Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 439

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 439: Meeting Rain Demon again

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, what’s wrong?”

Zhu Sijia asked and looked around but she didn’t see anything peculiar.

In the latter half of the night, the rain gradually grew bigger, drenching their clothing as well as making them feel even colder. But, the sea surface was calm without any waves and there was also no aura of yao beasts. The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and the warriors of Sea Demon Clan were walking around. Some had just walked out of their cabin and were stretching their body while inhaling fresh air. And some were washing the bloodstain from the deck taking advantage of this rain. Nothing appeared peculiar.

Ye Chuan didn’t speak. He even closed his eyes. He just used his divine sense to sense around.

After capturing and taming super electric eel, the feeling of danger in his heart had finally disappeared, but just a moment ago, that feeling of danger had appeared again for an instant in his heart. Moreover, it was even stronger than before. Although it was only an instant, it shook the heart of Ye Chuan.

The danger hadn’t passed yet, furthermore, even more dangerous demon was lurking around the sea dragon boat!

Ye Chuan became solemn as he spread out his divine sense.

As for Zhu Sijia, watching the change in the expression of Ye Chuan, she didn’t disturb Ye Chuan, she just pulled out her sword and guarded Ye Chuan.

The people were still walking about the deck. They didn’t notice the change of Ye Chuan and Zhu SIjia and also didn’t sense any danger.

The rain got bigger and bigger and made pitter-patter sounds. But, the huge sea dragon boat continued to streak across deserted islands.

Zhu Sijia nervously looked around, but even after a good while, she gained nothing, still, looking at the complexion of Ye Chuan, she had misgivings.

Just at that time, a drop of rain that was falling down from the sky suddenly changed.

When it was just three meters away from the head of Zhu Sijia, this raindrop suddenly elongated and changed into a sharp blade that glimmered with pallid light. Then, it suddenly accelerated towards the head of Zhu Sijia. In a split second, the distance between Zhu Sijia’s head and this blade shortened from three meters to three inches, its speed was so astonishing that it created an ear-piercing whistling sound. With how ferocious it was, it would certainly penetrate the head of Zhu Sijia, then even elixir of life might not be able to save her.

“What’s that sound?”

Everyone stopped and looked around. Zhu Sijia was also stunned. The speed of that sharp blade was too fast, she didn’t even have a chance to know where the danger was coming from.

“Watch out!”

Ye Chuan who was standing still suddenly opened his eyes and pushed Zhu Sijia into the cabin. Immediately after that, a thumb-sized hole appeared on the place where Zhu Sijia was standing just a moment ago. The solid deck was penetrated. Although this deck was not created using the sea dragon bone, it was made using a hard millennium Cedar Willow Tree, moreover, was very thick. But, that sharp blade made up of water drop was able to penetrate it, one could well imagine its sharpness.

“Everyone, return to the cabin, quickly!”

Ye Chuan shouted an order and everyone immediately returned to their cabin. As for himself, he stood still. It was not that he didn’t want to, rather he was already locked onto by powerful spirit energy and he felt heavy pressure. That feeling was just like a giant holding thousands of huge mountains was glaring at him, and if he moved even a bit, then those thousands of huge mountains would crush him!

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and warriors of Sea Demon Clan standing on the deck hastily rushed into their cabins.

Just after that, along with void breaking sounds, over a hundred raindrops simultaneously changed into sharp blades and rained down rapidly. Then, among those who fell behind on the deck, some had their throat severed and some had their stomach cut open. The deck which was just washed clean was again dyed red with blood.

This sudden attack was strange, swift and ferocious. People were caught unprepared!

The nerves of Ye Chuan were stretched taut and his back was drenched with cold sweat.

To help super electric eel refine and strengthen its body, he had expended a large amount of vitality, as a result, under the sudden attack of these strange sharp blades, even he didn’t have 100% confidence of dodging. Not to mention these sharp blades were very fast, what was even more frightening was, no one could predict from where it will pop out suddenly. In addition, it was raining now, perhaps, every raindrop might suddenly change into sharp blades, at that time, how could he defend?

Old Demon of Mount Yin and Little Long’er also retreated to the side of Ye Chuan. The stood left and right of Ye Chuan to guard him who had expended a large amount of his vitality. Little Long’er immediately transformed into a demonic dragon. As for Old Demon of Mount Yin, he became solemn and a tough vine sprang out from his palm. Both of them were very alert. In the cabin, Plague Archfiend Abasi also stood up. His complexion was cold and he circulated the energy within his body. Not far away, Sea Demon Patriarch took out his weapon and was similarly tense as if they encountered a formidable enemy.

The void breaking sounds resounded again as more than ten raindrops suddenly accelerated towards Ye Chuan, Little Long’er and Old Demon of Mount Yin. In the beginning, they were ordinary raindrops, but when the distance between them was only three meters, each one of those raindrops suddenly changed into a sharp blade glimmering with a pallid light.

Ye Chuan stood still watching those sharp blades and his pupils suddenly shrunk. Suddenly a figure appeared in his mind, assassin Rain Demon.

In his previous life when he concealed the heaven, he could also change raindrops into sharp blades to kill people. But, in this life, he had only seen one man that was capable of doing so. He was none other than top-notch assassin Rain Demon who was invited by Third Elder Bai Yanhu in that year.

“Be careful, it’s assassin Rain Demon!”

Ye Chuan shouted loudly and using Cyan Feather Technique, he swayed left and right, dodging those sharp blades, but three sharp blades brush past his throat. If he was a bit slower, then his head would have been cut off. And at the same time, Little Long’er and Old Demon of Mount Yin were also in danger. They used their own method to dodge or block. Little Long’er was comparatively better as his body was especially doughty. As for Old Demon of Mount Yin, dozens of vines sprang out from his palm and blocked those dangerous blades.

“Boy, you have good judgment, you actually still remember this lordship!”

A cold voice came from far away, and on the dark sea surface, a very thin black robed old man appeared. He didn’t have earlobe of his right ear and his complexion looked sinister and ruthless. In addition, with wrinkles all over his face, he appeared to have one foot in the grave, but his speed was very fast and made people feel danger. He was empty-handed and he flew over the sea surface like a roc. While flying, he grabbed the void with his right hand, then raindrops began to gather together and transformed into a long and sharp sword in his hand. And when he was ten meters away, he suddenly jumped onto the sea dragon boat with dense killing intent.

What kind of sword was that! In the cabin, regardless of the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and warriors of Sea Demon Clan, all were shocked and had their eyes wide open.

The sword in the hand of assassin Rain Demon was formed via the collection of many raindrops, moreover, each raindrop was a sharp blade, and those sharp blades were vibrating in a high speed, making a humming sound. Even later stage Daoist Master realm cultivators were unable to see how many sharp blades had come together to form this sword.

The rebellion of Third Elder Bai Yanyu had already passed long ago. The current cultivation realm of Ye Chuan was far higher than before. But, the cultivation of this assassin Rain Demon who had appeared suddenly on the sea had similarly advanced. His cultivation base was no longer original Rank 6 Daoist Master realm. Sensing the energy fluctuation within his body, he was somewhat more powerful than Old Demon of Mount Yin, indistinctly breaking through to Half-Sage realm!

After leaving at that time, what kind of opportunity and fortune did he encounter?

Looking at this assassin Rain Demon who was getting closer and closer, Ye Chuan became tenser and holding Iron Blooded Banner, he circulated Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body.

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