Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 446

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 446: Murderous intentions

“Lord……, Lord Qi is……”

Mentioning Lord Qi, terror and uneasiness appeared in the face of Tuoba Xiong. But, under the detailed question of Ye Chuan, his mouth moved, wanting to speak out everything. But, it was too late.

Several guards noticed the unusualness over here and walked over here.

“Who’s there?”

“You three, where did you come from?”

The guards shouted loudly with dense killing intent while rushing over. Then, even more guards rushed over.

Although this cabin was dark, the clothing of Ye Chuan and others clearly attracted the attention of guards, making them alert. But, perhaps, they were used to being rude and unreasonable, or perhaps, they were very confident in themselves, they didn’t ring the alarm immediately. Instead, they rushed over, wanting to capture the trip of Ye Chuan.

Tuoba Xiong closed his mouth and curled up on the ground.

The five guards spread out into a semicircle, surrounding the trio of Ye Chuan and Tuoba Xiong. All of them had a leather-thronged whip on their hands. As for the remaining guards, upon seeing this, they slowly walked forward. All of them had a ferocious smile on their face.

“You three……, who are you? Where did you come from?”

The leader guard sinisterly sized up the trio of Ye Chuan. And after a short while, he swung his thick leather-thronged whip towards Tuoba Xiong as he said, “Old bastard, what, seeking someone to come save you, want to escape?”

Pa! A loud and clear sound resounded as another bloody scar appeared on the body of Tuoba Xiong.

The cultivation base of this leader guard was at most Rank 1 Daoist Master. In his prime, Tuoba Xiong could kill him with a finger. But now, his body was weak and was also bound with shackles, so he didn’t have any strength to resist. What’s more, he basically didn’t even have any thoughts to resist and let these guards beat him.

“Eh, still daring to act dumb?”

“Old fellow, will you speak or not?”

The leader guard ferociously swung his leather-thronged whip continuously at Tuoba Xiong with dense killing intent. Not long after, the entire body of Tuoba Xiong was covered with blood. The other guards laughed, seeing this and looked at the trio of Ye Chuan with evil intention. They were waiting for their leader to vent off, then they would make a move together.

Suddenly discovering the trio of Ye Chuan in this cabin, these guards were nervous in the beginning, but they were relaxed now. They felt secure in the knowledge that they had strong backing.

Someone sneaking into the ship to save someone, this kind of matter was already not the first time, but no one has ever returned alive from this task. Either they would also join the ranks of these slaves or they would be lashed to death by these guards before they were thrown into the sea.

In order to not alarm the experts on the deck, the trip of Ye Chuan had weakened the energy fluctuation within their body, so their cultivation appeared mediocre, this in turn made these guards even more assured.

Tuoba Xiong remained silent without uttering a word. He just let the leather-thronged whip ferociously lash him. As for the salves here, they were already accustomed to hearing the sounds of lashing, it was nothing unusual for them. Little Long’er and Hai Dashan nevertheless were frightened hearing these sounds of lashing.

Ye Chuan also didn’t speak, but his eyes were getting colder and colder. Like unchanging vast starry sky and like iron, now, no emotions could be seen on his face. This cold side of Ye Chuan frightened Little Long’er and Hai Dashan even more, moreover, they began to sweat profusely.

“Heh heh, old fellow, you are truly strong-willed. Today, let’s see whether my leather-thronged whip is strong or your bones are harder, hahaha……”

The leader guard roared with laughter looking at Tuoba Xiong who let him whip without speaking. Then, he became all the more insolent and suddenly raised his leather-thronged whip. This time, he used all of his energy to whip Tuoba Xiong, wanting to break his ribs.

In this dark and damp cabin, tormenting and lashing slaves were the ways to have fun for these guards. The more they got to lash, the more relentless they became and the more pleasure they felt. A normal slave couldn’t even withstand a few lashing and roll about while wailing mournfully, but Tuoba Xiong, this kind of hard bone, stimulated greater pleasure of leader guard.

Tuoba Xiong was still silent but he was trembling.

He didn’t want to die, he didn’t want to be lashed to death by these scum guards. He wanted to leave this place alive and save his daughter Tuoba Xiaoniao. But, after staying here for a long time, he knew that it was useless to beg for mercy, it would only make this leader guard happier as he lashed harder. But, resisting was also courting death, even if these guards were killed and he wouldn’t escape, moreover, would even implicate his daughter Tuoba Xiaoniao too.

A big hand appeared out of thin air and suddenly caught the leather-thronged whip that was about to land on the body of Tuoba Xiong.


Ye Chuan finally moved, he grabbed that tough leather-thronged whip, and coldly snorted. The leader guard suddenly shivered without any reason and he felt intense uneasiness.

“Br……, brat, it’s your turn very soon! What, you cannot wait?”

The leader guard pretended to be strong and calm, and tried hard to pull back his leather-thronged whip, but to his surprise, he was unable to pull it back. He gritted his teeth and used all his strength, but he was still unable to pull it back from the grip of Ye Chuan.

Beads of sweat appeared on the forehead of this leader guard and he felt that this situation was anything but reassuring.

“Yes, I already cannot wait! You all, go to hell for me!”

Ye Chuan said and a violent energy fluctuation suddenly erupted within his body. He was very worried about Tuoba Xiaoniao, he truly couldn’t wait any longer.

“No, Ye Chuan, don’t……”

Tuoba Xiong who had been silent for a long time wanted to stop Ye Chuan. When he was still in Cloud Mist Mountain Range, he already knew the temperament of Ye Chuan. Usually, he was low-key, but when he made a move, he would dare to kill anyone that blocks his path. If Lord Qi was alarmed because these guards were killed, then everything would be over!

Tuoba Xiong jumped over and grabbed Ye Chuan to stop him from killing, unfortunately, he was already too late.

Bang! Ye Chuan didn’t use any treasure nor he used any technique, he just punched. But, this simple punch directly blew off the body of this leader guard. The latter was sent flying like a kite with a broken string and collided against the wall. On the surface, no wound could be seen, but all of his internal organs were smashed and his bones were broken.

When an ordinary man was angry, blood would in every five steps, but when Daoist Master got angry, even a ghost would wail!

Ye Chuan had angrily made this move. He had held back nothing in this punch.

When the strength of 162,000 suddenly erupts, even a mountain would collapse, just a guard of Rank 1 Daoist Master realm was nothing.

The slaves who were only immersed in rowing the ship simultaneously looked over. They were shocked and their eyes were filled with disbelief. As for the other guards, they were also shocked and they didn’t react for a moment.

“Little Long’er, what are you waiting for? Kill, leave no one behind!”

Ye Chuan angrily shouted and rushed towards the nearest guard and punched. There was no suspense in the result. This guard quickly followed the footsteps of the leader guard. His body was also blown off by this punch.

“Who are you people?”

“Quick, quickly ask for the reinforcement!”

The remaining guards finally reacted. Some rushed to meet enemies and some retreated in fear. In addition, there were some clever people who rushed towards the exit without uttering a word. They wanted to rush to the deck to ask for help. The result, when they were about to reach the exit, a shadow flashed in front of them. A demonic dragon had blocked their way. Moreover, before they could react, they were torn into two halves.

Little Long’er transformed into demonic dragon blocked the exit and Ye Chuan crushed all the guards in the cabin.

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