Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 434

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 434: Super electric eel

The rain continuously hit on the deck making a pitter-patter sounds.

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and the warriors of Sea Demon Clan were still sleeping. It was very quiet inside the cabin. On the deck, sea demon patriarch however slowly stood up and tightly held Bullhead Shark Thorn.

That blue mist on the sea surface was getting denser and denser, and the area covered was also getting bigger and bigger, gradually surrounding sea dragon boat and moving along with it.

Sea demon patriarch frowned with a solemn look.

The blue demon hidden under the sea was far more powerful than he had expected. This blue mist was very concentrated, one could vaguely see cyan color in the midst of it. This proved one point, this blue demon had nearly reached one million years and would transform soon. Being able to emit cyan mist indicate that a yao beast had reached at least one million years old, they were commonly known as Cyan Demons.

The sea dragon boat was still sailing forward, but slowly, the speed slowed down as if countless invisible ropes had bound it. And at the same time, the dangerous aura suddenly rose sharply as crackling sounds came from under the sea. In addition, lightning would come from under the sea every now and then.

“What’s that sound?”

“Why did the boat stop?”

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and warriors of Sea Demon Clan in the cabins woke up in succession and rushed over to the deck. And seeing the current circumstance, the complexion of everyone changed.

“Be careful, it’s a nearly one-million-year-old Super Electric Eel!”

Sea Demon Patriarch warned in a low voice while sweating profusely.

After the careful observation for a while, he finally understood what kind of yao beast they had encountered and he became all the more nervous.

Electric Eels were very common, there were many in the sea, but usually, they had the life span of only ten or so years. Those that could live for one hundred years were already very rare. As for those that could break through 1000 years, they should be very lucky, either they happened to enter the dwelling left behind by an ancient sage or found some treasures. As for those that broke through 100,000 years or even one million years, they absolutely were heaven-defying yao beasts, even ordinary peak Daoist Master realm experts might not necessarily be their opponent!

Crackling sounds became louder and louder as thousands of lightning bolts shot out from under the sea, which changed into a lightning net and bound sea dragon boat. People standing on the deck felt tingling sensation on their feet as if they were getting an electric shock. One sea demon warrior, out of curiosity or falling down because of that tingling sensation, suddenly leaned on the deck fence, exposing the upper part of his body outside the boat.

“Watch out!”

Sea Demon Patriarch cried out in alarm, and rushed over to save him, unfortunately, he was late.

A long tail suddenly burst out from the sea surface. There was lightning around this tail. This tail hit that unfortunate sea demon warrior, seriously injuring him, then coiling around his neck, he was flung into the sea. Now, even air bubbles couldn’t be seen on the sea surface.

Sea demon warriors had lived in the sea since their childhood, thus, even if they were dragged into the water by someone powerful, even if they were not an opponent, they could at least struggle a little, waiting for reinforcement. But, encountering this nearly one-million-year-old Super Electric Eel, they didn’t have time to even call for help!

Sea demon patriarch stopped and he looked nervous. As for the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and warriors of Sea Demon Clan on the deck, their limbs were ice-cold and everyone was pale.

It was still raining, the clothes on their body were already drenched making them feel especially cold.

At that time, on the calm sea surface, circular ripples suddenly appeared as if many undercurrents had suddenly appeared under the sea.

Experienced sea demon warriors knew that that super electric eel hidden under the sea was spinning around the sea dragon boat, looking for new prey. A lightning bolt shot out from the sea surface along with a crackling sound. Hearing this sound, everyone felt as if they were approaching the jaws of death.

Fortunately, the material used to build sea dragon boat was special and it was not an ordinary boat or even an armored ship made with iron, otherwise, these dense bolts of lightning would have spread throughout the boat and everyone would have been electrocuted to death.

Zhu Sijia, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others also walked out, and seeing the current situation, their complexion also changed.

From the east sea’s Dragon King Island until today, it had always been calm, but beyond their imagination, when they were just about to reach Lost City, they encountered such a powerful yao beast!

“Withdraw, everyone, return to the cabin, quick!” Sea demon patriarch hastily ordered.

Everyone withdrew in succession, but at that time, a huge monster burst out from the sea surface. It was over a hundred meter long, and it practically jumped over the deck. Its entire body was surrounded with countless crackling lightning. It swatted three disciples of Cloud Mist Sect into the water and soon, the seawater was dyed red with blood.

“Everyone, returned to the cabin!”

“Close doors and windows, quick!”

Zhu Sijia came back to her senses and quickly ordered. Everyone quickly returned to their cabin with a pale face.

In water, sea demon warriors were the bravest warriors, but, encountering such a ferocious super electric eel, just courage alone was not enough. Now, no one dared to enter the sea to fight against this super electric eel.

Sea Demon Patriarch was the one who retreated the last, but just when he was about to enter the cabin, that super electric eel jumped out of the sea again, and its tail covered in a lightning shot towards him. Fortunately, unlike previous unlucky ones, sea demon patriarch was prepared and his cultivation was also higher. He suddenly dodged the attack of this super electric eel and counterattacked with Bullhead Shark Thorn in his hand.

Puchi! A stabbing sound resounded and lightning spread along the Bullhead Shark Thorn to sea demon patriarch. Even though he was peak Daoist Master realm expert, his entire body instantly became numb and his hair stood erect. In addition, in the blink of an eye, he was unable to move as if he was petrified.

As for super electric eel that was stabbed by Bullhead Shark Thorn, it fell down on the deck, but in the next moment, using its sturdy tail to flick itself forward, it opened its mouth wanting to directly swallow sea demon patriarch whole. In addition, due to the anger, the lightning around its body became denser, and people standing in the cabin felt their limbs tingling.


Hai Lili recklessly rushed out and pulled sea demon patriarch out of the way, but it was too late to pull the latter into the cabin.  Lightning spread throughout her body and she similarly felt numb and lost consciousness.


“Quick, protect patriarch and Miss!”

Sea Demon warriors shouted and rushed over regardless of their safety. The result, they didn’t save anyone, instead, they also fell. The huge electric eel moved around the deck and lightning spread throughout the body of people. Regardless of how many people rushed out, no one could do anything. And although they were not in mortal danger for the time being, everyone felt numb and they couldn’t move their body. They could just wait like a lamb to be slaughtered.

“Rhodes, come with me to save them, as for everyone else, guard the cabins!”

Zhu Sijia gritted her teeth and stepping on her flying sword, she also rushed out like a gust of wind. Then, she pulled out the sword hanging on her waist and attacked the super electric eel that was wreaking havoc on the deck.

Such a powerful super electric eel, even Old Demon of Mount Yin didn’t hold certainty to win let alone Zhu Sijia. Rushing up to fight it was tantamount to a moth flying into a flame. But, the circumstance was critical, if she didn’t make a move, then Sea Demon Clan will be wiped out, thus, she couldn’t just look on with folded arms.

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