Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 452

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 452: Rogue senior apprentice brother

In the early morning when dawn had just arrived, the sea dragon boat was quietly docked at one nameless deserted island.

Other than the people in guard duty, all others were resting and there were only the sounds of waves.

In one white tent, Zhu Sijia was sitting cross-legged on the ground. Her complexion was somewhat wan and sallow. She was neither able to fall asleep nor cultivate at ease throughout the night.

From the time when Ye Chuan had left to scout the situation, almost a night had passed, and Old demon of Mount Yin and others who had left with him had already returned, bringing back all kinds of information, only Ye Chuan’s group was tardy, moreover, they had disappeared without any information. This made everyone worried.

“Sect ancestors, please protect Big Senior Apprentice Brother, let him return safely!”

Zhu Sijia ignited sandalwood and prayed facing towards the direction of faraway Cloud Mist Sect.

As the only granddaughter of Great Elder Zhu Guohong, she was leisurely and carefree from her childhood. She could have whatever she wished and everyone in the sect respected her. In those years, she was free and unfettered without any worries, she would laugh merrily or curse angrily to her heart’s content. But, since Big Senior Apprentice Brother Ye Chuan returned from mountains, her circumstance had slowly changed. In the beginning, she was so angry that she wanted to beat Ye Chuan to half-dead state, but slowly, at an unknown time, the shadow of Ye Chuan was engraved in her heart. In addition, she would get angry when she see Ye Chuan, but get worried when she couldn’t see him.

Mingled love and hate, persistently worrying in heart, was this love?

Zhu Sijia muttered to herself, and thinking about the time she had spent together with Ye Chuan, sometimes, she got angry and sometimes, she felt sweet, then became anxious and worried.

According to the information brought by Old Demon of Mount Yin and others, the army under Qing Tianhou was under the command of his very trusted subordinate Lord Qi, and now, the army was stationed at Bellowing Waves Island that was located just several hundred li away. In addition, that island was also close to the entrance of Lost City, the holy land of Sea Demon Clan. Furthermore, at this moment, the area within the radius of several hundred li was under the strict blockade of Qing Tianhou’s troops which claimed to have full 200,000 soldiers. Although Ye Chuan was courageous and also cunning, the number of enemies was big, it was bad to carelessly expose their whereabouts.

Zhu Sijia took out her flying sword and repeatedly wiped its blade while worrying about Ye Chuan in her heart.

Since there was no trace and news of Ye Chuan, she naturally was somewhat unable to control herself. She thought to personally lead a squad to go search for Ye Chuan, but thinking about the consequences if they were noticed by the enemy, she had no choice but to reconsider. Without Ye Chuan, only she could command numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect.


An on duty disciple of Cloud Mist Sect suddenly flew over and standing outside the tent, he bowed and said, “Senior Apprentice sister Jiajia, bad news, an armored warship is heading towards this deserted island!”


Zhu Sijia stood up and hastily rushed out, “Go, led me there.”


The guard disciple of Cloud Mist Sect flew in the front and Zhu Sijia followed after him, quickly arriving at the coast.

And after climbing on a tall rock, Zhu Sijia also saw an armored warship was heading straight towards this deserted island. From this distance, they could see soldiers with dazzling swords standing on the deck of that armored warship. If there was a tail-wind, then it might be possible that this armored warship had accidentally arrived here when patrolling, but since it was sailing so rapidly against the wind, it had clearly come prepared. Either that assassin Rain Demon had brought this armored warship as reinforcement after running away or their whereabouts was exposed when Old Demon of Mount Yin and others went out to gather intelligence, attracting this huge monster.

“Everyone, quickly board on the boat, we are leaving!”

The complexion of Zhu Sijia was stretched taut as she ordered.

A horn sound resounded and the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect along with warriors of Sea Demon Clan rushed out from their tent in succession, but they had no time to pack up their things, they just hastily boarded the sea dragon boat. Sea Demon Patriarch personally activated the magic formation of the sea dragon boat, wanting to sail away before this armored warship arrived here.

