Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 440

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 440: Qing Tainhou

This Iron Blooded Banner left behind by State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng rapidly expanded in the hand of Ye Chuan and along with the fluttering sound, its momentum rose.

Old Demon of Mount Yin and Little Long’er lean onto Ye Chuan and stood together with him. With them three cooperating, even a Half-Sage realm expert should think over again. Rain Demon however rushed forward without any hesitation and his speed was getting faster and faster. He didn’t even look at Old Demon of Mount Yin and Little Long’er, he just thrust his sword straight towards the glabella of Ye Chuan.

In the cabin, everyone became all the more nervous. Plague Archfiend Abasi walked over to the door of his cabin and prepared to make a move at any time.

When the distance between them was less than five meters, Red Demon accelerated again. The sword in his hand buzzed and suddenly exploded into countless small sharp blades of water. And in an instant, a wall appeared in front of the trio of Ye Chuan. This tall wall made up of sharp blades shot towards the trio of Ye Chuan, giving them nowhere to hide.

“Be careful!’

Ye Chuan waved the Iron Blooded Banner in his hand putting forth his strength and ding, ding, ding, ding…… sounds continuously rang out along with the whistling sounds of sharp blades. Little Long’er and Old Demon of Mount Yin simultaneously roared and prepared their respective strongest move. But, looking over, they couldn’t see even a shadow of Rain Demon. Behind, from cabins, suddenly screaming, fighting and shrieking sounds resounded.

Assassin Rain Demon had rushed into the cabin and started killing. That tall wall of sharp blades was actually just a distraction.

Ye Chuan immediately turned around and rushed into the cabin. He saw several sea demon warriors were already lying on their pool of blood. And now, assassin Rain Demon was rushing straight towards Sea Demon Patriarch, and he took out a long tube made up of light green jade from who knows where. Then, pressing the mechanism of this tube, over a hundred small needles whistled towards Sea Demon Patriarch.

Even though they were similarly peak Daoist Master realm experts, assassin Rain Demon was clearly a bit stronger than Sea Demon Patriarch, moreover, that tube in his hand was a sinister, ruthless and poisonous killing weapon.


Hai Lili screamed and pulling out her duel sword, she rushed over regardless of her safety.

The needles shot out from that tube was pitch-black, clearly were smeared with poison, and Sea Demon Patriarch didn’t have much space to move. But, assassin Rain Demon continued to make a move, he pulled the void and a raindrop flew inside from the window and transforming into a sharp blade flew towards Sea Demon Patriarch. This attack was swift and ferocious. It appeared as if he wouldn’t stop until he killed Sea Demon Patriarch.


Ye Chuan was angry. He rushed over holding Iron Blooded Banner and circulating nine Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, the strength of 162,000 jin suddenly erupted along with dense killing intent.

Little Long’er and Old Demon of Mount Yin also rushed in and attacked without any hesitation. But, assassin Rain Demon unexpectedly ignored the attacks behind him, he ferociously rushed towards Sea Demon Patriarch who was paralyzed by the poison. Seeing this, the complexion of Hai Lili became pale, and for a moment, she thought to use her innate skill to freeze the time, but it was already too late.

This Rain Demon specialized in assassination and he was very skilled in killing stronger opponents and had killed many. Originally, when he was just Rank 6 Daoist Master realm, he had already terrified people, but now, reaching peak Daoist Master realm, he who was already a top-notch assassin had become a super assassin. In addition, he was faster than Ye Chuan.

“Who……, who sent you?”

Looking at this ferocious Rain Demon, Sea Demon Patriarch became pale and his eyes were filled with shock and unwillingness along with a trace of despair.

Caught unguarded, now, he was unable to move himself, and even though he had a high cultivation base, he was unable to show his strength. He could only look at assassin Rain Demon rushing over. In addition, the poison had already spread to his internal organs and he found it hard to breathe. Moreover, his heartbeat was chaotic and he felt exhausted.

Rain Demon didn’t speak, he didn’t answer the question of Sea Demon Patriarch, he just accelerated again and the raindrop sharp blade in his hand whistled towards the glabella of Sea Demon Patriarch.

Two fingers suddenly appeared from one side and caught that sharp blade.

“What a good super assassin! But, want to assassin in front of this lordship, trifling peak Daoist Master realm is still not enough!’

Plague Archfiend Abasi flew in front of Sea Demon Patriarch and blocked the attack of Rain Demon. The sharp blade even Ye Chuan didn’t dare to block was firmly caught with his fingers. Immediately after that, he palmed the chest of Rain Demon breaking his ribs. Moreover, he was sent flying and heavily landed on the solid deck.

At that critical moment, Ye Chuan, Little Long’er, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others were too late to save Sea Demon Patriarch, only one person was an exception.

As the only Half-Sage realm expert beside Ye Chuan, Plague Archfiend Abasi was undoubtedly outstanding. The technique of Rain Demon was strange and his speed was very fast, but he had never thought that there was a Half-Sage realm expert hidden within the cabin. As a result, he ate a big loss!

Plague Archfiend Abasi feared water, so he didn’t dare to stay on the deck, but in the cabin without water, he naturally wasn’t afraid and he could easily use 70-80% of his strength and this 70-80% was something Rain Demon couldn’t endure.

“Chase, capture him, capture him alive!”

Ye Chuan turned around and rush towards the deck wanting to capture Rain Demon alive.

This attack of Rain Demon was truly confusing, they must capture him alive and interrogate him!

Everyone else also trued around and rushed towards the deck. Little Long’er was the fastest, he directly smashed the cabin wall and rushed towards the deck. Old Demon of Mount Yin closely followed behind. Unfortunately, they were still a step late.

Rain Demon who was heavily injured by Plague Archfiend Abasi stood up with great difficulty and sealing his wounds, he jumped into the sea and disappeared instantly in the dim light of night. Only his hoarse voice came from far away, “Consider yourself lucky tonight, but Lord Qing Tianhou will not let you all off. Old foggy, although I, Rain Demon, was unable to kill you, if you continue to go forward, then you are doomed to die, hahahaha……”

The voice of Rain Demon reverberated through the sky above sea dragon boat.

Little Long’er prepared to pursue but was stopped by Ye Chuan. And behind them, the weeping voice of Hai Lili came, “Grandfather, grandfather, you cannot die, grandfather……”

In the cabin, Sea Demon Patriarch fell to the ground. Although he was still awake, he still couldn’t move, the poison had already spread throughout his internal organs.

And seeing the figure of Ye Chuan, Hai Lili felt as if a sinking man seeing a life-saving straw and begged him to save her grandfather kneeling in front of him.

“Little Long’er, needles!”

Ye Chuan squatted down and carefully examined Sea Demon Patriarch, then poking his acupoints, Ye Chuan used silver needles to let out his blood, moreover, used an ancient technique to cure Sea Demon Patriarch.

For Hai Lili and also for the sake of learning everything, Ye Chuan went all out.

The assassin Rain Demon had fled, but the feeling of danger in the heart of Ye Chuan had yet to dissipate. In addition, he had many doubts in his heart. He wanted to save Sea Demon Patriarch and ask him to clarify those doubts. He vaguely felt that this trip to Lost City was not as simple as what Sea Demon Patriarch had said before.

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