Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 44

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Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 44: Strange blazing person

From a distant place, looking back towards numerous experts of sect rushing over to Evil Dragon Abyss stepping on their flying sword, Ye Chuan secretly shouted lucky, then choosing another path, he quietly returned to Purple Could Courtyard. Now the sky was already very bright.

Ye Chuan sat down cross-legged, and taking out the Cyan Lotus Lamp, he carefully watch it first.

And compared to before, this simple and unadorned small lamp which he had obtained in God Burial Valley had a layer of gloss. Moreover, there was also faint green light circulating, as if sleeping ancient life was gradually reawakening. Although the lamplight was dim, but it illuminate his body with warmness. With the appearance of warmness circulating within the body, Heaven Swallowing Talisman floated in this warm current.

And observing carefully, once could discover two tiny black dots on the body of the lamp, and their position was continuously changing. These two lifelike patterns, as if flowing water circulated all around the lamp. One was Golden Cicada King, and other was white and fat small pig. And then with a thought of Ye Chuan, two yao beasts appeared beside him and felt like he would control them freely as if his fingers.

Golden Cicada King changed into a golden light and landed on the palm of Ye Chuan, and its wings lightly patted his palm frequently, fanning up a little bit of air current. The bulge on its back had gotten bigger, showing more and more obvious sign of it transforming into six winged Golden Cicada. But unlike energetic Golden Cicada King, piggy seemed to have not woken up, just leaning against the leg of Ye Chuan, it was still sound asleep. Its sleeping appearance resembled a sleeping little panda. Looking at just its outer appearance, no one could see that this stupid looking cute piggy had unexpectedly bit ferocious nine headed snake to death.

Ye Chuan thought carefully for a while but found that unexpectedly even he was unable to tell the origin of this piggy. Millions of years ago, when he could conceal the heaven with his hand, he once had charged seven times through the Ancient Ominous Domain, and once by himself used his two legs to measure the Wilderness World, but he didn’t have any memory of seeing this kind of yao beast. He wondered whether this piggy was a mutated species of ancient yao beasts that had survived from ancient times or a new variant that came to be when he was trapped in God Burial Valley for millions of years.

Millions of years ago, he could conceal the heaven with only his hand; now, after escaping from God Burial Valley, things have remained the same but the people were gone. Even Blue Eyed Yao Empress who was always beside him in former days, and Ghost Hand Medicinal King also had disappeared. Ye Chuan didn’t know what had happened in that millions of years, but one thing was certain, something big unforeseen event had definitely occurred in Wilderness World, which caused the emergence of many new experts and yao beasts.

“Even beside Evil Dragon Abyss, piggy, this kind of mutated beast appeared, then what about deeper inside the back mountain? Moreover in the depth of vast Cloud Mist Mountain range, what kind of peerless yao ghosts and Wilderness mutated yao beasts exist?”

Ye Chuan’s heart was somewhat yearning and surging.

Millions of years ago, when he could conceal the heaven with only his hand, Blue Eyed Yao Empress, Ghost Hand Medicinal King and other followers would always stay beside him. Now, if he wishes to return to his previous position of Overlord of Wilderness World, and seize back everything he had lost as well as create a greater glory, then he by himself was far from enough, he needed a group of even more swift and fierce as if wolf and as if tiger followers. And personally taming innately skilled mutated Wilderness beasts were doubtfully the best choice.

Ye Chuan made up his mind to go deeper into the Could Mist Mountain Range, but it was not until after Great Competition. At this moment, the most important things were to heal his wounded spirit and raise his cultivation before the Great Competition to make preparations.

Ye Chuan took in Golden Cicada King and Piggy into the Cyan Lotus Lamp and put away the Cyan Lotus Lamp, then taking out Qingyang fruits, he carefully observed them one by one. Thick fragrance rapidly spread, filling the entire study with its fragrance.

