Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 432

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 432: Leaving

After Four Seas Dragon King Restriction was laid down, this Ghost Passage was sealed off. Now, it would be difficult for Ghost King Dusen to break out.

Looking at this huge lake and four dragon form high mountains, Ye Chuan also secretly sighed with relief as one of his worries had passed. This time, Ghost King Dusen was still secondary, the one that was giving him more misgivings was still Blacksnake Demon God. He worried that the latter was the follower of Blacksnake Monarch, the formidable enemy of his past life. Before breaking through to Sage realm, if he exposed his whereabouts causing Blacksnake Monarch to notice his existence, then even if he went up to heaven or down to Hades, he would be killed!

“Brother White Dragon, how many clansmen are there is your White Dragon Clan? How above moving them all here? Then, this Dragon King Island will truly become the residence of dragons worthy of its name.” Ye Chuan asked, beating around the bush. Dragons were powerful, and since he couldn’t recruit White Dragon Sage, it was not bad to recruit all the remaining white dragons.

“A very long time ago, I left the holy land of White Dragon Clan and traveled outside the territory of White Dragons, so I also don’t know too much about the circumstance of my clansmen.” White Dragon Clan didn’t speak much about it.

There was a matter he had not mentioned to anyone else other than his wife Chu Hongniang. As a matter of fact, he hadn’t left the holy land to travel outside, rather a long time ago, he fell out with his father over a matter and left his race’s holy land, White Dragon Realm. After that, he never returned. And because the number of white dragons was very low and they rarely came out of their holy land, he had not heard any news of his clansmen for a long time.

“Is that so, it’s a pity.”

Ye Chuan noticed the slight change in the expression of White Dragon Sage and no longer asked again. Then, he suddenly had a thought, and taking out Beauty Reef he had purchased in Treasure Gathering House of Cyan Sand Island, he said, “Brother White Dragon, you have traveled around Overseas World for many years and you are very experienced, take a look, what is this?”

Lifelike beauty reef appeared in front of everyone.

The unique shape and charm of this reef quickly attracted the attention of everyone, making everyone shocked.

“Eh, this is……”

White Dragon Sage was also surprised. His gaze didn’t move away from this reef as he carefully observed it and muttered, “It seems to be a frosty reef, but in fact, it contains flourishing vitality, vaguely showing a sign of life as if it truly is a sleeping beauty, strange, what is this? Legendary life goddess? No, doesn’t resemble. A natural coral reef that is produced by worldly spiritual qi? Also doesn’t resemble…..”

Experienced and knowledgeable White Dragon Sage that had traveled all over Overseas World for thousands of years muttered, and the more he watched this reef, the more surprised he became.

On the surface, this reef looked just like a coral reef without any power, but how come he couldn’t see through it? Even if a heaven grade flying sword was placed in front of White Dragon Sage, he would not be interested let along be so surprised like this.

“Noble son Ye, where did you obtain this reef?” After observing it carefully for a while, White Dragon Sage asked.

“Treasure Gathering House of Cyan Sand Island, I bought it to start a feud with Mei Chuanfeng.”

Ye Chuan paused and added, “According to the people of Treasure Gathering House, this reef was accidentally discovered and salvaged in the deep sea. As for the concrete details of it, even great appraisal masters of Treasure Gathering House were unable to see.”

“The master of Treasure Gathering House is not simple, even he was unable to see through this thing. There are not many things he cannot see through in existence. This reef, perhaps, it might have a very profound mystery, or perhaps……, it might just be an ordinary reef too.”

White Dragon Sage muttered for a while and said, “Noble son Ye, if you believe in this brother, how about putting this reef in this Dragon King Lake? We can use the worldly spiritual qi and seawater of this place to slowly moisten it, perhaps, a change might occur someday. At that time, we can know what this thing is and what profound mystery lies within it.”

White Dragon Sage made a proposal. After examining at this lifelike reef, he was reluctant to part with it.

A thing that couldn’t be seen through was truly attractive. Some weapon refining masters were not interested in cultivation, and throughout their life, they might only produce a piece of treasure, but even a small craft they refined would have their lifetime’s painstaking effort and enlightenment.

At this moment, experienced and knowledgeable White Dragon Sage who had traveled all around Overseas World for thousands of years was just like a stubborn weapon refining master. He was completely fascinated by this beauty reef.

“Fine, Brother White Dragon, then I will be troubling you.”

Ye Chuan agreed without any hesitation to leave this reef behind.

White Dragon Sage was completely fascinated but Ye Chuan was completely indifferent. As a once Heaven Concealing Great Sage who could summon rain and wind, he had seen all kind of profound treasures. Although he also couldn’t see through this somewhat strange reef, it was nothing to him. At that time, in Treasure Gathering House of Cyan Sand Island, he had obtained this reef accidentally without any effort.

“No trouble, no trouble at all, if this reef shows any changes in the future, I will immediately inform you.” White Dragon Sage happily said. And quickly using a technique, this reef was sunk into the lake.

With the company of his family, this lake with waves and such reef, his following life will not be dull and lonely. He could stay in Dragon King Island with ease. As for the medicinal herbs that were required to save his son Jiajia, it was useless to be hasty, he needed to take time to slowly inquire about them. For thousands of years, White Dragon Sage had proudly roamed around four seas, ignoring everyone, but in this boundless Overseas World, he still had a few bosom friends. After settling down, he could use his own connections to slowly inquire about the news.

“Brother White Dragon, I will leave the remnants of Blacksnake Clan to you. And to take care of such a big island, it is almost impossible for a single person, so I will leave behind some people to help you.”

Ye Chuan took out the map where Mei Chuanfeng had marked his clan’s strongholds along with IOU he sighed, then gave them to White Dragon Sage. After that, turning around, he whispered something in the ear of Zhu Sijia. The latter immediately chose about a dozen intelligent and dependable disciples to stay behind. Blacksnake Residence whose name was changed into Dragon King Island had an advantageous geographical position. Merchant ships that went back and forth through East Sea must pass this island. So, if this island was managed well, then they could obtain many unique resources without a doubt.

Resources were indispensable in cultivation, if he wanted to dominate Wilderness World once again and fight against the formidable enemies of his previous life, then all kinds of resources were even more indispensable!

Before he truly encountered the formidable enemies of his previous life, Ye Chuan begun to take precautions. He will not let off any chance to increase his strength.

“Well, noble son Ye, hereafter, if you need help in any matter, then feel free to tell me.”

White Dragon Sage nodded his head and didn’t refuse the arrangement of Ye Chuan. He knew that Ye Chuan was leaving.

“Okay, brother White Dragon, if I truly ran into any difficulties, then I will look for you.”

Ye Chuan smiled and said bluntly. Then, after bidding farewell to Redline Lady Chu Hongniang, he boarded the sea dragon boat with everyone. Sea Demon Patriarch who was already impatient immediately gave the order to set out, then the huge sea dragon boat quickly sailed far away, leaving behind Dragon King Island towards the holy land of Sea Demon Clan, Lost City.

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