Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 447

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 447: Massacring the armored ship

All the guards quickly fell on the pool of their blood and died.

Hai Dashan was half beat slow to react, then, he stood still. It was not that he was nervous and frightened, rather all the guards were already killed by Ye Chuan and Little Long’er, and even if he wanted to move, there was no opponent.

“You……, who are you all?”

The leader guard raised his head and looked at Ye Chuan with great difficulty. Although all of his internal organs had already exploded, he unexpectedly was still alive. While speaking, he secretly reached out to a horn hung on his waist, wanting to blow it to give the alarm. The result, just after he raised the horn with great difficulty, before he could blow the horn, a leg firmly trampled his hand.

“Who is Lord Qi?”

Ye Chuan asked stepping on the right hand of this leader guard. Now, his complexion was ice-cold and there was no emotion fluctuation in his eyes. The leader guard still wanted to struggle, the result, Ye Chuan put forth strength on his leg and the bone of leader guard was broken, making him tremble in pain.

“Lord……, Lord Qi is Lord Qi! Brat, if you have the ability, then kill me, Lord Qi will……” The leader guard shouted himself hoarse, but before he could finish speaking, he wailed mournfully as Ye Chuan trampled on his palm and increased his strength.

“If you want to die a bit faster, then answer quickly, who is Lord Qi?”

Ye Chuan saw that the leader guard was still stubbornly refusing to answer, he coldly said, “Be sensible and speak, don’t ask for pain. Even if you are a Half-Sage realm, I have 999 ways to make you speak. Don’t force me to use those cruel torture methods that have already been lost in Wilderness World.”

Ye Chuan was worried about the Tuoba Xiaoniao, so his killing intent was dense. He didn’t have time for this nonsense. As the Heaven Concealing Great Sage, he knew many ways to extort a confession by torture, if this leader guard stubbornly refused to speak, then he would use any means necessary.

The guard leader who had been stubbornly refusing to speak shivered upon seeing the sharp gaze of Ye Chuan and he no longer had the thoughts to resist and said, “Speak, I will speak, Lord Qi is the favorite person of Qing Tianhou. He is also the advisor of Lord Hou. Moreover, he is the commander of this operation. The commanders of all the armored warships are under the command of Lord Qi.”

“Good, very good, you can go on your way now.”

Ye Chuan coldly said and trampled the chest of this leader guard and the latter vomited blood.


The leader guard pointed at Ye Chuan and his mouth moved, wanting to say something, but he collapsed and stopped breathing.

In the cabin, now, it was dead silence. In the past, no matter what happened, the slaves would always be immersed in rowing, but now, they were looking over here with a blank expression.

Those guards, they died just like that?

Who are these three people? Even after knowing who Lord Qi is, he still dared to kill him. Are these people ignorant or fearless?

All the salves were shocked and disbelief was written all over their face.

“It’s over, everything is over, it’s over……”

Tuoba Xiong muttered to himself in despair.

All the guards had died. Now, he could escape with Ye Chuan, but he was neither excited nor happy, rather he was downhearted and thoroughly given up all hopes. After this news was transmitted to Lord Qi, not only he couldn’t escape this sea area, his daughter Tuoba Xiaoniao would also be implicated. Although Ye Chuan was powerful, how could he be the opponent of Lord Qi?

“Big brother Ye Chuan, what should we do now?”

Little Long’er walked over and asked nervously.

All the guards inside this cabin were taken care of, but the elite soldiers and experts on the deck were not that easy to deal with. Among them, there was no lack of later stage Daoist Master realm experts, and with more than 800 people rushing up in a crowd, they might be in serious trouble. Moreover, if the other armored warships also rushed over upon hearing the news, then that would be even more troublesome.

Ye Chuan picked up the horn on the ground and handed it to Little Long’er, then instructed, “Very simple, come one kill one, come a group then kill a group, blow the horn.”

“Big brother Ye Chuan, you mean……” Little Long’er was very surprised.

After killing all the guards here, Ye Chuan wasn’t going to run far away, instead, he wanted to take the initiative to blow the horn to give the alarm. What does he want to do? Kill a few more soldiers to vent his anger or wanted to take advantage of this occasion to massacre and capture this armored warship?

Little Long’er was very nervous, his heartbeat sped up and his breathing became rapid.

Wanting to massacre this armored warship with three people, was Ye Chuan daydreaming or went crazy?

Ye Chuan didn’t reply, then with a thought, a dazzling cyan light flashed in this dark cabin and a large group of Evil Eyed Cow Demons appeared; then, a cyan light flashed again and a dozen or so human face snakes holding blades appeared; then, Six-Winged Golden Cicada, wooden puppet Hei Kui also appeared one by one.

At the moment, the Yao Beast Legion lacked water attributed yao beasts and amphibians warriors, so they were unable to fight in water, but in this dark and narrow cabin, they could bring out of play their strong attack power. Ye Chuan summoned yao beasts within his Cyan Lotus Space with dense killing intent. He was determined to massacre this armored warship. As for the only water attributed yao beast, super electric eel, that was his final trump card and he had another arrangement for it.

Perhaps, because they had not come out for a long time, regardless of Evil Eyed Cow Demons or Human-faced snakes, they looked ferocious and their killing intent was flourishing, looking forward to the arrival of a bloody battle. In this dark and narrow cabin, dense killing intent quickly flooded.

The slaves shrunk to one corner of this cabin in fear. Everyone looked ghastly pale squeezing together in that corner. Clearly, since the guards were already killed, they could jump out of the window and flee for their life, but perhaps, they feared drifting around the vast sea for a long time, or perhaps, they were already accustomed to being a slave, no one escaped and no one stepped forward to help resist. Clearly, no one was optimistic about the trio of Ye Chuan like Tuoba Xiong. They already deemed that the trio of Ye Chuan would die.

Heavy disorderly footsteps quickly came from the floor above.

“What happened?”

“Hei Tousan, why did the ship stopped? Are you all tired of living?”


The shouts of soldiers quickly came from outside the cabin and tens of soldiers rushed in. Before Little Long’er blew the horn in his hand, soldiers of the deck had come down in succession to check the situation.

Unlike the guards here, these soldiers were elite. All of them wore heavy armor and held a shining sharp sword.

Roar! A powerful dragon roar resounded throughout the sky.

Little Long’er transformed into a demonic dragon once again and prepared to rush towards the soldiers that had rushed in.

“Little Long’er, your task is to deal with experts onboard, leave these ordinary soldiers to Yao Beast Legion, no matter how many of them come here, all of them will die here!”

Ye Chuan stopped Little Long’er and let these numerous soldiers rush in without batting an eyelid.

Since the soldiers were in a hurry, they didn’t bring any torch, and it was not daytime, moreover, this cabin was dark, so suddenly rushing in this dark cabin from outside, they became blind for a moment and only saw some vague shadows in front. At first glance, it looked like thousands of people were huddled together, but looking again carefully, they saw different and felt strange, moreover, instinctively felt a strong sense of danger.

“Stupid fellows, go on your way together!”

Ye Chuan calmly clapped and before the soldiers could clearly see the situation of this cabin, over thousand Evil Eyed Yao Beasts suddenly showed their might. Closely packed light beams shot towards the soldiers, changing their body into a sieve.

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