Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 453

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 453: Divide Forces

After the false alarm, people were overjoyed.

Not only Ye Chuan returned safely, but he also brought back an armored warship. This simply was incredibly exciting. The suppliers, weaponry and even accompanying disciples of Bellowing Waves Sect also made them excited. And especially Sea Demon Patriarch, he was unable to conceal his happiness as he became more and more confident in breaking through the blockade of Qing Tianhou and enter their holy land, Lost City.

After some celebration, everyone continued to stay on that nameless deserted island, discussing about the next action plan.

“According to the various information gathered, Qing Tianhou didn’t come to Overseas World in person, but the commanding expert is his number one trusted adviser, Lord Qi. And now, there are more than 200,000 soldiers laid out in the territorial waters nearby Lost City. Moreover, there are at least 200 armored warships, their power is very high.”

Zhu Sijia took the lead to speak. Her complexion was solemn.

According to the reports of scouts, the situation was much more serious than they had imagined. In order to monopolize Lost City and snatch all the treasures, Qing Tianhou had been planning and preparing for a long time. All the forces of nearby territorial waters, regardless of native residents or overseas cultivating sects, practically all of them were massacred overnight and those who survived were turned into slaves. And now, within the vicinity of several hundred li around Lost City, there were patrolling armored warships. Thus, relying on this sea dragon boat with unique design, no need to mention about entering Lost City, as long as they approached the nearby territorial waters, their whereabouts would be exposed, followed by ferocious attacks.

Moreover, just like before, they had to face over 200,000 soldiers, but this time, the terrain was even more severe.

Some time ago, when facing over 200,000 soldiers of Da Qin Dynasty, they were able to wait at their ease for an exhausted army, moreover, they fully utilized the familiar terrain of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, and used lofty ridges and towering mountains as buffer zones to slowly nibble the morale and numbers of Da Qin Dynasty. But now, the situation was completely different, they were not familiar with nearby territorial waters, moreover, the army of Qing Tianhou was waiting at their ease for exhausted enemies. Although all the disciples here were the elites of Cloud Mist Sect, their number was limited, if one died, then they would lack one soldier.

After considering all aspects, everyone came to the agreement that the terrain was very unfavorable for them. The complexion of Zhu Sijia was very serious. According to her view, they had less than 10% certainty of being able to break through the blockade of Qing Tianhou’s army and enter the Lost City. Because of such probability, it was not worthwhile to take the risk.

The complexion of others also sunk and became dejected. The excitement they felt due to the return of Ye Chuan quickly dispersed and was replaced by heavy pressure.

“Jiajia, continue, tell us all of your thoughts.” Ye Chuan said. His complexion was calm as he listened to the opinions of everyone.

As a person of high position, this was the most basic requirement. Even if he already had a plan in his heart, he also should listen to the opinions of everyone and consider all aspects before making a move. But at the critical moment, it was necessary to advance bravely and take action quickly without acting willfully, otherwise, without proper control, one would be utterly isolated. Even before he became Heaven Concealing Great Sage, Ye Chuan already understood this principle.

“I think it is best to cancel this action and immediately return to the east sea or even return to Cloud Mist Sect.”

Zhu Sijia paused and after looking at Sea Demon Patriarch for a bit, she looked at Ye Chuan and continued, “But, if we truly have to make a move, then it is better to dispatch just an elite squad with minimum people to carry out the task. We should watch our chance under the cover of the seas and night to sneak into the Lost City. Moreover, it would be best to make a detour and avoid the Bellowing Waves Island in the front. We absolutely must not directly face the army stationed on that island!”

The meaning of Zhu Sijia was clear, everyone should retreat for safety, but considering the feelings of Sea Demon Clan, she reluctantly proposed a compromise. As for letting all the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect take this risk, it was absolutely impossible, she resolutely opposed that.”

“Patriarch, what are your thoughts?” Ye Chuan looked towards Sea Demon Patriarch.

