Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 45

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 45: I don’t want this treasure

The speed of this strange blazing person was astonishing, very quickly, he arrived right outside the door holding fatty Zhao Dazhi.

Great Devil, that lived in seclusion in the Wilderness, still Tuoba Xiong or Jin Zhikun, who asked him to come here?

Ye Chuan complexion became solemn, yet he calmly opened the door and walked out.

Threatening heat waves directly hit his face, and this strange blazing person rushed over and stopped 10 meters away all of a sudden. And a tyrannical aura quickly shrouded the entire Purple Cloud Courtyard.

“Senior Apprentice-Brother, quickly leave, Big……, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, quickly leave!”

The voice of fatty Zhao Dazhi came from the midst of this flame. Although his body was still not yet roasted and cooked by this flame, but it could be seen that he was almost at that point, and he was increasingly becoming weak and was powerless to struggle. At this time, he didn’t beg Ye Chuan to save him from danger, instead warned him to flee, which was rare.

Ye Chuan didn’t walk away, even if it was not for fatty, he wouldn’t run away easily before the battle. Calmly he carefully sized up this strange blazing person before him, and slowly, he indistinctly felt that this person’s face was familiar, “Flame Devil, you……, are you Flame Devil?”

Ye Chuan exclaimed, he had never expected that this terrifying Flame Devil of Ghost Market would unexpectedly change into this appearance. After the short duration of shock, he sized up the body of Flame Devil and quickly understood what was going on, and relaxed greatly.

Scorching Sun Body that was cultivated by Flame Devil after all was a higher achievement of Divine Yang Body, so the Yang Qi surging in his body was incomparably fierce. But accidentally meeting with terrifying backlash, Flame Devil was like this. All the Yang Qi within his body had already gone out of his control, and his face was already cracked, moreover the Yang Qi within his body as if red-hot magma was about to erupt.

When Ye Chuan had seen the condition of Flame Devil in the Ghost Market, he immediately understood that Flame Devil didn’t have much time. But he had never thought that, before it was even three days, merely in the time period of a night, Flame Devil had already changed into this appearance. The flame enveloping his body was not a kind of ordinary flame, rather was the scorching fire emitted by his Scorching Sun Body, which was burning the body of Flame Devil. Now the latter’s body could be reduced to ashes at any time.

“Boy, my heart’s veins are blocked up, blocking the circulation of Scorching Sun Qi, what should I do?”

The hoarse voice of Flame Devil came from the midst of flame. And from the thumb sized crack of his body, flame sprang out. And it seems the entire person was about to thoroughly change into a fireball at any time, looked very frightening. And the fatty Zhao Dazhi who was held under his arm was already half dead with fright and was ghastly pale.

“Put down my junior apprentice-brother first.” Ye Chuan indifferently said.

After clearly seeing the appearance of Flame Devil, he immediately understood his purpose of coming, and completely relaxed his heart. Now, even if he didn’t talk about all under the heaven, at least within the radius of thousand li, perhaps he was the only one who could save this Flame Devil.

Those years, the capable subordinate Flame King beside him also cultivated Scorching Sun Body, and similarly also suffered backlash, moreover his circumstance was far worse compared to Flame Devil, but with the help of Ye Chuan, he pulled through that circumstance.

“Quickly speak!”

Flame Devil tossed away fatty, then stepping forward, he ferociously stared at Ye Chuan. The energy circulation within his body was getting more and more chaotic, and soon he wouldn’t be able to thoroughly keep it under his control.

In Ghost Market, suddenly hearing Ye Chuan saying he was a checkmated person and cannot live past three days, Flame Devil was greatly surprised. He believed that Ye Chuan was talking nonsense, merely he himself was well aware of his condition. At that time, he obviously got angry, merely he didn’t dare to casually raise his hand against Ye Chuan, if it was anyone else, then he would have already torn him into pieces in Ghost Market.

With regards to the three days spoken by Ye Chuan, Flame Devil was half believing, half doubting. But merely in a night, he was unable to hold up, and when he was almost about to get out of control, he naturally recalled Ye Chuan. Although he didn’t know who exactly Ye Chuan was, but he clearly knew fatty Zhao Dazhi, so he quickly came to Cloud Mist Sect. And poor fatty thereupon had his tragedy almost changing into a roasted pig.

“Fatty, honored guest has come to our sect, but you are still not preparing tea?”

