Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 450

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 450: Coward

Crackle, crackle……, the crackling sounds of lightning never stopped as countless electric eels jumped out of the sea surface onto the armored warship.

The first to suffer were the soldiers who stayed behind on the deck because of their guard duty. Hundreds of electric eels suddenly jumped out of the sea surface and collided against them, then they discharged electricity, making the body of these dozens of on guard soldiers stiff and numb. Immediately after that, even more electric eels jumped out of the sea surface and landed on the deck, then rushed towards the cabin. Some even directly jumped into the cabin from the window, attacking unsuspecting soldiers from behind.

Unlike sea dragon boat, the framework of this armored warship was forged with pig iron and the outer layer was also covered with a layer of iron sheet. It was sufficiently sturdy and it could easily crush the boat forged with wood. But now, this advantage had become a fatal flaw. The iron was a good conductor of electricity, thus the electricity discharged by electric eels spread rapidly and unprepared soldiers had no way to resist and collapsed.

“Ah……, save me, save me……”


The soldiers who were looking ferocious just a moment ago screamed and ran all around to save their life. Some ducked into a corner, some ran towards the upper floors and some even gritted their teeth and jumped into the vast sea, but all was a futile effort. Electricity had spread everywhere, forming a lightning net on the ground, thus, it was useless no matter how fast they ran. Jumping into the sea was even more seeking one’s own doom. Lightning was even more terrifying in the sea.

At this time, the cyan robed leader hastily turned around and seeing the soldiers hastily dispersing everywhere in confusion, his heart became cold.


Over 800 elites along with this armored ship, everything is finished!

The cyan robed leader was beside himself and was finding this situation hard to accept. He didn’t notice an electric eel suddenly jumping out of the sea surface and rushing towards him.

This electric eel was not big, just was about chopsticks’ length. It seemed to be an ordinary young electric eel, but when it was about to come into contact with this cyan robed leader, along with a crackling sounds, lightning suddenly emerged. This lightning was a hundred times more dazzling than the lightning emitted by other electric eels and it had amazing power.

“Your Excellency, watch out!”

A bodyguard rushed up and pushed away the absent-minded cyan robed leader, then along with a crackling sound, this bodyguard was burned to death.

“Audacious evil spirit, wait until I return and report to Lord Qi, then he will not let you off!”

The cyan robed leader came back to his senses. Now, he was so frightened that he didn’t dare to stay here any longer. He ferociously glared at Ye Cguan, then stepping on his flying sword to fly away.

All soldiers were done for, even this armored warship was also done for, and although his cultivation was high, he didn’t have the ability to save the situation, so he could only return to report Lord Qi and request reinforcement.

“Return to report? Do you think you have that chance?”

The cold voice of Ye Chuan came from the cabin and a black whip-shaped tentacle streak across the sky at lightning speed and bound the right leg of this cyan robed leader. Then, putting forth his strength to pull, the cyan robed leader was pulled back.

Now, the tentacle-shaped Heaven Swallowing Talisman within the body of Ye Chuan was circulating, and this cyan robed leader was caught unprepared. But, the latter was also not simple, he didn’t face head on with the strength of Ye Chuan, he just spun and got rid of the tentacle that bound his leg, then he suddenly accelerated.

Roar! A powerful dragon roar resounded and Little Long’er rushed over to block the path of this cyan robed leader. The tentacle of Ye Chuan was unable to cause any fatal damage on the cyan robed leader, but it was enough to delay his escape for a moment.

“Blocking my path, die!”

The cyan robed leader angrily roared and used all his strength to swing his hammer, sending Little Long’er flying.

Although his injuries were not light, the cyan robed leader was still a Rank 7 Daoist Master realm expert. And since he was desperately fighting for his life, Ye Chuan and Little Long’er were unable to stop him. But, when the cyan robed leader inwardly sighed in relief thinking he had gotten rid of the pursuing troops after escaping tens of meters away, the sea below him suddenly churned and over ten meter tall huge waves appeared.

Crash, the cyan robed leader however continued to press forward sticking close to the sea surface. He flew straight towards the sea waves without slowing down.

At that time, a tiny electric eel rushed out from the sea waves and collided with the cyan robed leader. Immediately after that, lightning spread throughout his body.

Even though the cyan robed elder had doughty body, he shook and felt his limbs had gone numb as lightning wandered about his body.

The super electric eel that was lurking in the sea had initiated a ferocious attack upon finding an opportune moment. This attack was fatal. The cyan robed leader was burned black to death.

At that time, even more electric eels jumped out from the sea surface and landed on the armored warship and began attacking remaining soldiers. Soon, all the soldiers fell. This was an intense and short battle, but over 800 soldiers were completely wiped out.

In the cabin, Tuoba Xiong no longer muttered in despair. He was already standing straight from an unknown time. As for the surviving slaves, they were excited and happy while looking at the scene before them in disbelief. And after they came back to their senses, they kneeled in front of Ye Chuan in fear and trepidation, waiting for their fate. They had personally seen the power of Ye Chuan’s Yao Beast Legion, and their mind was shaken. Now, they felt grateful and deep fear for Ye Chuan.

The vicious soldiers had abused them so much that they didn’t dare to resist them, but they sincerely revered Ye Chuan. Being able to command over thousand Evil Eyed Cow Demons and summon a large number of ferocious electric eels, in their eyes, Ye Chuan who was just Rank 4 Daoist Master realm expert was not a heaven-defying expert rather even more terrifying expert that peak Daoist Master realm experts.

“All of you, get up, I don’t need slaves, you all can leave now.”

Ye Chuan indifferently instructed and putting away human-faced snakes, Evil Eyed Cow Demons and yao beasts into Cyan Lotus Lamp, he lowered his voice, “Little Long’er, quickly clean up the battlefield.”


Little Long’er bowed and received the order, then became busy with sea demon warrior Hai Dashan.

Ye Chuan however didn’t even take a glance at those corpses, he just walked to the front of Tuoba Xiong and asked, “Your Excellency Sect Master, where is Xiaoniao now?”

There was a lot of supplies, crystal stones and treasures in this armored warship. Moreover, the super electric eels had brought a lot of electric eels. This was good news, but Ye Chuan was most concerned about the whereabouts of Tuoba Xiaoniao at this moment.

“Bellowing Waves Island, it is 500 li away.”

This time, Tuoba Xiong answered, but his tone was still dejected, “That place is the largest island within the vicinity of a thousand li, and it is also the temporary campsite of the army. Moreover, Half-Sage realm Lord Qi personally take charge of that island. Ye Chuan, you are very powerful, much stronger than that time, but you are still not the opponent of Lord Qi. There is no way to save Xiaoniao, you should leave.”

After personally seeing the counterattack of Ye Chuan, Tuoba Xiong was also shocked, but, thinking about the power of Lord Qi, he was still unable to cheer up. Even if he and Ye Chuan risk everything, he feared that they wouldn’t even be enough to fill the gap of Lord Qi’s teeth. Even if the powerful cultivation of Lord Qi was not considered, there were many other experts around him, moreover, he had a powerful army under his command, they could do nothing to him.

“Are Half-Sage realm experts so amazing and invincible?”

Ye Chuan coldly said without fear, “Sect Master, since you have already given up, you are a coward, but I will save Xiaoniao.”

Ye Chuan looked down on dejected Tuoba Xiong and left. Then, standing on the deck, he looked at the vast sea, beginning to plan the next action plan.

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