After observing for a good while, Ye Chuan slowly ate one Qingyang fruit. And feeling a little bit of sweetness on the tip of his tongue, his spirit loosens up and felt heat within his body as well as in lower abdomen. He felt as if a blazing fire was burning. After that, the scene of Jin Zhikun doing shadowboxing by himself in his courtyard with his entire blood and qi seething with Yang Qi, he had seen when he had used Yin Spirit Nightwalking appeared before his eyes, and indistinctly, Ye Chuan felt that the person doing shadowboxing in the courtyard changed into himself, then his spirit grew up strong and sturdy, yang qi within his body increased greatly and body also rapidly strengthened.


This is really a good thing!

Ye Chuan didn’t hesitate, and again ate another Qingyang fruit, then his lower abdomen became boiling hot all of a sudden, and his wounded spirit also completely healed at an astonishing speed, becoming even stronger than before. Grasping 3,000 techniques, Ye Chuan who could conceal the heaven with his hand at his most flourishing time, in this moment felt as if he had changed into a martial Xiushi, and just like formidable Jin Zhikun obtained Divine Yang Body.

The Qingyan fruit seeds he had accidentally obtained in Ghost Market gave Ye Chuan unimaginable pleasant surprises.

Sensing the changes in his spirit and body, Ye Chuan directly ate all the remaining Qingyang fruit at one go, then as if his body suddenly became a volcano, his blood changed into boiling hot magma. Although his entire body was boiling hot, but there was not even a bit of discomfort, on the contrary, he felt very comfortable all over his body. Every pore in his body were stretched open, and eagerly swallowed the worldly spiritual qi of the atmosphere like a whale. Now after the internal organs, the blood within his body had a tint of golden gloss.

Blood Refining!

Rank 7 Wuzhe!

Unconsciously, Ye Chuan’s cultivation breakthrough to the final rank of Wuzhe realm. And within his body, another qi vortex faintly appeared, this was the sign of condensing second Heaven Swallowing Talisman. If he breakthrough again, then he would break away from the domain of mortal, and transformed into an infinitely powerful Xiushi with long life, truly embarking on the cultivation path of defying heaven!

Ye Chuan was excited in his heart, and having experienced the breakthrough, he instantly felt carefree. Even when he was able to conceal the heaven with his hand, when his cultivation was much higher, and when his status was aloof and remote, he, however, had never felt this kind of carefreeness.

This, this is the charm of cultivation.

The path of cultivation could truly captivate a person, not an aloof and remote loner who seeks defeat, rather making a breakthrough to surpass the limit of oneself! After millions of years, he restarted to cultivate from the very beginning, this made Ye Chuan feel a kind of different charm.

This breakthrough in cultivation realm was exciting to other people, but Ye Chuan was more concerned with not cultivation realm itself, rather his spirit. Spirit was the key for every Xiushi who yearns for various magical techniques. Wuzhe realms were the crux for laying down the good foundation, so as to facilitates the rapid development of spirit in coming days, so this Wuzhe realm was even more important!


Practically without hesitation, Ye Chuan used a magical technique to let out his spirit from his body, and spread out his divine sense, feeling the outside world.

In the study, there was still lingering fragrance of Qingyang fruit;

Outside, a centipede running along the corner of the wall, feeling the yang qi within the body of Ye Chuan, ran away in panic.

In the sky of Purple Cloud Peak, worldly spirit qi was gushing in like tidewater, forming a spectacular spiritual qi vortex.


The spirit of Ye Chuan steadily rose as if riding the clouds and flying on the mist, and his divine sense spread far away.

Compared to before, his spirit had grown three times more powerful, and the range of his divine sense slowly spread from Purple Cloud Courtyard to entire Purple Cloud Peak, then entire Cloud Mist Sect. His divine sense swept numerous peaks of Cloud Mist Sect.

Just then, a scorching hot flame appeared in the divine sense of Ye Chuan, which was accompanied by loud and clear roars and bursts of exclamation. Carefully sensing with his divine sense, he realized that this was not a flame, rather an expert with his whole body shrouded in flame. He moved a hundred meters in one step, and was holding a person in his underarm who was constantly struggling. That short and stout person and that voice seemed very familiar.


Ye Chuan was startled, and his spirit quickly returned back to his body and his complexion became solemn. And before he could go to rescue fatty, he heard fatty’s crying out in alarm sound at the foot of the mountain. This strange person who was shrouded in flame unexpectedly came straight towards Purple Cloud Courtyard!

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