Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 454

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 454: Dare to love, dare to hate

Ye Chuan stood up and left, increasing his speed.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, Big Senior Apprentice Brother……”

Zhu Sijia quickly chased after him.

Ye Chuan pretended to not hear and increased his speed, walking towards a remote and uninhabited beach.

“Ye Chuan, stop for me!”

Zhu Sijia was furious. She stepped on her flying sword and flew over rapidly and landing in front of Ye Chuan, she blocked his path. Then, she ferociously glared at Ye Chuan in anger. Perhaps, she was angry or perhaps, due to hastily chasing after him, her bosom was rising and falling rapidly, making others worried that they might burst out of her clothing.

Ye Chuan secretly sighed and looked at Zhu Sijia in front of him. He appeared somewhat stunned and then, he quickly put on a bad smile and said, “What, junior apprentice sister, did you call me? Are you bored with getting intimate in the room and want to get intimate in the beach to try out the new environment……”

“So hateful, who wants to get intimate with you?”

Zhu Sijia was embarrassed and also angry, but, immediately after that, she pulled a long face and said, “Don’t act dumb, tell me, what exactly you want to do?”

Unexpectedly, Ye Chuan wouldn’t be leading the elite squad to break into the Lost City, instead, he said that he would draw away the army, this was too strange. Average people might be deceived by Ye Chuan’s sincere appearance, but Zhu Sijia would never believe that he didn’t have other plans. She sensed something peculiar with that plan and the more she thought, the more she felt that something was wrong, so she restlessly chased after Ye Chuan.

“As a matter of fact, the most dangerous aspect of this action is not Lost City, rather the army and experts under Qing Tianhou. Abasi innately fears water, Rhodes isn’t good at power play, so, I have to draw them away in person. If the army and experts under Qing Tianhou are drawn away, then we can consider this operation half-success!” Ye Chuan replied with honest and sincere expression.

“That is also true, Big Senior Apprentice Brother, only you can truly do this task!”

Zhu Sijia sneered and looked at Ye Chuan with not-believing eyes. Then, she hatefully glared at Ye Chuan and tears appeared in her eyes as she said, “Ye Chuan, you liar, you rogue, you still want to deceive me? Speak, what are you going to do?”


Ye Chuan remained silent. There was an ancient saying that women with big boobs had no brain, now he understood that this was completely wrong. He had tried the best method and reason, but he was still unable to deceive Zhu Sijia. It seemed that the ancients who said that women with big boobs had no brain were either blind or the people who couldn’t obtain the favor of women, so they were saying grapes were sour when they couldn’t eat them.

“Ye Chuan, will you tell me or not?”

Zhu Sijia said aggressively but her eyes were bright red and tears threatened to flow out.

“Fine, I will speak.’

Ye Chuan was helpless, Zhu Sijia had shrewish temperament, if he didn’t tell her, then he truly didn’t know what she would do in her impulse. Ye Chuan sighed and said, “Jiajia, do you still remember Tuoba Xiaoniao, the female disciple of Black Cauldron Sect?”

“Of course, I remember, she is the beloved daughter of Black Cauldron Sect’s Sect Master Tuoba Xiong, moreover, you kept calling her wifey in the past.”

Zhu Sijia nodded her head and asked in confusion, “Didn’t she go out to the sea with Black Cauldron Sect’s Sect Master Tuoba Xiong? Could it be that she……”

Zhu Sijia vaguely understood what was going on.

She had been with Ye Chuan for a very long time, she loved and also hated him. She perfectly knew the character of Ye Chuan. When he was low-key, he would be very low-key, he could even squat down and tie the shoelaces of odd-job man, but when he was high-key, he would be very high-key, he would even slap the face of a Sect Master. Moreover, he was very ruthless to his enemies, he would kill them without any trace of emotion, but towards his followers, especially the sweethearts in his heart, he had boundless tenderness.

“This time, when I go out to scout the circumstances, I met Black Cauldron Sect’s Sect Master Tuoba Xiong.” Ye Chuan lowered his voice.

“Ah…… what happened to Sect Master Tuoba? Is he injured?” Zhu Sijia asked closely.

“He isn’t, merely, he has become a useless person and he has given himself up as hopeless. He was captured by the soldiers under Qing Tianhou and was serving as the salve for rowing.” Ye Chuan paused and faintly said, “It is not frightening to forcibly become a slave, becoming accustomed to being a slave and become a person without a backbone is more frightening.”

