts under Qing Tainhou, then that naturally would be the best. But, allegedly, the number trusted subordinate of Qing Tianhou, Lord Qi, not only has high cultivation base, but he also has over suspicious temperament. It is not that easy to make him drink this Five Step Fragrance and poison him. In fact, the main reason for refining this Five Step Fragrance is for the second step.”

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, are you going to use this Five Step Fragrance to corrode the bottom of their armored warships?”

The eyes of Zhu Sijia shone, suddenly understanding the true purpose of Ye Chuan.

The Five Step Fragrance was very corrosive. Just a few drops could corrode several holes on an iron plate, and it just so happened that the armored warships under Qing Tianhou were forged with pig iron. Although it seemed sturdy, if it came across this Five Step Fragrance, wouldn’t it……

“Correct, I want to use this Five Step Fragrance on those armored warships and create chaos, moreover, I have already found people to coordinate with this plan. Practically all armored warships have the disciples of Bellowing Waves Sect, and this Bellowing Waves Sect was destroyed by the army under Qing Tianhou.” Since he had already told this much, Ye Chuan no longer hid and told his action plan to Zhu Sijia, and added after a pause, “In this battle, the army under Qing Tianhou will definitely suffer heavy causalities. Jiajia, now, do you still want to stop me?”

“Senior Apprentice Brother, prepare yourself, although this Five Step Fragrance is very powerful, you still need to be careful.”

Speaking about the upcoming battle, Zhu Sijia was careful and looked worried.

With this terrifying Five Step Fragrance, there indeed was hope to inflict heavy damage to the armored fleet under Qing Tianhou, but rushing into Bellowing Island and saving a person was another matter.

“I will be careful, Jiajia, rest assured. By the way, did you memorized the technique to refine Five Step Fragrance?” Ye Chuan asked.

“Yes, I memorized.”

Zhu Sijia nodded her head. Her memory had always been very good, and especially since this was a pill refining technique she had never seen before, she had memorized it.

“Good, then I will enter seclusion to cultivate. Here, I am giving you this. But, remember, don’t let even a drop of this Five Step Fragrance splash on you. And finally, after refining it, it is useless to use ordinary things to store it, use these special sea gourds.”

Ye Chuan instructed and left, then sitting cross-legged in another secret room, he began to cultivate and store up energy to be fully prepared for the upcoming fierce battle.

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