Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 443

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 443: Hiding

The huge armored warship quickly approached nearer and nearer, sailing through the waves.

Behind the reef, Ye Chuan kept calm and remained still, but Little Long’er was already breathing rapidly and the sea demon warrior was even more nervous. His palm was already wet from his sweat and his heart was jumping rapidly. In addition, he pulled out a sharp dagger, preparing to fight.

“Don’t move, without my instruction, no one is allowed to move.”

Ye Chuan stretched his hand and stopped sea demon warrior from recklessly making a move.

Crash, along with the sound of sea waves, the armored warship arrived within 100 meters from Ye Chuan’s group. It was still emitting pressure as if it was overlord of the sea. Looking forward, now they could clearly see the soldiers standing on the deck. Even the sharp sword, the insignia on their armor and their dense eyebrows were clearly visible. Every one of them was coldly standing still like emotionless killing machines. Moreover, they were prepared to rush out immediately upon noticing any unusualness.

“One Rank 7 Daoist Master realm expert!”

“Seven Rank 6 Daoist Master realm experts!”

“Twenty-one Rank 3 Daoist Master realm experts!”


Ye Chuan coldly muttered.

When the armored warship whistled past from 100 meters away, Little Long’er and sea demon warrior had their heart in their mouth. Ye Chuan however was calmly using his divine sense to carefully scan the circumstance inside this armored warship and also was scouting how many experts were there in that warship.

To deal with experts, experts were needed, it was useless to rely on numbers. Now, after reaching Rank 4 Daoist Master realm, cultivators of same cultivation realm no longer entered the eyes of Ye Chuan. He could kill them with one attack. What really made him have misgivings was those Rank 6 and Rank 7 Daoist Master realm experts. And there was even Half-Sage realm super expert onboard.

The armored warship rapidly sailed forward and disappeared into the night, but not long after, it circled around and came again from another direction, cruising in this vast sea. Clearly, this was not the ship of Qing Tianhou, and Ye Chuan also couldn’t sense assassin Rain Demon in this ship. This was just an ordinary patrol vessel. But, what confused Ye Chuan was, he could vaguely sense familiar aura onboard, but this aura was different from the aura of Rain Demon, clearly was another person.

How many such armored warships are there in the sea ahead? How many people did Qing Tianhou bring?

That vaguely familiar aura, whose aura is that?

Ye Chuan was confused in his heart. He slightly narrowed his eyes and looked at that cruising armored warship. Then, he patted the shoulder of the sea demon warrior and asked, “Little brother, what is your name?”

“Hai Dashan, noble son Ye, hereafter, you can call me Dashan.” Sea Demon warrior felt extremely flattered. He had been reserved in front of Ye Chuan because even Sea Demon Patriarch was polite in front of Ye Chuan. Thus, ordinary sea demon warriors naturally didn’t dare to be unbridled.

“Good, Dashan, this is a good name.”

Ye Chuan nodded his head and said, “Can you sneak into that armored warship and scout the circumstance? Just scout the specific circumstance aboard without alarming the troops onboard, can you do it?”

There were several experts in that armored warship. Ye Chuan already knew this, but if he wanted to find a way to break through the blockade of armored warship, then this much information was still not enough. Even more information was needed.

In the vast Overseas World, Ye Chuan had discovered that his Yao Beast Legion had one shortcoming, or to say a flaw. Among the yao beasts in his Cyan Lotus Space, regardless of Evil Eyed Cow Demons or Human Faced Snakes, basically, all could only act on the land. Their use was very limited in water. In other words, his Yao Beast Legion lacked yao beasts that could fight in water and even strong amphibian yao beasts. Usually, the effect of this flaw couldn’t be seen, but at the critical moment, it nevertheless could be fatal. When fighting, people could fully utilize this flaw to deal with his Yao Beast Legion in own fellow swoop. For a small squad, being skilled in only certain aspect was fine, but for a legion, balance was needed. Only like that, they could cope with complex situations.

Now, his Yao Beast Legion had just started to develop, and he also had yet to encounter a truly powerful tactic master, but this didn’t mean he would never encounter such expert in the future. With the turmoil of Wilderness, he would undoubtedly meet more and more powerful opponents in the future. This armored warship under the leadership of Qing Tainhou was also undoubtedly an extremely difficult opponent.

Looking at this armored warship that was approaching closer and closer again, Ye Chuan recalled super electric eel in his Cyan Lotus Space and estimated the success rate of the ambush of this yao beast. After considering again and again for a while, he decided to not act recklessly. The super electric eel was indeed powerful, unfortunately, he had only one of it. If he had large numbers of super electric eels, not to mention one hundred, even if only ten super electric eels, then he would have sent them to crush this armored warship directly. Moreover, no matter how many such armored warship Qing Tianhou sent, he would have gotten rid of them, killing his troops!

“I will try my best, noble son, wait for my information.”

Hai Dashan was eager to give it a try. He took a deep breath to calm down his nervous heart, then plunged into the water and swam towards the armored warship like a fish without leaving any ripples on the sea surface. Moreover, nothing unusualness could be seen from the deck of this armored warship.

The huge armored warship whistled past the reef once again creating a sea wave.

The armored warship gradually got further away and the soldiers were still standing on the deck emitting dense killing intent, but at one corner of the deck, a person had appeared without anybody knowing.

The sea demon warrior Hai Dashan had smoothly boarded armored warship without anybody knowing. Although his cultivation was not high, was only Rank 1 Daoist Master realm, he was quick and agile, moreover, although he was not up to much on the land, he however was further strengthened in the water.

“Sea Demon Clan is pretty good, they possess such a special innate skill, unfortunately, there are too few clansmen.”

Seeing Hai Dashan had quietly boarded the armored warship, Ye Chuan praised Sea Demon Clan.

In the beginning, seeing the innate skill Song of Sea Demon of Hai Lili, Ye Chuan was incomparably shocked. If there were over a hundred remarkable women like Hai Lili and took a turn to use this innate skill Song of Sea Demon, then regardless of what kind of enemy they encountered, all will be slaughtered. Later, he was disappointed to learn that only Hai Lili had this innate skill in the entire Sea Demon Clan. And just a moment ago, after learning the current situation of Sea Demon Clan, he learned why this race was substantially weakened.

To become a strong race, a large population was the foundation. Otherwise, even if there was a heaven-defying super expert in the race, it would also be useless and the race would decline eventually.

Sea Demon warriors were quick and fierce, they also had a unique innate kill, moreover, they could fight on the land and also in the water, they were the model amphibian warriors. Unfortunately, their population was too small, even if the entire population was enlisted, they couldn’t form an army, can only form a small scale elite sea warrior squad.

The armored warship rapidly sailed and disappeared into the night.

Ye Chuan calmly continued to hide behind the reef and waited for the news from Hai Dashan. But, even after a while, they still didn’t see the armored warship. Little Long’er slowly become nervous and worried about the safety of that sea demon warrior. On that armored warship, although there were no super experts like assassin Rain Demon, there were quite a lot later stage Daoist Master realm experts. Exposing his whereabouts accidentally would lead to his death!

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