Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 438

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 438: Cyan lotus Refining Yao

“Little fellow, I finally caught you!”

Ye Chuan carefully sized up this super electric eel brought in front of him and secretly sighed out in relief.

From the start to the end, he had stayed cross-legged on the deck without any movement. It appeared as if he was completely relaxed, but he was in a dangerous situation and was also injured. Every time he used the tentacle to fling this super electric eel to the air, he would suffer the lightning attack of this super electric eel. Sometimes, lightning would spread throughout his body and made his entire body numb. There was a most dangerous moment when his heart had stopped beating and he suffocated, but after a short while, his heartbeat slowly returned to normal.

The super electric eel was still swaying continuously. Now, its head was placed in front of Ye Chuan, but more than half of its body still under the sea. Its huge body was full of wounds as it had become the target everyone’s attacks. Still, lightning crackle around its body from time to time. It appeared scary, merely its injuries were worse than Ye Chuan’s and its vitality was greatly damaged. Now, the current lightning around his body was not sufficient to even defend itself let alone struggle free from the binding of this net and flee.

“Now your body is too huge and too bloated, let me help you refine and transform into a true expert!’

After carefully sizing up this super electric eel, Ye Chuan silently activated Cyan Lotus Lamp, then circulating Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, he dripped a drop of essence blood on the forehead of this super electric eel while using a mysterious technique.

A cyan light flashed illuminating this ferocious super electric eel. Immediately after that, eyes of this powerful overlord of the sea suddenly became blurred and slowly, under the illumination of Cyan Lotus Lamp, its body began to shrink and gradually floated in the air. In the beginning, this super electric eel was more than 100 meters long, but after a few breaths of time, it shrunk and became less than ten meters long.

Cyan Lotus Refining Yao!

Ye Chuan circulated nine Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body and went all out to help this super electric eel refine its body and open its intelligence. This was another mystery of Cyan Lotus Lamp he comprehended after condensing Tentacle Talisman.

This super electric eel trembled and its body issued crackling sounds as its body shrunk and became smaller. And upon careful observation, one could notice a layer of thin cyan light around its body, vaguely showing the sign of transforming into a Cyan Demon from Blue Demon.

This super electric eel had lived for a long time and had separated itself from other ordinary electric eels, becoming a powerful yao beast with distinctive innate skill. It had already reached the level where it might take the final step at any time and transform into a super yao beast with a humanoid form. But, under normal circumstances, no one knew when this day would come, it might be tomorrow, or might be 10,000 years later or even 100,000 years later. In that course of time, no one knows what kind of tribulations it would encounter.

Now, Ye Chuan was helping it using his Cyan Lotus Lamp. If this succeeded, then this super electric eel would become a Half Sage yao beast that was a rank higher than Plague Archfiend Abasi; but upon failure, perhaps, both its soul and body would be annihilated, and even Ye Chuan would suffer a backlash!

The super electric eel trembled more and more violently and chaotic lightning appeared around its body as if it was about to explode, frightening people to retreat to one side. Meanwhile, the forehead of Ye Chuan was dripping with sweat and the light of Cyan Lotus Lamp was also dim and was flickering as if it was about to extinguish.

In order to capture this super electric eel, Ye Chuan was already injured, now, forcibly using Cyan Lotus Lamp to help this super electric eel transform worsened his injuries as the energy consumption was far more than he had expected.

At that time, a steady and powerful big hand was pressed on the back of Ye Chuan and majestic and pure energy was injected into his body.

Plague Archfiend Abasi had quickly taken a step forward and injected his vitality into Ye Chuan. Even Old Demon of Mount Yin who had yet to recover from his injuries walked forward and provide a helping hand to Ye Chuan along with Abasi by injecting his vitality into Ye Chuan. With the help of these two, the spirit of Ye Chuan soared, then biting the tip of his tongue, he spat a mouthful of blood on the Cyan Lotus Lamp. Instantly, the cyan light of this Cyan Lotus Lamp became brighter.

Now, this super electric eel shrunk even faster and after becoming the size of a chopstick, it slowly stabilized. Although its current size was not even one percent of its original size, its aura was far more powerful and lightning that occasionally flickered around its body made people feel several times more dangerous. Observing carefully, this lightning was unexpectedly cyan color and they swayed like an alive lightning snake, making the scalp of people tingle.

“Final moment, transform!”

Ye Chuan roared and spat another mouthful of blood on the Cyan Lotus Lamp. This time, the cyan light was even more flourishing, but that super electric eel was no longer shrinking, it appeared as if it had already shrunk to its limit. And after a burst of sudden violent trembling, it flashed and changing into a hint of cyan light, it disappeared. Immediately after this, Ye Chuan trembled and became pale.

“Eh, did I fail?”

“Your Excellency, are you alright?”

Plague Archfiend Abasi and Old Demon of Mount Yin exclaimed at the same time. Zhu Sijia and also rushed over and worriedly looked at Ye Chuan.

“I am fine.”

After a while, Ye Chuan sighed and secretly felt this was pitiful.

After leaving God Burial Valley, this was the first time he had used Cyan Lotus Lamp to forcibly help a yao beast refine its body and raise its cultivation realm. And with the help of Plague Archfiend Abasi and Old Demon of Mount Yin, the body of that super electric eel was strengthened substantially, unfortunately, in the end, it was unable to break through to Half-Sage realm and completely transform into a super yao beast.

It’s a pity, his cultivation was too low. If he had broken through to Sage realm or even Half-Sage realm, then would he have failed?

Ye Chuan shook his head and took a deep breath, then standing up, he prepared to return to his cabin and enter seclusion to heal his injuries. Although he had failed at the last moment, in summary, the result of this time was still very good. Now, he had another powerful yao beast around him. After recuperating in Cyan Lotus Lamp for a period of time, the fighting power of that super electric eel would certainly take another step further!

The rain was still falling and it was getting even colder.

Zhu Sijia walked over and helped Ye Chuan walk to his cabin without any hesitation. Usually, she was too shy and didn’t dare to display her relationship with Ye Chuan in public, but now, she couldn’t afford to think about it.

“Junior apprentice sister, how about we cultivate in a pair?”

Taking advantage of this chance, Ye Chuan leaned over and whispered in the ear of Zhu Sijia.

“Big senior Asp prentice brother, you rogue!”

Zhu Sijia stamped her feet and her beautiful face became red to her ears. Even though her nature was bold and vigorous, she was somewhat unable to withstand this. Before a big crowd, Ye Chuan actually dared to ask her to cultivate in a pair!

“Eh, what I mean is, this Big Senior Apprentice Brother, I am inviting you to cultivate a technique called Demonic Dragon Sutra. It can cure injuries and also accelerate the cultivating speed, Little Long’er also knows it.”

Ye Chuan spoke honestly, just a moment ago, he was truly was not flirting with Zhu Sijia. In the midst of capturing that super electric eel, he was injured, and later, his injuries worsened and he expended a lot of vitality, so to recover quickly, cultivating Demonic Dragon Sutra was the best choice, so he had suggested without thinking much.

“Humph, do you think I will believe you? I am going!”

Zhu Sijia said with the expression of not believing the words of Ye Chuan, but her hands were still carefully supporting Ye Chuan fearing Ye Chuan might accidentally fall down into the sea.

“There are many women in this word, still, junior apprentice sister, you are the best for me, if we can be together……”

Ye Chuan smiled, and just when he was thinking of flirting with Zhu Sijia, his footsteps suddenly stopped and he looked towards the distant place with a solemn complexion.


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