Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 449

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 449: The calamity of violent eels


Ye Chuan roared and before cyan robed leader could land on the ground, he ferociously punched out again and the two parties collided against each other. Merely, since one side was prepared in advance and sparing no effort and the other side nevertheless was hastily parrying in midair, he couldn’t even display 50% of his power.

The cultivation base of cyan robed leader was a lot higher, but under the frenzied attack of Ye Chuan, he suffered unspeakably. And after colliding several times, his hands that were holding hammers trembled. Finally, Ye Chuan seized an opportunity and his punch landed on his chest. Then, no need to mention that his tall and big body was sent flying, he also vomited a mouthful of blood, suffering a serious injury, moreover, he felt cold in his neck. Thus, after landing on the ground, he reached out to touch his neck and saw his hand was bloody, he was nearly beheaded just a moment ago.

Between the fingers of Ye Chuan, sharp blades dazzling with pallid light had appeared at an unknown time and he had used Inch Blade to make a deadly move. Unfortunately, he was not successful to kill this cyan robed leader. And seeing a large group of soldiers were rushing over to protect this cyan robed leader, he sighed inwardly as he knew that he lost the chance to behead the other party.

The situation got all the more serious.

There was only one chance to launch a surprise attack. If it failed, he would be subjected to other’s pressure.

Ye Chuan timely changed his position. And he ordered 12 human-faced snakes and Little Long’er to retreat while standing together with numerous Evil Eyed Cow Demons to fight against those soldiers.

“Shoot arrows, kill all of them, leave no one behind!’

The cyan robed leader ordered loudly and looking at Ye Chuan, his gnashed his teeth while his eyes shone with resentment and maliciousness.

As a venerate Rank 7 Daoist Master realm expert and the great leader of this armored warship, he nearly died in the hands of Rank 4 Daoist Master realm Ye Chuan, he had lost his face. Without killing Ye Chuan, he would have no face to command these soldiers, moreover, he couldn’t return and explain himself to Lord Qi.

Ye Chuan had timely changed the formation, but under the instruction of this cyan robed leader, the soldiers also quickly changed their formation. They didn’t forcibly rushed over, rather the gathered outside the cabin and used bows and crossbows. Soon, many whistling sounds resounded as many sharp arrows flew over one wave after another towards the Yao Beast Legion of Ye Chuan.

Ye Chuan stood in the front, Little Long’er, Hai Dashan and 12 human-faced snakes were behind him. All of them used their techniques to stop those arrows and protect Evil Eyed Cow Demons behind them. The greater part of the arrows was blocked, but there were still some arrows which occasionally reached Evil Eyed Cow Demons. And at the same time, the unarmed slave warriors suffered the disaster. They screamed and fell one after another.

Under fury, the cyan robed leader ordered to attack indiscriminately. Regardless of Ye Chuan’s group or numerous slaves, he wanted to kill everyone in the cabin.

The whistling sounds endlessly resounded in the air and the arrows fell like rain as more and more slaves fell. But, Tuoba Xiong who was continuously muttering ‘finished, everything is over’ was still fine because the instinct that he had trained over the years made him dodge those arrows subconsciously. Even those arrows which hit him didn’t inure the vital part. As for ordinary slaves, they neither had such a high skill nor had such a strong body, they fell one after another.

“Brothers, we cannot just wait to die like this, we should join together and fight.”

A young slave suddenly stood up and rushed towards the soldiers ready to risk everything while shouting. Behind, other slaves hesitated for a moment, then followed after him in succession. They roared and shouted wanting to fight against those soldiers.

Forced by the tyrannical abuse of soldiers, the usually docile slaves who just immersed themselves in rowing and didn’t dare to defy even a bit, at this moment of life and death, the desire to survive made them grit their teeth and rush out to fight. In any case, they would die, but it was better to die fighting!

“Commendable courage, unfortunately……”

The eyebrows of Ye Chuan shot up. He looked at the youth running in the front with appreciation, soon after that, he shook his head.

Even with himself along with Little Long’er and Yao Beast Legion, they were still unable to rush up, instead they were suppressed. In such a situation, since these slaves had rushed up unarmed, it was no different from rushing to death. Sure enough, the sharp arrows suddenly rained down and slaves fell down one after another not long before they rushed up. The soldiers were trained to attack a large group of people, some were even bringing down the huge crossbows of the deck. This showed that the fiercer attacks were drawing near.

With such crossbow that specialized in bombarding armored warships, who could block it?

The remaining slaves trembled and dispersed in confusion while screaming. The complexion of Ye Chuan was also solemn as he called out that tardy super electric eel to make a move in his heart.

It was not that his group couldn’t rush up and fight a bloody battle against the soldiers in the front, rather the prince was too big. Even if his group ultimately won, the loss outweighs the gain. He had formed this developing Yao Beast Legion with great difficulty, he didn’t want them to suffer heavy casualties. Now, he could only place his hope on the super electric eel to turn the tide. But, the latter was too tardy. After jumping out of the window, there was no trace of it as if it had returned into the vast sea or met something unexpected.

Ye Chuan who originally was calm also began to get nervous.

“Haha, bring all the great crossbows and kill all of them, quick!”

The cyan robed leader stayed in the rear treating his wound while laughing heartily. He was endlessly excited seeing Ye Chuan was nervous.

The heavy crossbows were pushed over. The arrows of these crossbows were even thicker than the thigh of human, and now, these crossbows were aimed at Ye Chuan and others. Slaves became deathly pale and rushed far away from Ye Chuan’s group. Even Little Long’er and Sea Demon Hai Dashan behind Ye Chuan were so frightened that their teeth chattered.

“Withdraw, jump out of the window.”

Ye Chuan lowered his voice as he issued the order to withdraw.

Behind Evil Eyed Cow Demons, there was a window. Before the war, Ye Chuan had already made preparation but this was the last resort for the worst situation. Jumping out of the window and fleeing meant that this operation was an utter failure.

“Everyone, heed to my orders, prepare……”

The cyan robed leader noticed the intention of Ye Chuan and immediately ordered to prepare the huge crossbows, but just when those terrifying crossbows were launched, the sea suddenly rolled about and countless lightning bolts appeared. This immediately caused disturbance among the soldiers.

“What happened?”

The cyan robed leader immediately rushed over to the window and looking outside, his limbs immediately become cold and his complexion changed greatly.

On the sea surface, many electric eels had appeared at an unknown time. Some were only as long as a chopstick and some were as long as several meters long, there was even more than ten meters long electric eels. Now, there were electric eels everywhere and lightning was crackling all over the vast sea.

Where did so many electric eels come from?

Can it be that that youth in the cabin summon these yao beasts? Who exactly is he?

The cyan robed leader trembled in fear and his heartbeat accelerated with nervousness. But, he didn’t have much time to think, countless electric eels jumped out of the sea surface and landed on the deck, then rushed towards the cabin, moreover, crackling lightning bolts spread all over the ship. Soldiers were rapidly electrocuted and they fell one after another. The soldiers were not prepared from the sudden attack from behind, so they were unable to resist and their formation collapsed quickly.

The calamity of violent eels!

The tardy electric eel suddenly appeared at the critical moment and initiated a ferocious attack along with countless other electric eels.

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