Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 437

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 437: Perfect counter

Feeling something was wrong, Ye Chuan quickly ordered, making the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect stop attacking and rest. He let warriors of Sea Demon Clan deal with those remaining swordfishes.

The whistling sounds of the arrows of Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows quickly stopped.

The numbers of swordfishes jumping out of the sea rapidly decreased and the sea surface quickly became calm again, and as if this sea dragon boat was something terrifying, no fish swam around this boat. Now, only the sounds of sea waves and rain fell in the ears of everyone.

Ye Chuan was calm and composed sitting on the deck.

The super electric eel staged a comeback that was more powerful than he had expected. Not only its innate skill was peculiar, it actually schemed to use the swordfish school to deplete their energy and arrows, but it was also craftier than a great demon. But, this only made him more eager. When he tamed this electric eel, it would increase the power of his side without a doubt!

Ye Chuan calmly observed the changes while quietly circulating nine Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, secretly preparing to make a fatal move.

In this life, after making Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Secrets his life technique, he had made up his mind to form a powerful yao beast legion to lord over the Wilderness World again. Low-leveled yao beasts could be seen everywhere in Cloud Mist Mountain Range and vast sea, but super yao beasts with distinctive innate skills that could contend against first-rate experts were very hard to come by. He needed not only many yao beasts, but also needed super yao beasts that could take charge of other yao beasts. This super electric eel that had staged a comeback was exactly what he was looking for!

The repressive silence didn’t last long, the super electric eel that was lurking under the sea was unable to endure first.

The calm sea surface suddenly splashed and terrifying lightning bolts shot out. Shortly afterward, over a thousand electric eels jumped out of the sea surface and entered the cabin from the hole and cracks created by swordfishes.

The super electric eel that had come prepared initiated the second wave of attacks.

Sea demon warriors became busy dealing with the attack of these electric eels while trying to block those holes and cracks left behind by those swordfishes. Often, screaming voices would resound throughout the boat as someone would get electrocuted frequently. Fortunately, all of those electric eels were ordinary, far weaker than that terrifying super electric eel. They would only feel uncomfortable for a moment when they accidentally got electrocuted. As for the numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, they retreated to once corner under the command of Ye Chuan to conserve their strength, and no one shot an arrow.

That super electric eel was trying to deplete their energy and arrows, so Ye Chuan directly met plot with the plot, causing the illusion that their arrows had been exhausted.

Even more electric eels jumped out of the water, and slowly, some more than one meter long electric eels began to appear. Although they were still far weaker than that super electric eel, they were ferocious and the lightning they discharged could make sea demon warriors collapse for a while, and even suffer some injuries.

But, Ye Chuan still sat cross-legged on the deck. He looked calm on the surface, but he had begun to get a little nervous in his heart, knowing that super electric eel was coming. The robe he was wearing fluttered and those electric eels that rushed towards him were sent flying by invisible energy before they reached him. Sure enough, after these fierce attacks, along with a crash, the super electric eel jumped out of the water and its huge body ferociously slammed towards Ye Chuan on the deck. At this moment, its body was glimmering with blue light and lightning was crackling around its body.

But, at the moment, Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows roared and whistling sounds resounded.

Zhu Sijia attacked first. Half kneeling at the entrance of a cabin that was near the deck, she aimed at the head of this super electric eel and sharp arrows whistled out. Immediately after that, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect reacted, over one hundred Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows roared simultaneously as sharp arrows flew towards this super electric eel.

This super electric eel was very cunning, unfortunately, Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows were different from what it had imagined, they shot arrows made up of energy. As long as the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were not completely exhausted, they could continue to attack!

This ferocious super electric eel suddenly paused and its huge body rapidly swayed, shooting out lightning bolts, forcibly knocking down the arrows. In an instant, the sky above sea dragon boat became a lightning domain. But, there were too many arrows, even if this super electric eel was more ferocious, it was also unable to endure the suppression of over hundred Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows and bloody holes began to appear all over its body.

This super electric eel that had staged a comeback was caught unprepared and ate a big loss. It wailed mournfully and had no choice but to retreat into the water. And in the next moment, swimming to the other side of the sea dragon boat, it suddenly burst out of the sea surface and pounced on towards Ye Chuan with its mouth wide open, wanting to swallow Ye Chuan whole.

But, Ye Chuan continued to sit still coldly watching this super electric eel as if he had no intention to personally make a move.

Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows roared again and a large number of arrows rained down again, forcing this super electric eel retreat into the sea again. Such circumstances repeated many times, no matter from which direction this super electric eel sprang out, it would be welcomed by the rain of arrows. Soon, its entire body was dripping with blood, lightning around its body also decreased and the power of its lightning also was not as good as before. So, after swimming a few laps around the sea dragon boat, it had no choice but to leave in a huff.

At that time, a long tentacle suddenly appeared behind Ye Chuan and shot towards that super electric eel like a ferocious snake. And just before that super electric eel disappeared, this tentacle suddenly plunged into the water and bound the tail of that super electric eel. Crackle, the terrifying lightning spread along this tentacle and shocked Ye Chuan, but at the same time, this super electric eel was also flung high in the air outside of the sea by this tentacle.


Zhu Sijia loudly commanded and over a hundred Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows roared again. As for the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect without Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows and sea demon warriors, they simultaneously used their flying swords to attack in succession.

Enduring the lightning attack, Ye Chuan circulated Tentacle Talisman within his body to prevent this super electric eel from escaping. The latter clearly was caught unprepared and again suffered heavy injuries and after falling into the water again, it didn’t dare to continue fighting, it hastily fled, but that wicked tentacle appeared again. And at the same time, a demonic dragon rushed over and blocked its path along with that tentacle, then was forced out of the water once again.

Little Long’er also made a move, he attacked this greatly injured super electric eel. And when the latter discharged lightning as the result, he would immediately fly high up in the sky and after the lightning disappears, he would dive into the sea again and intercept it. And inspired by Little Long’er, Old Demon of Mount Yin also used a technique and joined the pursuit. Now, he didn’t use his vine to tie up this lightning covered super electric eel, he freely manipulated it to force the latter to dodge here and there, and often seizing the chance, he would attack ferociously.

Lightning around its body was the powerful aspect of this super electric eel, its body in itself was not doughty enough. It couldn’t even stop the attack of Dragon headed Flying Crossbows let alone the sharp claws of Little Long’er and the sneak attack of Old Demon of Mount Yin. Encountering the suppression of Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows, it couldn’t approach the sea dragon boat, but now, it couldn’t even run away. Slowly, its injuries became worse and worse, and after an hour, it was finally on the verge of death and was caught. Sea demon warriors used a net to catch it and brought it in front of Ye Chuan.

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