Ye Chuan indifferently instructed, and casually sat down on the green slabstone. The cracked body of Flame Devil was emitting flames, and really was going to burst into flame, but he still remained calm. As for fatty, he was dumbfounded after get up with great difficulty, then he quickly rushed into Purple Cloud Courtyard, and bring out a tea set, then poured the tea. Early in the morning, when he had just come out of the sect, he was almost killed by Flame Devil all of a sudden, this scared the wits out of him. Still, although his clothing was burned, his body was not injured seriously.

“Boy, here, this Jade Butterfly is yours, now speak how to cure this!”

Flame Devil stretched out his hand and took out a blackened thing from his bosom, then threw it to the front of Ye Chuan. This thing was none other than the black colored Jade Butterfly which Ye Chuan had taken a fancy in Ghost Market. At that time, Flame Devil had said that it was not for sale, and wanted a Sage technique to exchange with it. Now, he however took it out without any hesitation.

Checkmated person!

When his life was coming to its end, and was about to burn to ashes, Flame Devil finally felt the preciousness of life. This moment, he didn’t care about any techniques or any treasures, all of them were secondary.


Sure enough, is an expert, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother is indeed an expert ah!

Fatty Zhao Dazhi was stunned, but the expression of Ye Chuan was unchanged and indifferent. All of this seemed to be within his expectation. He didn’t say anything, and ignoring about to burn into ashes Flame Devil, he merely examined the Jade Butterfly in his hand.

This swarthy Jade butterfly looked ordinary and mediocre, and moreover was bit cracked, so even if it was tossed away to the roadside, perhaps not even beggars would show any interest in it, but Ye Chuan however carefully examined it.

This Jade Butterfly was nothing, there wasn’t any powerful formation engraved on it, and couldn’t even be considered as the magic weapon, was completely useless. But what truly attracted the attention of Ye Chuan was, the quality of the material of this Jade Butterfly. It looked just like an ordinary porcelain, but in reality was very solid. Knocking it with a finger, it issued metalloid crisp sound, but it didn’t have the coldness of metal, rather a trace of warmth came through it in his palm. And carefully sensing, he could sense a continuous ripple of subtle energy fluctuation.

“Mhm, really is Smoky Quartz. The quality is pretty good, merely, it is manufactured in a rough and slipshod way, so it’s without a single redeeming feature for the cultivation of people.”

Ye Chuan looked for a while, then casually throwing this Jade Butterfly to the ground, he said. Flame Devil didn’t know all about the goods, he merely knew that the material quality of this Jade Butterfly that was dug out from an ancient tomb was very unusual, and he believed that this was some kind of ancient treasure, so he had always treated this Jade Butterfly as his baby. But here, Ye Chuan looked at it for a while, then indifferently said without any interest, “Senior Flame Devil, you can take back this Jade Butterfly. With the backlash of Scorching Sun Body and having one’s heart’s veins blocked up, if you want to resolve this, it’s not that it’s impossible, rather it’s too difficult, too difficult. I am afraid I am powerless. Senior should still have two days left, so you can go back and make the preparation of your funeral. Perhaps just like the saying Heaven helps the worthy, you might be able to escape this disaster after two days of recuperation while feeling at ease.”

In the Ghost Market, he had so many top quality crystal stones, but Ye Chuan had merely taken a fancy to this Jade Butterfly, for this reason, Ye Chuan and Flame Devil had nearly broken into a conflict. Now, Flame Devil voluntarily delivered it to the doorsteps, but Ye Chuan didn’t want it.

“Boy, you……”

Flame Devil glared and the flame of his body rose suddenly and sharply with a thunderous noise, then he slapped out his palm towards Ye Chuan.

He had live in seclusion in Ghost Market for so many years, and for the sake of resolving this calamity, he was hoping to have the aid of Cloud Mist mountain range’s worldly spiritual qi to treat his injury. And in all these last few years, he had also seen many experts of Cloud Mist Sect, Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect, but the only person that was able to discern his hidden trouble was Ye Chuan. With great disaster hanging over him as well as when he didn’t know what to do, Ye Chuan became his final hope. And for this, he immediately gave his beloved Jade Butterfly without the slightest bit of hesitation. But who would have thought that Ye Chuan who had taken a fancy to this Jade Butterfly in the Ghost Market actually didn’t want it now?

Flame Devil was startled and also angry. His body emitted even more terrifying flame, and instantly being unable to control the flames of the fury of his heart, he angrily raised his hand.

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