Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 435

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 435: Indescribable danger

At the critical moment, Zhu Sijia gritted her teeth and rushed out, and beyond her expectation, blood gushed out when she directly stabbed the body of that huge electric eel. Only a little bit more and her sword would pierce through its brain.

So easy to deal with it, wasn’t this too simple?

Zhu Sijia was dumbfounded. Originally, she only wanted to restrain it, but she had never expected that it was so easy to pierce through such a powerful electric eel. But, in the next moment, she knew that she was wrong. A lightning bolt quickly spread through the sword to her body. She immediately felt numb and became stiff, then lost her consciousness. As for that huge electric eel, it suddenly turned around and ferociously rushed towards Zhu Sijia wanting to swallow her first.

This super electric eel had yet to transform into a humanoid form, but it was very sly. It intentionally gave Zhu Sijia the impression of weakness, then seizing the opportunity, it ferociously counterattacked. As long as anyone touches its body, they would be attacked by lightning around its body.

At that time, a blackened vine streak across the sky and blocked this super electric eel.

Old Demon of Mount Yin also made a move. A tough vine suddenly appeared from his palm. The tip of this vine was sharp like a dagger.

This super electric eel was clearly unprepared, this blackened vine bound it and a scream resounded. But, this scream didn’t come from this bound electric eel, rather came from Old Demon of Mount Yin.

More than a dozen lightning blots had spread through this vine to Old Demon of Mount Yin, and in an instant, Old Demon of Mount Yin was nearly burned to coke!

The innate skill of this electric eel was displayed to the extreme!

In terms of cultivation, it had yet to reach one million years which was equivalent to peak Daoist Master realm expert, merely was a blue demon. It couldn’t be considered as a peerless evil spirit of the vast sea; In terms of its body, its body was far inferior to Dragon Clan’s doughty body, even ordinary sword could cut it; in terms of speed, it also couldn’t be considered very fast, moreover, it could merely discharge electricity. But, this one move nearly made it invincible, no one could touch it!

Roar! Along with an angry roar, a fireball shot out from inside the cabin, breaking off the vine that connected that electric eel and Old Demon of Mount Yin, then flew towards the electric eel.

Plague Archfiend Abasi who had been cowering in the cabin finally made a move. As soon as he had boarded the boat, he had withdrawn to a corner of a cabin as he who feared neither Heaven nor Earth innately feared water. Usually, even if there was big trouble outside, he wouldn’t come out. But, it was different now, he had to make a move. He could ignore other people, but he had to rescue Zhu Sijia and Old Demon of Mount Yin regardless of anything, otherwise, he couldn’t explain to Ye Chuan.

The unstoppable super electric eel suddenly swayed and ducked to one side. It clearly had misgivings about that fireball.

As long as there was direct contact with bodies, this electric eel would never dodge as it could take advantage to initiate a violent counterattack. But, attacking projectiles such as this fireball was its natural enemy, the lightning around its body was useless.

“Use Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows!

A low but powerful voice suddenly resounded in the ears of the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect.

Ye Chuan pushed open the wooden door of a secret room and walked out, then coldly looked at this super electric eel.

The terrified disciples of Cloud Mist Sect that were hiding in the cabin reacted quickly. They used Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows to make an attack. Just the first round of attack already made a dozen bloody holes on the body of this electric eel. Because of its huge body, even if it dodged, with over a hundred Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows, it was suppressed quickly. After that, it whined and jumped into the sea and disappeared.

Upon seeing this, everyone relaxed and quickly rushed to the deck to save people. Zhu Sijia, Hai Lili and others couldn’t move, but fortunately, they were not mortally injured. Just after resting for a while, they regained their consciousness. On the contrary, Old Demon of Mount Yin who had attacked in the final moment had the most severe injury. The vine that he shot out from his palm was his distinctive killing move that was difficult to guard against, but he suffered a big loss this time. Other people were hit by only one lightning bolt, but he was hit by dozens of lightning bolts, so he was almost burned to coke.

“Your……, Your Excellency, help me catch that damned electric eel, I……, I want to devour it!”

Old Demon of Mount Yin said, gnashing his teeth. Now, Zhu Sijia and others could already stand up, but he was still lying, unable to move. In addition, although his consciousness was clear, he couldn’t feel his body as if his body had become someone else’s. He could just lie on the ground like a blackened coke and smell the burnt smell coming out of his body, this feeling truly terrible. Ever since he had become the follower of Ye Chuan, he had never been in such sore straits.

“Rhodes, I will help you avenge yourself, rest assured. Guards, carry Rhodes in and treat his injuries.”

Ye Chuan instructed and walked to the deck.

After that terrifying battle, everyone didn’t dare to approach the deck, only Ye Chuan alone went there.

Looking around, he couldn’t see any trace of that ferocious super electric eel and that blue mist around the sea dragon boat had also disappeared. Perhaps, it was severely injured or perhaps, it was frightened by Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows in the hand of everyone and fireball of Abasi, that super electric eel had disappeared without a trace, not daring to appear again.

“It’s a pity, if I had woken up earlier, then would that super electric eel have escaped so easily?” Looking at the vast sea, Ye Chuan though inwardly.

For Old Demon of Mount Yin and others, this super electric eel was a bitter enemy, but for Ye Chuan, it was a potential follower with a powerful innate skill. Using Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Secrets, he would have easily tamed it, making a powerful helper. It had yet to transform into a humanoid form but it was already so ferocious and its cultivation was one step away from Half-Sage realm. If it became a Half-Sage yao beast, then its fighting power would definitely be above Plague Archfiend Abasi!

Yao beasts and cultivators were different. For yao beasts, the most powerful aspect was not cultivation realm, rather was whether they had unique innate skill. The innate skill of this super electric eel was very rare and also was very distinctive. In a group battle and chaotic battle, its innate skill could definitely become a killer move. In addition, gathering many yao beasts with different unique innate skills, through clever arrangement and combination, their combat power could multiply geometrically!

Ye Chuan suddenly sat cross-legged on the deck!

Although that super electric eel had disappeared without a trace, he had a hunch that this yao beast wouldn’t give up in just this fashion, and it was very likely that it would stage a comeback. At that time, he would have a chance to capture it. In addition, he didn’t know whether it was his misconception or not, but Ye Chuan vaguely felt danger, the closer they reached to Lost City, the more obvious it was. But he was not sure whether this danger was coming from that ferocious super electric eel or from somewhere else.

The horizon was gloomy and the drizzle never stopped. This night appeared as if it was much slower than any other night before.

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