Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 442

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 442: Qing Tian Warship

Within the cabin, suddenly silence reined, no one spoke.

After knowing the background of this Qing Tianhou, the heart of everyone shank.

Assassin Rain Demon was powerful, everyone had already experienced that. Qing Tainhou who could move this great devil was definitely more powerful and difficult to deal with! After hurrying on with their journey for days and night, they had arrived here which was only two or three days away from Lost City. No one was willing to turn back in just this fashion. But continuing on with the journey, they had to face a big storm, a life-threatening disaster, who would dare to continue press forward knowing this?

“At the lowest floor of the ship, a fast boat is concealed there. There is not much space for food, fresh water and other essential things and also not enough space to carry many people, but it has enough space for your Cloud Mist Sect.”

After a long silence, Sea Demon Patriarch finally broke the silence and slowly said, “Nobleson Ye, the operation this time is very dangerous, more dangerous than I had originally expected, I don’t want to involve you all in this danger. If you can, then please take away Hai Lili and some children of our Sea Demon Clan. Like that, even if we die, we would still have our bloodline, our clan wouldn’t be thoroughly extinct.”

In the past, Sea Demon Patriarch was unwilling to speak openly in fear that Ye Chuan would get cold feet and retreat, but now, after explaining clearly and becoming clear of the matter, he was no longer reluctant.

Ye Chuan didn’t speak and remained silent.

“Grandfather, no, I will go together with you!”

The eyes of Hai Lili were red and tears flowed down her cheeks. With regarding the stubborn nature of her grandfather, she knew the best. If it was not especially dangerous, he will not change his mind. Clearly, her grandfather had also realized that it was especially dangerous this time. If they went this time, then they might never return.

“Lili, be obedient, go away with noble son Ye, just take care of Heavenly Dragon Tree and also the children of the family. Hereafter, whether our Sea Demon Clan can prosper or not rest on you.”

Sea Demon Patriarch consoled sad Hai Lili with a bright smile. Then, turning around, he instructed clansmen to take out the fast boat and gather together underaged clansmen. After that, he took out a jade green tablet from his bosom and gave it to Hai Lili and said, “Lili, this tablet is yours now. After three months if this grandfather didn’t return to Cloud Mist Mountain Range looking for you, then you will become the next Sea Demon Patriarch. In the future, no matter what you encounter, no matter if you are happy or no matter what kind of humiliation you suffer, remember, the most important thing is to pass on the inheritance and blood of our clan.”

Sea Demon Patriarch said while giving a meaningful glance at Ye Chuan. There were some matters he had already arranged, unfortunately, it seemed that he couldn’t wait for the chance. No matter how good a plan was, it couldn’t keep up with the change in the situation. Who would have thought that this trip to Lost City would be so dangerous?

The attack of assassin Rain Demon had sounded a bell of death.

In front of them, perhaps, a large group of experts under Qing Tianhou was waiting for them arranging an inescapable net. Continuing forward was a dead end! Now, they couldn’t even enter Lost City let alone take away their scared item Neptune Horn after dealing with this group of evil spirits.

Sea Demon warriors were busy. They quickly took out the fast boat and gathered a dozen or so under aged children of the clan. On the deck, the sounds of people cursing, crying and weeping were resounding. Now, these fierce sea demon warriors wouldn’t frown even if their arm were chopped off were dejected.

Once every a hundred year, they had to come to Lost City and strengthen the weakened defense restriction. Every time, they risked their lives to do so because this was the fate of Sea Demon Clan and also a hope for the revival of their clan. Perhaps, this will be the last time for this. Although they had left behind about a dozen children to preserve the inheritance and bloodline of Sea Demon Clan, the hope of a revival was almost equivalent to zero.

“Patriarch, perhaps, we should first scout the situation in the front.”

Ye Chuan finally expressed to not evacuate immediately, but he also didn’t express to lead the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and Sea Demon Clan forward. He paused for a moment and added, “Qing Tainhou might indeed be very powerful and very hard to deal with, but, he is just a trifling Duke. Our Cloud Mist Sect doesn’t even fear Da Qin King and we have withstood the attack of 200,000 soldiers of Da Qin Dynasty, why do we fear this trifling Duke?”

After considering repeatedly, Ye Chuan finally made a decision.

Returning back at this moment would naturally avoid the danger, but, when helping people, they had to help till the end. They had already arrived here, if he suddenly left along with the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, then it was not sincere. Therefore, he decided to station the large army and dispatch a small elite group to scout the situation in the front. It was not too late to make the final decision after clearly knowing the situation. In addition, after knowing the origin of Qing Tianhou, Ye Chuan was also rather curious about this Lord Hou who was said to have come from the world beyond the highest heaven. He wanted to personally see what kind of personage he was.

In his previous life when he concealed the heaven, Ye Chuan had gone everywhere, walking through various ominous domains of Wilderness World and experienced unknown numbers of peerless techniques of Sage realm experts. At that time, Wilderness World was full of Sage realm experts. It was the time when all kinds of techniques shone, but there were only very few experts that came from the world beyond the highest heaven. They were basically the figure of legend. Like the mother of Little Long’er Agusiteli, the master of Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, even if he met them, it was not a face to face meeting. A layer of mysterious veil always separated them. But now, living Qing Tianhou just happened to give the chance to personally experience the expert of the world beyond the highest heaven.

“Fine, noble son Ye, we will do your way!”

The eyes of Sea Demon Patriarch shone. It was naturally the best if Ye Chuan stayed. The two of them carefully planned and soon an elite squad was formed and they left the sea dragon boat stepping on the flying sword. As for the remaining army, they docked in the nearby nameless deserted island. Ye however was personally leading that elite squad of a dozen elites to scout the situation ahead. Among them, there were Little Long’er, Old Demon of Mount Yin and other personal followers of Ye Chuan. There were also several elite and agile sea demon warriors.

In terms of cultivation realm, these sea demon warriors couldn’t be counted as outstanding. Let alone Old Demon of Mount Yin, even compared to some elite disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, their cultivation was lower. But, they had their distinctive aspects. Since they live in sea from their childhood, they could remain hidden under the sea for a long time. Thus, they were more suitable to scout in this vast sea than the elites of Cloud Mist Sect.

Under the leadership of Ye Chuan, this elite squad flew forward very close to the sea surface and quickly disappeared into the night. And after rushing forward dozens li away, they began to take action separately and spread in different directions. Now, only Little Long’er and one sea demon warrior was left beside Ye Chuan. This group of three advanced straight forward towards the location of Lost City according to the direction of Sea Demon Patriarch.

At the horizon, the sky was covered with gloomy dark clouds and it seemed to be raining. There was still a period of time before the dawn.

Only after flying for over an hour, Ye Chuan suddenly stopped and hid behind a reef with Little Long’er and that sea demon warrior. Looking up, they could see a huge banner in front of them. Then, a huge mast appeared, followed by a dark hull.

A huge armored warship appeared in front of them. Slicing through the waves, it was sailing rapidly, and as if the whereabouts of them three was already discovered, a dense killing intent spread throughout the sky. When the warship got closer, they could see two large words ‘Qing Tian’ written on the banner. Even these words made people feel dense killing intent. From afar, one could see several hundred soldiers with swords and spears wearing armors neatly arranged in rows on the deck. Each one of them was emitting dense killing intent.

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