Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 444

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 444: Old Friend

The time slowly passed, but that armored warship didn’t appear again. And after a long time, slowly, Ye Chuan also became somewhat worried.

Just as the two were ready to take the risk and continue to go forward to see what exactly had happened, a head suddenly popped out from the sea surface. Sea Demon warrior Hai Dashan had returned.

“Noble son Ye, I inspected it clearly, there are over 800 soldiers on that warship. Their main weapon is a sword, but they also have a dozen or so giant crossbows. Each crossbow is made up of pure iron and as thick as human’s thigh. Their range is at least one kilometer.”

Hai Dashan quietly swam over to the front of Ye Chuan and reported with excitement.

Quietly sneaking into the armored warship and inspecting the circumstance, then quietly escaping unscathed, in this vast sea, only sea demon warriors might have such ability. It was impossible for Little Long’er to do so.

“Giant Crossbows?”

Ye Chuan became somewhat serious. This kind of giant crossbows was a heavy weapon of armored warship without a doubt. Getting hit by this kind of crossbows would definitely sink ordinary ships. Even sea dragon boat forged with dragon’s bone would definitely be unable to endure for long. It seemed his previous decision was wise. If they had come forward with sea dragon boat, then they would have encountered the siege of several such armored warships and got destroyed.

“Other than those soldiers, did you notice any other strange aspect? Or, some other people?” Ye Chuan asked.

Now, he roughly knew the military strength of that armored warship, but what was going on with that vaguely familiar aura, Ye Chuan still had yet to understand that.

“Most of the soldiers are on the deck, as for any other strange aspect, there is……”

Hai Dashan paused for a bit and added, “The entire armored warship is divided into three floors. There is nothing peculiar on the deck. The second floor is the place for living, there is nothing strange there too. As for the third floor, it is the place where sailors paddles. But, the greater part of the sailors are shabbily dressed and some even wore shackles, it seems…… seems that they are salve warriors.”

In the Overseas World, it was common to plunder people and make them salves. Ships like sea dragon boat that purely relied on crystal stones and magic formation to sail were very rare. The overwhelming majority of ships still relied on sails and manpower to row. The bigger the ship, the bigger the manpower needed, so many people in their prime were robbed and turned into slave warriors. And they were usually made to row the ship, but when the fight occurred, they were sent out in the front. And if they were able to accumulate enough military merit, then they could restore their freedom and become a real warrior.

“Slave warriors?”

Ye Chuan frowned, but thinking back, it seemed that there was no acquaintance captured as a slave warrior. However, there was not enough time to think, he just warned Little Long’er and shrunk back.

The armored warship appeared in their field of vision once again and made a round trip in the nearby sea area.

“Just a moment ago, when I secretly sneaked into the third floor of the armored warship, I quietly took a glace inside. The leader slave warrior was a middle-aged man who was nearly two meters tall. He had a long beard, and didn’t look like a person from overseas. He should be a person from the mainland.” Hai Dashan added, and seeing the armored warship was getting closer and closer, he stopped speaking. He had already said whatever he needed to say.

A middle-aged man who was nearly two meters tall, entire face covered with beard, could it be……

Ye Chuan remained silent as he suddenly thought of a person. That person was Tuoba Xiong, the Sect Master of Black Cauldron Sect. Since he had gone to the sea with Tuoba Xiaoniao, there was no news of Tuoba Xiong as if they had vanished into the thin air. Now, hearing the description of Hai Dashan, it seemed that he was on that armored warship.

Crash, along with the sea waves, the armored warship got closer and closer.

Tuoba Xiong, is that really you?

What about Tuoba Xiaoniao, where is she?

Ye Chuan muttered to himself, watching that armored warship coming closer and closer. Suddenly, he made a move that was beyond the expectation of both Little Long’er and Hai Dashan. He plunged into the sea and swam towards that armored warship.

After suddenly learning the whereabouts of Tuoba Xiong, regardless of whether that was true or false, Ye Chuan had to personally go to confirm.

Tuoba Xiong had experienced a lot of winds and waves in his life. He was a tough person who could withstand all kinds of hardships. But, Tuoba Xiaoniao was different. She was gentle like water. Letting her follow Tuoba Xiong to wander around Overseas World and suffer all kinds of hardships made Ye Chuan distress.

“Your Excellency!”

“Noble son Ye……”

Little Long’er and Hai Dashan exclaimed and flowed him without any hesitation.

The armored warship was speeding along the sea surface as if a huge seabird. Under the dim light of night, the three people quickly swam like a fish towards that armored warship. In the water, the innate skill of Hai Dashan was completely displayed. He was faster than even Ye Chuan. He took the lead and they quietly crawled up the armored warship.

On the deck, nearly 800 soldiers were lined up neatly and orderly. Each other them were loyally doing their duty while emitting dense killing intent.

Ye Chuan took a glance from the distance. He was always alert against several later stage Daoist Master realm experts. And under the lead of Hai Dahsan, they went straight towards the third floor.

This time, their main objective was to gather military intelligence. But, summoning super electric eel, Six-Winged Golden Cicada and other yao beasts, and launching a surprise attack along with himself and Little Long’er, Ye Chuan was confident that he could massacre everyone of this armored warship along with those soldiers on the deck. But, before ascertaining the action of Qing Tianhou, it was not wise to attack rashly. It would only startle the snake.

Compared to the two floors above, the third floor was damp and dark. Even before reaching the third floor, they could smell a foul smell. The smell of sweat, the smell of rotting wounds and some inexplicable smells were mixed together. Little Long’er and Hai Dashan was choked by this pungent smell and stopped their step instinctively. Ye Chuan however continued to walk forward without batting an eyelid and quietly entered the third floor.

In the dark cabin, a large group of bare-chested slaves was dripping with sweat as they put forth their strength to row. The person in the front was a nearly two meters tall big bearded man. The oar in his hands was also the largest. Every move used all his strength and his entire body was completely drenched with sweat. A dozen or so soldiers were walking back and forth with dense killing intent. They were ferociously lash anyone they found not pleasing to the eye. That big bearded man was positioned in the front, he was the example for these numerous slave soldiers. He had the most lash marks on his body and his body was also dripping with blood.

Ye Chuan who had quietly sneaked into this cabin suddenly stood still in the dark.

He recognized that man in the first glance. He really was Tuoba Xiong who had completely disappeared without any news after going out to the sea. Physically, he was still that person of the past, but his spirit and temperament were already completely different. His beard was ill-organized, and he no longer had that domineering and wildly arrogant air of the past. Now, he was working hard regardless of criticism like a willing ox. His stature was still tall and big, but was very thin and skinny, moreover, compared to before going out to the sea, the energy fluctuation within his body had not only not increased, rather had weakened greatly. It seemed that he was at most Rank 3 Daoist Master realm. In addition, he was bound with a thick chain, and every time he paddled the oar, the chain would make sounds.

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