Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 436

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 436: Very ferocious yao beast

The sea dragon boat continued to sail forward in this vast sea.

The injury of Sea Demon Patriarch was not light. Even though he was the first one to suffer the attack of that super electric eel, even now, his hair was standing erect and his body was emitting a faint burning smell. But, perhaps, he was homesick and impatient, this old man struggled to stand up despite the dissuasion, and then commanded his clansmen to start sea dragon boat and hurry on with their journey even though it was a rainy night.

This rain was not big, but along with the cold wind, everyone felt chill. The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and the warriors of Sea Demon Clan all shrunk in the cabin. Only Ye Chuan was silently sitting cross-legged on the deck, and vapor curled up from his body as before the ice-cold raindrops reached his body, they would be turned into vapor by invisible energy around his body. This vapor lingered around Ye Chuan and indistinctly flowed beside Ye Chuan like flowing water, reflecting rippling light.

Within the body of Ye Chuan, that flowing water shaped Heaven Swallowing Talisman was revolving rapidly while emitting powerful energy fluctuation.

After coming to Overseas World, among his nine Heaven Swallowing Talismans, the most active Heaven Swallowing Talisman was not Iron Blooded Banner Talisman, rather was this Flowing Water Talisman. In addition, after refining the tentacle of that tentacle monster of the world beyond the highest heaven, he had successfully condensed a Tentacle Talisman and it had also begun to get restless, gradually becoming active. And at that time, a thought appeared in the mind of Ye Chuan, he wanted to jump into this vast sea and have a good swim.

In the places with water, Flowing Water Talisman being active was very normal. But, his Tentacle Talisman was also so active, could it be that it also belonged to water and it can display its true might in water?

With a thought, a tentacle phantom appeared behind Ye Chuan, and sure enough, worldly spiritual qi in the air rapidly surged and the Tentacle Talisman within his body rotated rapidly, indistinctly surpassing the momentum of Flowing Water Talisman.

Crash, at that time, the sound of sea wave came from far away.

In the vast sea, the sound of sea wave was nothing unusual, but this sea wave sound was somewhat different. Looking around, nothing could be seen outside of 100 meters, but Ye Chuan suddenly felt danger in his heart. He immediately became alert and stood still with tentacle phantom behind him. Sure enough, after listening carefully, something was truly not right, strange sea wave sounds were coming from all around the sea dragon boat.

It came!

That super electric eel, it has finally come, it came so quickly!

Ye Chuan clapped his hand and Little Long’er who was standing at one side quickly rushed over. And very quickly, he transmitted the order of Ye Chuan to everyone. The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect didn’t come out to the deck and it was still very quiet inside the deck, but all doors and windows were slightly opened, and one could indistinctly see Dragon Headed Flying Bows from those cracks. Old Demon of Mount Yin also struggled to come out of the secret room upon hearing the news, then snatching a flying sword from one disciple, he gnashed his teeth, ready to make a move.

After learning the profound lesson before, he didn’t dare to use his vine to attack this super electric eel, but he vowed to stab it with this flying sword if the opportunity arises!

After eating a big loss, everyone already found a way to deal with this super electric eel. They were already prepared to open a distance using flying swords and powerful crossbows to deal with this yao beast.

The strange sea wave sounds came closer and closer, now, even ordinary disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and warriors of Sea Demon Clan could hear them. Everyone was tense. If someone had flown into the air, then they would have discovered that although there still was a light rain, the wind had stopped blowing, but sea wave was strangely approaching sea dragon boat from all direction. On the sea surface, there was neither blue mist nor lightning.

“Eh, strange, could it be that it is not that super electric eel but another yao beast?”

Ye Chuan was somewhat surprised, and after their distance got a bit closer, he sensed many auras of life.

The strange sea wave sounds suddenly accelerated and rapidly got closer and closer, and when the wave was only ten meters away from sea dragon boat, along with a loud bang, over hundred palm-sized swordfishes jumped out of the sea surface and flew towards sea dragon boat. Along with many whistling sounds, these over hundred swordfishes ferociously collided into the sailcloth, doors and windows of sea dragon boat, and died with a smashed head. But, more swordfishes jumped out of the water and flew towards sea dragon boat as if a moth flying toward the fire.

In the cabin, disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and warriors of Sea Demon Clan who were ready to make a move were stunned.

What was going on here? Did these swordfishes go crazy?

Sea Demon warriors who had lived in the sea since their childhood were dumbfounded. They had never seen this kind of situation, but very quickly, they came back to their senses.

Under the insane suicide attack of these swordfishes, the hull of sea dragon boat that was made from the bones and skin of sea dragon was completely fine, but the sailcloth and wooden boards covering the cabins quickly cracked and many holes appeared. Then, many swordfishes crazily rushed in through those cracks and holes and bumped into disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and warriors of Sea Demon Clan. And upon collision, they felt stinging pain as if they were hit by a spear. Some of them were unfortunately hit on eyes, forehead or nose and immediately began to bleed. And there were also some who were unfortunately bitten and their skin and flesh were torn off.

In the vast sea, swordfishes were very common. These palm-sized swordfishes were usually 20 or so years old, they weren’t counted as yao beast, but their speed was very fast, their head was solid and their teeth were very sharp. They would always appear in a large group. In the smallest group, there were would several hundred and in the large group, there would be thousands upon thousands. Even hungry bullhead shark would flee upon encountering these swordfishes.

“Block the cracks!”

“Get rid of these fishes!”

Everyone finally reacted and made a move in succession. With the collision with these swordfishes, even if no one was seriously injured, if the sea dragon boat was destroyed, then they would be in big trouble. In an instant, swords and daggers flashed and crossbows’ arrows whistled. Although swordfishes jumping out of the water was powerful, their fighting power was very limited. Even ordinary fisherman could deal with these swordfishes, running into elite cultivators was just courting death. The disciple of Cloud Mist Sect and sea demon warriors jointly killed these swordfishes without restraint, and the sea surface was quickly filled with the corpses of swordfishes. Some of them were pierced by the crossbow arrow, some of them were cut into pieces, and some of them had their internal organs destroyed. At least three thousand swordfishes had died. Among them, most were shot dead by Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows. With over one hundred Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows at work, no matter how many swordfishes rushed over, they were just courting death.

In the cabin, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and warriors of Sea Demon Clan showed their power. Old Demon of Mount Yin who had just eaten a big loss was even more ferocious, he killed all around using his killing techniques. His dozens of vines would immediately bound the swordfishes immediately upon their arrival and piercing their body, he would absorb their essence blood dry while laughing.

When everyone was killing without any restraint, Ye Chuan who was sitting cross-legged on the deck however looked solemn and his heart was sinking more and more.

With the death of a large number of swordfishes, the number of swordfishes that were jumping out of the sea also became less, but the feeling of danger in the heart of Ye Chuan not only didn’t disappear instead became stronger and stronger. The suicide attack of these swordfishes, the more he looked at it, the more it resembled a scheme to deliberately deplete their energy and arrows, true attack had yet to come, but thinking about it again, this thought was somewhat comical, it was just an electric eel that had yet to transform into a humanoid form, could it also scheme?

Ye Chuan was puzzled in his heart, and at the same time, he became all the more nervous. If this truly was a scheme, then that super electric eel with peculiar innate skill was even more not simple and it might be even harder to deal with.

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