Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 448

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 448: Cyan robed leader

After a burst of sad and shrill screams, tens of soldiers fell. The majority of them had just rushed into the dark cabin, but they still fell without seeing the situation inside. The heavy armor they were wearing was useless.

Tuoba Xiong was still curling up at one corner while muttering ‘Finished, everything is over’ continuously. The slaves were also crowded together, but although they were also anxious, their eyes gradually shone and they seemed to have seen a gleam of hope. But, very soon, this gleam of hope was extinguished as uniform heavy sounds of footsteps came from the upper floor along with a powerful horn sound. The soldiers on the deck had come down to kill.

The true test was finally here.

Little Long’er was also nervous. He transformed into his dragon form, preparing to attack at any time. As for sea demon warrior Hai Dashan, he was even more nervous. He pulled out a sharp dagger and stood beside Ye Chuan. Even before the big army had arrived, he was already so frightened that his legs were shivering.

“It’s good that they came together!”

Ye Chuan still stood still. His eyes were ice-cold without any emotional fluctuation. He was facing the upcoming war with absolute calmness and murderous intentions. At that time, cyan light flashed again and super electric eel, this trump card, was summoned.

After the refinement of Cyan Lotus Lamp, this super electric eel had become tiny, only was as long as a chopstick. It looked like an unassuming small snake, but it was completely shrouded with lightning. After its build was shrunk, not only its fighting power not decreased, instead had increased.

“Go, kill all the soldiers onboard, leave no one behind!”

Ye Chuan ordered and that super electric eel jumped out from the window, plunging into the vast sea outside.

The heavy footsteps got closer and closer. The large army of this armored warship was about to arrive, but just sent out the super electric eel. His purpose was far from being as simple as just defending the cabin, on the contrary, he wanted to launch a surprise attack from behind those soldiers to kill all of them!

“Storm in, quick!”

“Regardless of whether they joined the rebellion or not, kill all the salves, leave no one behind!”


From outside the cabin, the roars of soldiers came.

Even now, the army still didn’t know what had happened inside this cabin. They just thought that the slaves inside the cabin had rebelled. Thus, they directly rushed in because they had weapons. And just like the soldiers who died before them, they were also blinded for a moment after they rushed into the dark cabin. Next, the suffered the same tragedy. The neatly arranged Evil Eyed Cow Demons attacked with all their strength and thickly dotted light beams whistled at them.

Blood and fragment limbs flew everywhere along with screams.

The army with dense killing intent suffered a head-on blow.

No one knew what material was used to build the walls of this cabin, however, not only was it solid, but it was also very tough. Even after such attacks, it unexpectedly didn’t collapse.

“Kill, charge in!’

“Knock down the wall, break it!”

The soldiers in the front fell in their pool of blood, but the soldiers behind were still ferociously rushing in, unafraid of death. One had to say that these soldiers were very fierce and tough. Once they successfully rushed into the cabin and occupied the favorable terrain, then Yao Beast Legion might not necessarily be able to stop them. Boom, the wall was forcibly knocked down and soldiers wearing heavy armor rushed in. Among them, there was no shortage of experts. They quickly saw the neatly arranged Evil Eyed Cow Demons and they used their flying swords and crossbows to deal with them.

At that time, 12 Human-Faced Snakes rushed over to stop the experts mixed in the army. Little Long’er who was prepared long ago also rushed over. He suddenly rushed out from the dark and stopped a Rank 6 Daoist Master realm expert relying on his doughty demonic dragon body.

Ye Chuan also moved and attacked personally.

His opponent was a Rank 7 Daoist Master realm middle-aged man. He was tall, was wearing cyan war robe and had two heavy hammers in his hands. There were tens of soldiers around him. They changed their formation from time to time under his instruction. He seemed to be the leader of this armored warship.

The soldiers struggled to advance forward and rapidly decreased the distance between them and Evil Eyed Cow Demons. They wanted to break this formation of Yao Beast Legion.

But, under the leadership of Evil Eyed Cow Demon King, many Evil Eyed Cow Demons retreated while attacking. Many cyan colored light beams whistled out and soldiers fell one after another. Unfortunately, the cabin was too narrow and there was not enough space. Not long after, the Yao Beast Legion no longer had the route of retreat. The situation was bad.

“Damn it, where did these yao beasts come from? Kill them all!”

The leader in cyan robe issued an order and sent a human-faced snake flying, then lead his men to charge forward. Although light beams of Evil Eyed Cow Demons had shot towards him, even his robe wasn’t damaged, let alone getting injured. Clearly, this cyan war robe was a piece of extraordinary treasure. He had the cultivation base of Rank 7 Daoist Master realm, with the addition of this kind of treasure and many bodyguards around him, he rapidly drew closer to Evil Eyed Cow Demons.

Roar! A powerful dragon roar resounded and Little Long’er who had transformed into a demonic dragon rushed over to stop this forcibly charging leader.

“Humph, just a young snake also dare to block my path, kill!”

The cyan robed leader snorted and raising his left hammer, he blocked the sharp claws of Little Long’er, and used his right hammer to smash squarely on the abdomen of Little Long’er and sent him flying. Little Long’er who was always known for his doughty body instantly become bloody. His abdomen was badly mangled. At that time, tens of soldiers rushed over and nearly cut him into minced meat.

“I thought that it was some kind of powerful yao beast, but it just so-so, kill!”

The cyan robed leader emitted dense killing intent and suddenly jumped towards Evil Eyed Cow Demon King. The light beams of Evil Eyed Cow Demons were very powerful, they could pierce through heavy armors, but their shooting frequency was too slow. They mainly relied on numbers to win. As a kind of low-leveled yao beast, in a one-on-one fight, even an initial stage Xiushi realm soldier could kill them. With the cultivation realm of this cyan robed leader, if he successfully rushed over, then he would definitely massacre the entire Evil Eyed Cow Demons.

At that time, a strong figure suddenly rushed out from a pile of corpses and punched the cyan robed leader. There was nothing profound about this punch, but it had terrifying strength, even air seemed to be torn apart.

Ye Chuan had been prepared in advance. He didn’t directly rush towards this cyan robed leader, rather hid in the dark corner among the pile of corpses. And when this cyan robed leader rashly rushed forward, he suddenly initiated a ferocious attack.

Whoosh! An ear piercing void breaking sound resounded in his cabin.

He was waiting for such a long time for this chance!

Ye Chuan had attacked with all his strength. The strength of 162,000 jin had suddenly erupted like a volcanic eruption. No one could stop it!

Rank 4 Daoist Master realm versus Rank 7 Daoist Master realm, Ye Chuan was still full three levels below this cyan robed leader, so in order to win, he had to wait for a chance to launch a surprise attack! Only courage was not enough to defeat the strong as the weak, one also need wisdom and experience.

The complexion of this cyan robed leader changed greatly as he felt strong danger at that moment. He wanted to dodge the attack of Ye Chuan, but he couldn’t maneuver in midair. In desperation, he was forced to hastily raise his two hammers to protect his chest.

Dong! A muffled sound exploded in the ears of people.

Several sharp-sighted and deft soldiers tried to rush forward to protect their cyan robed leader, the result, before they could make a move, they were sent flying by an invisible shockwave.

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