Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 441

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 441: History of Lost City

After an hour, the condition of Sea Demon Patriarch finally stabilized and no longer deteriorated. Ye Chuan took out that poisonous needle from the body of Sea Demon Patriarch and those pitch black shiny needle made the scalp of people tingle. Now, although his body was still very weak, the old man finally regained his consciousness.

“Patriarch, what exactly is going on here?” Ye Chuan asked coming straight to the point.

The journey from East Sea’s Dragon King Island to this place was quite smooth, but arriving near Lost City, the holy land of Sea Demon Clan, the disturbances suddenly began. First came the attack of super electric eel, followed by the sudden attack of assassin Rain Demon. This made everyone know that something was wrong here. That assassin Rain Demon had not come for Ye Chuan, rather he was clearly aiming for Sea Demon Patriarch. This confused everyone even more.

Thinking about the actions and continuous urging of Sea Demon Patriarch all along the way, now Ye Chuan was sure that Sea Demon Patriarch was definitely hiding something. Regardless of super electric eel or assassin Rain Demon, their combat power was outstanding and they had the means to annihilate the entire army. Next, what kind of expert or evil spirit would they encounter?

Ye Chuan was solemn and he ordered to stop sea dragon boat. Without clearly understanding the ins and outs of this matter, he would absolutely not let Zhu Sijia and other disciples of Cloud Mist Sect continue this journey.

“I also don’t know, that whatever called Rain Demon assassin, wasn’t……, wasn’t he mistaken?”

Sea Demon Patriarch said and his expression fluctuated a little.

Ye Chuan nodded his head and said: “Well, it is also possible, assassins are also human, they might foolishly mistake their target. Perhaps, that assassin was also suffering from seasickness or fears water like Abasi, therefore, being confused and disoriented in the sea, he thought to casually cut off the head of anyone he met and return to report his task. It’s just that, very unfortunately, by coincidence, he ran into Your Excellency Patriarch, that assassin was truly stupid.”

The face of Sea Demon Patriarch became somewhat red. Who didn’t understand the sarcastic retort of Ye Chuan?

“Grandfather, what is going on here? Who sent that assassin?” Hai Lili lost temper and asked, seemingly, it was not Sea Demon Patriarch who was lying rather her and she didn’t have face to face Ye Chuan. Long before Cloud Mist Sect had gone out to the sea, she had vaguely felt that something was wrong. She had always felt that her grandfather was hiding something.

The old man didn’t speak, just remained silent.

Ye Chuan sat down cross-legged. He didn’t force an answer and also didn’t urge, just said indifferently, “Your Excellency Patriarch, considering the one help of your Sea Demon Clan, I can take a risk without getting to the bottom of this. But, it is impossible for me to let the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect risk their life without knowing what this is about. If you don’t make it clear, then either sea demon boat will stop here or you can lead your clansmen to continue on your journey and we will think of a way to return to the mainland.”

Ye Chuan gave Sea Demon Patriarch some face. He was very polite but his tone was very firm.

Since it had already reached this point, even if Sea Demon Patriarch wanted to hide things, he couldn’t find the way out, so he sighed and said, “Who sent that assassin, I truly don’t know that. This time we are returning to Lost City is also to really bring back our sacred item, Neptune Horn. A very long time ago, Lost City was greatly weakened because of the internal strife, then its position was exposed, attracting the attacks of external forces. Our clansmen fought desperately to protect the Lost City and Lost City was saved. But, although Lost City was saved, among the ten defense restrictions, nine defense restrictions were destroyed and the final one defense restriction also suffered heavy damage, as a result, it would weaken every two hundred years and needs maintenance of future generations.”

“A few days later, it just so happened to be the day when that defense restriction of Lost City is weakened, isn’t that so?” Ye Chuan asked, grasping the key point of Sea Demon Patriarch.


The old man didn’t deny. This time, coming from afar, taking away sacred item Neptune Horn was the main objective, but the maintenance of weakened defense restriction was also another big reason. Every two hundred years, even if they were at the ends of the earth, they would have to return here to maintain the defense restriction. This was the task for every patriarch to maintain the inheritance of Sea Demon Clan.

With the current strength of Sea Demon Clan, it was impossible to reoccupy and rule the Lost City, but they also couldn’t let this holy land be occupied by other people.

“It seems there are quite a few people that are eyeing your holy land, and they seemed to have arrived early.”

Ye Chuan finally understood what was going on. Clearly, someone had been eyeing Lost City, and he was attempting to seal off this sea area to forcibly seize the treasures inside Lost City for himself. In order to achieve this goal, naturally, he couldn’t let other forces get a share of the action and even couldn’t let Sea Demon Clan smoothly enter Lost City’s defense restriction. Therefore, assassin Rain Demon was obviously ordered to assassinate Sea Demon Patriarch.