According to the intelligence reports, every armored warship was well-equipped and had well-trained elite soldiers along with ferocious giant crossbows. Moreover, if that armored warship collided against this sea dragon boat at full speed, then even this sea dragon boat might not necessarily be able to withstand that. But, what was even more frightening was, there were more armored warships cruising around the nearby sea area and once the reinforcement arrives, the sea dragon boat would be surrounded heavily and wouldn’t be able to escape!

Zhu Sijia didn’t dare to fight in such situation and quickly ordered to retreat, but thinking about Ye Chuan, she felt ill at ease in her heart.

The sea dragon boat moved and began to accelerate as the magic formation on the boat flashed. But, at the same time, the armored warship was also rushing over rapidly, moreover, it was getting faster and faster.

“Erect the heavy shield, quick!’

“Prepare Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows, stand behind the erected heavy shield and prepare Dragon headed Flying Crossbows, don’t let them approach!’

Zhu Sijia hastily ordered and Sea Demon Patriarch also shouted. Regardless of the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect or the warriors of Sea Demon Clan, all were nervous. No one knew how many soldiers were there in that armored warship and they also didn’t know what kind of experts were there. If assassin Rain Demon had returned with several other experts of same level, then they were in deep trouble. They might be wiped out!

“Eh, stop, Miss Jiajia, look, who is that? Isn’t that His Excellency Ye Chuan? Miss Jiajia, look!”

Sharp-eyed Old Demon of Mount Yin suddenly exclaimed loudly.

The speed of the sea dragon boat was fast, but when all was said and done, it was huge and it carried many supplies and people, so its speed didn’t instantly reach maximum. It would take some time to reach the maximum speed from the static state, as a result, the two ships had gotten closer. And after the distance between them got closer, Zhu Sijia looked and sure enough, she saw a familiar figure on the deck of that armored warship. A young man was standing on the bow of the ship, he had a tall and straight stature, and he looked calm as if even if the world collapsed in the next moment, his heart would not ripple at all. Moreover, one couldn’t tell that his face was very handsome, but he had a kind of unique aura, he was none other than Ye Chuan.

“Stop, quickly stop, it’s Big Senior Apprentice Brother!”

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother……”

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect got excited. They also recognized Ye Chuan who was standing on the deck of this armored warship and waved their hand while cheering. The two boats were still more than one kilometer away, but the figure of Ye Chuan was already engraved in the mind of people, so they quickly recognized him.

Ye Chuan who was standing still on the deck of this armored warship suddenly moved. He jumped off the warship and strode towards the sea dragon boat as if a light feather. When he was roughly ten meters away from the sea dragon boat, he jumped onto the sea dragon boat, then hugged Zhu Sijia and said, “Jiajia, I, Big Senior Apprentice Brother is back, did you miss me?”

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, kiss her!”

“Kiss her, kiss her……”

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect chanted loudly, and the warriors of Sea Demon Clan flowed the suit. Only Hai Lili walked to one side and secretly sighed with dejected complexion. Sea Demon Patriarch slightly raised his eyebrows observing the movement of Hai Lili, but said nothing and pretended to see nothing.

Ye Chuan smirked evilly and pretended to truly want to kiss in public, but Zhu Sijia pushed him away and said, “Presumptuous, who missed you!”

Zhu Sijia who had always been unruly and shrewish was embarrassed at this moment and her beautiful face became bright red. Then, she glared at Ye Chuan pretending to be angry and ran into the cabin.

“I am going to have an intimate time with junior apprentice sister, no one is allowed to enter!”

Ye Chuan quickly followed after Zhu Sijia with a bad smile. As for Zhu Sijia who had run into the cabin to hid, hearing the sound of footsteps, her face became even redder and she was so angry that she stamped her feet. Rogue was rogue, other people were sneaky and fear that others would learn their feelings, but Ye Chuan was afraid that no one would know his feelings, couldn’t he quietly follow her?

Zhu Sijia turned around and glared at Ye Chuan. This time she was truly angry. The words of just a moment ago made her so embarrassed that now she was too ashamed to face anyone else. Clearly, everything was Ye Chuan’s fault, but it seemed that she had acted indecently.

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