Towards dispirited Tuoba Xiong, Ye Chuan lamented for his misfortune but was angry for not struggling. In the past when he was still commanding Black Cauldron Sect, he was overbearing and proud, but he had the demeanor of the leader, making people respect and revere him. But, what about now? He had degenerated to this appearance. Even though his only daughter was snatched away by other people, he was holing up in that cabin becoming a coolie, moreover, he didn’t dare to go and save her even though he was given a chance.

“Then, what about Tuoba Xiaoniao? Was she also in dire straits with him? Where is she now?” Zhu Sijia asked.

“According to Tuoba Xiong, Tuoba Xiaoniao was also captured, and now, she is locked up in Bellowing Waves Island.”

The voice of Ye Chuan was low, he paused for a bit and added, “Tuoba Xiong has already given up his life, he is thoroughly down and out, but, I believe that Tuoba Xiaoniao will not give up on herself.”

Ye Chuan recalled that gentle and delicate figure of Tuoba Xiaoniao.

Similarly coming from a distinguished sect, Zhu Sijia was unruly and shrewish. She dared to do whatever she liked. She could consider the situation as a whole and grasped major matters of principle, but she also dared to love and hate. Tuoba Xiaoniao however was almost exactly the opposite. She was gentle and delicate endearing little bird. She had tender feelings like water, but, she was outwardly yielding but inwardly firm. Although she looked delicate on the surface, her heart was firm. Ye Chuan believed that she would not give up on herself like Tuoba Xiong!

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, as it turned out you truly have another purpose.”

Now, Zhu Sijia finally understood the true purpose of Ye Chuan. Drawing away the army and experts under Qing Tianhou was just a pretext, forcibly entering Bellowing Waves Island and saving a person was his true goal.

There were many treasures in Lost City, but for Ye Chuan, saving a person was more important. In order to save Tuoba Xiaoniao, he was willing to face dangers and risk his life!

After getting along for such a long time, Zhu Sijia already knew the temperament of Ye Chuan like the palm of her hand, so she didn’t oppose him. She just became pale and her heart felt heavy.

She didn’t need to think much, she knew perfectly well what kind of place the current Bellowing Waves Island was. It truly was a dragon’s pool and tiger’s den, was the supreme headquarter of Qing Tianhou’s army. Even if Ye Chuan had three heads and six arms, she feared that entering into that island was just a mouth darting into a flame. If she could, then Zhu Sijia preferred Ye Chuan leading the elite squad rather than drawing away the experts and soldiers under Qing Tianhou. Like that, it was comparatively less dangerous.

A sparkling and crystal-clear teardrop quietly flowed down the cheek of Zhu Sijia.

Because she understood, she didn’t know how to dissuade Ye Chuan. She could only watch Ye Chuan jumping into a fiery pit helplessly. But, how could she do that?

Zhu Sijia didn’t speak, Ye Chuan also remained silent.

Seeing the current appearance of Zhu Sijia, he felt very sad in his heart, but, he must go to save Tuoba Xiaoniao. He had already decided and will not change that decision. But, Zhu Sijia couldn’t bear to see him going to court death, similarly, she also couldn’t be hard-hearted enough to not save and let Tuoba Xiaoniao fall into others hand.

“Ye Chuan, you have already decided, but must you go to Bellowing Waves Island to save her?” After a long time, Zhu Sijia wiped the tears off her face and took the initiative to break this silence and asked.

“Yes, at all costs.”

Ye Chuan nodded his head and said, “Jiajia, what would you do if my cultivation was destroyed and imprisoned?”

“Do you need to ask?”

Zhu Sijia understood and no longer tried to dissuade Ye Chuan to cancel this operation. She just racked her brains to think, wanting to use all her efforts to help Ye Chuan. Even if she could increase a bit of certainty, perhaps, that might be very crucial.

“Protecting yourself is the greatest help to me, Jiajia, if I……”

Ye Chuan wanted to tell Zhu Sijia what to do if something unexpected happened, but he saw Zhu Sijia bursting out in tears again, so he immediately stopped and forcibly changed the topic and said with a smile, “Jiajia, it’s fine, I am completely prepared for this operation, I have already thought of a way to deal with them. Come, mix these things like me, whether we can inflict heavy damage on the army of Qing Tianhou and save Tuoba Xiaoniao depends on this trump card!”

Ye Chuan allowed no explanation and suddenly pulled the little hand of Zhu Sijia and darted into the sea dragon boat. And Zhu Sijia who originally was worried suddenly became confused, and seeing Ye Chuan didn’t seem to be deceiving her, a gleam of hope appeared in her mind.

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