Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 451

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 451: Bellowing Waves Sect

On the deck, the cold wind was whistling.

Looking up, one could see that it was almost dawn.

Now, should he go to Bellowing Waves Island and forcibly save Xiaoniao, or……

Ye Chuan silently stood still in the midst of cold wind.

After learning the whereabouts of Tuoba Xiaoniao, he was very impatient. He couldn’t wait to go to Bellowing Waves Island and save Tuoba Xiaoniao. But, reasons were telling him to not act recklessly. He might be unable to save Tuoba Xiaoniao and even he himself might be trapped. He had to save Tuoba Xiaoniao, but he must not be rash, he must consider the whole picture before making a move.

Along with a light footstep, Little Long’er came on the deck and walked towards Ye Chuan. He had a tray in his hand and there was a pile of messy things on that tray. There was a dagger glimmering with cold light, a sharp sword, and also an exquisite ring and arm guards. Each of these items emitted varied energy fluctuation. They were clearly not ordinary items.

“Little Long’er, did you finish cleaning up the battlefield? It’s so fast.” Ye Chuan was somewhat surprised.

He had thought that it would take at least three hours for Little Long’er and Hai Dashan to completely clean up this battlefield, but to his surprise, Little Long’er had completely the task so quickly.

“Yes, it’s completely cleaned up, big brother Ye Chuan, these are the collected spoils of war. Please take a look at their quality.”

Little Long’er placed the tray in front of Ye Chuan. At this moment, although he was pretending to be calm, when all was said and done, he was still too young, he was unable to conceal his excitement.

In this operation, not only they wiped out the enemy, they got many treasures too. Among them, there was a dagger he liked very much.

“Little Long’er, you can take them for yourself.”

Ye Chuan indifferently said after scanning the treasures on the tray, then looked towards the horizon again.

As a former Heaven Concealing Great Sage, he had seen too many first class treasures in his previous life. There were some pretty good items on the tray and Little Long’er liked them so much, but for Ye Chuan, all of them were ordinary items.

“Okay, thank you, big brother Ye Chuan.”

Little Long’er excitedly put away the treasures, but Ye Chuan didn’t even look up. Little Long’er however was very happy, and his little face was filled with excitement. “By the way, big brother Ye Chuan, how should we arrange those slaves?”

“What? They haven’t left yet?” Ye Chuan turned around and looking at Little Long’er with some surprise.

In the cabin on the third floor, there were several boats. Although it was vast sea all around, they could leave taking those boats and not long after, they would easily encounter many small and big islands. Moreover, Ye Chuan already told those slaves that they were free to leave after wiping out the soldiers of this armored warship, so he thought that they had already left, but now he learned that the slaves unexpectedly hadn’t left.

Ye Chuan suddenly understand. Now, he knew the reason why Little Long’er was able to clean up the battlefield so quickly. He asked, “Little Long’er, did those slaves help you clean up the battlefield?”


The face of Little Long’er became a bit red and said with some embarrassment, “I also told them to leave on their own, but they discussed among themselves for a while, and all of them stayed behind under the leadership of that long haired youth and scrambled to help clean up the battlefield. And they also thoroughly cleaned the ship. In addition, that……, that long haired youth wants to see you, big brother Ye Chuan, you see……”

Giving the report now seemed like reporting after acting first. Little Long’er was somewhat embarrassed, but he secretly sympathized with those slaves, so he tried his best to help them.

“Call him over.”

Ye Chuan indifferently instructed. He neither expressed an opinion nor blamed Little Long’er. He just thought about that long haired youth who had taken the lead to rush towards those soldiers.

“Thank you, big brother Ye Chuan!”

Little Long’er happily thanked and left. Soon, he brought along that long haired youth.

In the cabin, this long haired youth had stood first to revolt against those soldiers and faced death unflinchingly. But now, in front of Ye Chuan, he was somewhat shy and reserved.

“What is your name?” Ye Chuan asked.