After thinking for a bit, Ye Chuan still didn’t understand something and asked, “Your Excellency Patriarch, since this is the case, then why didn’t you return early to take precautions against all contingencies? Could it be that inside Lost City……”

“Now Lost City only has one final defense restriction. It is called Ten Sided All Direction Heavenly Sea Restriction. It completely cut off Lost City from the outside world, preventing any outsider from entering and also preventing any insider from leaving.”

Sea Demon Patriarch paused and added, “That internal strife of very long ago caused fatal damage to Sea Demon Clan. Moreover, there is no end of trouble for the future. Many of those revolting clansmen had become specters who kills any living beings they see. Later, each time the restriction weakened, that attracted many evil spirits. Over time, the dangers inside Lost City increased. Even if we want to enter Lost City in advance to take precautions against all contingencies, we don’t have that ability.”

The old man looked bitter and astringent as he sighed again and again.

Every racial holy land was sanctuary and sour of strength for all races. Lost City however was an exception. It was also because they lost this racial holy land, Sea Demon Clan deteriorated steadily and become weaker and weaker, and the weaker they became, they more incapable they became to return to their racial holy land to obtain their source of strength. As a result, the cultivation of clansmen got worse with each generation. Like that, a vicious circle was formed. This was the pain of Sea Demon Clan and also the misfortune of racial holy land as without the painstaking care of clansmen, Lost City became more and more chaotic and the power of restriction got worse year after year. If this goes on, there will come a day when Lost City would thoroughly collapse and destroyed becoming a part of the long river of history.

“So it is like that, no wonder……”

Ye Chuan nodded his head, finally understanding the true aim of Sea Demon Patriarch’s request to go to the sea. Escorting sacred item was only a pretext, the key point was he wanted their help to invade Lost City and take out the sacred item. With the current strength of Sea Demon Clan, they couldn’t even enter Lost City, perhaps, even if they could enter, they wouldn’t be able to endure, how could they take out the sacred item?

“Your Excellency Patriarch, what about that something Qing Tainhou? What is going on?” Ye Chuan asked, recalling what assassin Rain Demon had said when fleeing.

“I also don’t know, perhaps, he is a certain big shot or a certain super expert.”

Sea Demon Patriarch shook his head. He truly didn’t know this. But, every time the defense restriction was weakened, a number of heaven-defying evil spirits and experts would come. Now, the closer they got to Lost City, the more dangerous it would be. This point was already within the expectation of Sea Demon Patriarch but he didn’t say anything before, because, on one hand, he feared that Ye Chuan would have cold feet and on the other hand, he feared that his clansmen would worry too much. Sea Demon Clan was steadily deteriorating, there were only a very few clansmen who had followed him to Lost City 100 years ago. The younger generation clansmen like Hai Lili only knew that Lost City was their racial holy land, they didn’t know anything else.

“If my guess isn’t wrong, then it should be Qing Tainhou of Da Qin Dynasty.”

Zhu Sijia suddenly chipped in. Ye Chuan had let many matters to her, she had dealt with many matters inside and outside of sect. At that time, she just happened to hear a few reports from spies about the affairs of Qing Tianhou. She paused for a moment and looking at Ye Chuan, she continued, “There is a Duke who had suddenly appeared in Da Qin Dynasty in recent years. Allegedly, that fellow is not the person of Wilderness World, rather is an expert that came from the world beyond the highest heaven, and he called himself Qing Tainhou. He somehow subjugated the barbarian clans in the western border of Da Qin Dynasty. According to rumor, this fellow looks young in age and handsome, but his cultivation is unfathomable. Even State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng was helpless and couldn’t kill him, so he could only offer amnesty.”

Even State Teacher Jian Tunsheng couldn’t kill him?

The complexion of Ye Chuan suddenly changed, he perfectly knew how powerful State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng was. At that time, if it wasn’t for the sudden appearance of White Haired Heavenly Empress of Heaven Yao Sect, he might have died there under the hands of State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng. Looking at that way, it seemed this Qing Tianhou truly was extraordinary. He should be at least a Half-Sage realm super expert!

“It is said that Qing Tianhou often says something people are unable to make sense and do things people are unable to understand. Furthermore, there are several words he keep on saying over and over daily, for instance, something ‘unless a man looks out for himself, Heaven and Earth will destroy him’, ‘I’m the only one who can decide my destiny’, ‘now that I have come, I will control this world’. Moreover, his behavior is extremely flippant and impudent.” Zhu Sijia said with a solemn expression.

Without a doubt, this person was extremely unreasonable and hard to deal with. Originally, Zhu Sijia had thought that they would no cross path with this fellow as he was in the western border of Da Qin Dynasty, but beyond her expectation, they crossed path so quickly.

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