This old man secretly sighed. Clearly, he was somewhat dejected and lost hope. But, according to the various intelligence reports, he knew that the enemy troops were truly too powerful, Zhu Sijia wasn’t mistaken for behaving that way. He muttered to himself for a while and said, “The suggestion of Miss Jiajia is pretty good, it is best to dispatch just an elite squad to take action. We can select the strongest people of both our Sea Demon Clan and your Cloud Mist Sect to form that elite squad.”

With only the strongest people of both side participating in this action, there was a chance to be able to break into Lost City. As for whether they could complete the task of strengthening defensive restriction and take out Neptune’s Horn, he could only leave that to the will of Heaven.

After that, the gaze of everyone simultaneously turned to Ye Chuan.

Zhu Sijia and Sea Demon Patriarch had already expressed their positions, they basically had same thoughts, now, only the order of Ye Chuan remained.

Would he order to immediately withdraw far away from here or order everyone to fight and forcibly breakthrough the blockade of this Qing Tianhou’s army or just dispatch an elite squad to take action?

Everyone nervously stared at Ye Chuan without blinking their eyes. This was a very difficult choice. The decision of Ye Chuan influenced the success and failure of this action and even the life and death of everyone.

Ye Chuan remained silent, clearly, he was in a dilemma.

After a long time, Ye Chuan scanned everyone and finally broke the silence. He said, “Well, let’s go with what Zhu Sijia and Patriarch has suggested, just dispatch an elite squad. Now, I will give assignments for everyone. Jiajia, you will stay behind and guard this basecamp. If the elite squad didn’t return even after a month or there is no news from the elite squad when on the way, immediately leave the sea and return to Cloud Mist Sect with everyone. Thereafter, Nan Tiandu will be Big Senior Apprentice Brother, and everyone will heed his orders!”

Ye Chuan lowered his voice as he made arrangements.

Although Zhu Sijia was good at organizing and commanding, she was ultimately a woman. If something happened to him, then only Nan Tiandu who had stayed behind in the sect is capable to bear this heavy responsibility.

“Yes!” Zhu Siji looked worried but still accepted the order. She wished to change the mind of Ye Chuan, but considering the situation as a whole, she couldn’t do so.

“Abasi, you will be responsible to protect Miss Jiajia and also guard this basecamp.” Ye Chuan looked at Abasi and said.

“This subordinate obey your command!”

Plague Archfiend Abasi bowed and accepted the order. He innately feared water, so staying behind to protect the basecamp of this nameless deserted island was best for him.

Ye Chuan looked around the crowd and his eyes rested on Old Demon of Mount Yin and said, “Rhodes, you will led the elite squad along with His Excellency Patriarch. Your task is to forcibly enter the Lost City. But, remember, if things didn’t work out, no need to risk your life.”

“This subordinate obey your command, but, Your……, Your Excellency, then what about you?” Old Demon of Mount Yin curiously asked Ye Chuan.

Leading the elite squad to take action, this was no problem, he had always loved to take risks and massacre. Merely, he was unable to understand one thing. He thought that Ye Chuan would personally lead this elite squad, but now that that heavy responsibility was given to him, what about Ye Chuan? He wouldn’t stay in the basecamp and also wouldn’t join the elite squad, what does he want to do? Could it be that there was something even more dangerous and important?

“Yes, Big Senior Apprentice Brother, what about you?” Zhu Sijia also asked. She was also similarly confused, moreover, she vaguely had a very bad feeling.

“I will help you all draw away the army of Qing Tianhou. Well, it’s decided like this, everyone will do their duty, we will take action after three days!”

Ye Chuan just smiled and left. After thinking for a bit, he decided to not speak out his real plan. If he let them know that not only he wanted to draw away the army but he also wanted to kill experts of Bellowing Waves Island, then everyone would definitely consider him a madman!

Little Long’er looked at startled Zhu Sijia and again looked at confused everyone. He slightly opened his mouth but said nothing in the end. Among the people present here, only he knew the true thoughts of Ye Chuan. Other people didn’t even think about trying to slaughter Bellowing Waves Island, but no matter how dangerous and difficult that was, Little Long’er wouldn’t frown, wherever Ye Chuan goes, he would go there.

After his grandfather died in Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, Little Long’er considered Ye Chuan as his sole relative and vowed to follow him.

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