“Li Dingxi.” The long haired youth answered with a clear voice.

Ye Chuan carefully sized him up. This Li Dingxi was fair, his fingers were long and thin and he was tall. As for his cultivation, he was stronger than ordinary disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, he was at least Rank 1 Daoist Master realm. Moreover, he didn’t resemble overseas loose cultivator, instead resembled a disciple of the sect who cultivated from childhood. “Li Dingxi, good, this is a good name, you are not native to this area, are you?”

“Your Excellency has good judgment, I am indeed not native here. My ancestral home is in Wangjung of mainland, later, I migrate overseas with my uncle and joined Bellowing Waves Sect. I was the personal disciple of Great Elder there.” Li Dingxi respectfully answered.

“Bellowing Waves Sect?”

Ye Chuan quickly thought of Bellowing Waves Island where the army of Da Qin Dynasty was stationed, “Li Dingxi, what is the relation between your Bellowing Waves Sect and Bellowing Waves Island?”

“Bellowing Waves Island is the place where my Bellowing Waves Sect is located, merely, some time ago, a person who addressed himself as Lord Qi attacked and destroyed our sect. There were heavy casualties among our disciples. But, all the survivors were captured and turned into slaves to row their ships!”

Li Dingxi said and paused, then he suddenly kneeled in front of Ye Chuan and knocking his head on the floor for nine times, he said, “Your Excellency, aren’t you going to Bellowing Waves Island to save a person? Please take me with you, I want to kill them all including that old fellow Lord Qi to avenge my fellow brothers! Your Excellency, help us!”

“Please help us, Your Excellency!”

Numerous slaves came out one after another and knelt on the ice-cold deck. Just like Li Dingxi, they were also disciples of Bellowing Waves Sect. Although their cultivation was not particularly good, they were all fired up, wanting to take revenge.

In the past, all of them worked hard regardless of criticism and immersed themselves in rowing the ship not daring to resist because they didn’t see any hope and were frightened by the tyrannical abuse of soldiers. But now, the appearance of Ye Chuan made them see a glimmer of hope and the anger and blood in their heart boiled over.

“So that was the case.”

Ye Chuan nodded his head. He finally understood why these slaves didn’t leave. Then, he paused for a bit, he neither agreed nor declined, and indifferently said, “The military power of the enemy is great, and allegedly, the commander of that army, Lord Qi is Half-Sage realm expert. And behind him, there is even greater reinforcement, aren’t you all afraid? If you leave now, you can go anywhere you want, but if you all go to Bellowing Waves Island with me, then you all might never return.”

“Your Excellency, we are not afraid, if we were afraid then we wouldn’t have stayed behind!” Li Dingxi answered and everyone behind him also echoed in succession.

“Very good, you all deserve praise for your courage, but just courage is far from being enough.” Ye Chuan still didn’t agree.

Regardless of the accompanying disciples of Cloud Mist Sect or Yao Beast Legion, they were especially brave. Now, Ye Chuan didn’t lack numbers, he lacked experts. Just with a group of mediocre people, let alone much use, they might even implicate others.

“Your Excellency, we will not cause you trouble, although the overwhelming majority of surviving disciples are outer sect disciples with not particularly good cultivation base, there are also some inner sect experts that survived. They are scattered throughout many warships. As long as Your Excellency instruct us, we will immediately split up and get in touch with all the disciples in other warships and arrange to make a move together. Like that, even if we are unable to kill Lord Qi and recapture Bellowing Waves Island, we will at least inflict heavy damage to their army!”

Li Dingxi looked at Ye Chuan and said without any fear of death. He was very determined and was waiting for the instruction of Ye Chuan.

“Li Dingxi, you mean, practically all armored ships have your people?”

Ye Chuan asked. He appeared calm on the surface, but he was delighted in his heart.

If Li Dingxi was speaking the truth, then he had a way to forcibly invade Bellowing Waves Island and save Tuoba Xiaoniao!

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