Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 431

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 431: Four Seas Dragon King Formation

Whoosh, a cold wind was blowing out from this Ghost Passage.

When they reached ten meters away from the entrance of this Ghost Passage, even the soul of Ye Chuan shook and he felt very uneasy.

The ill wind blowing out from this Ghost Passage was not a simple ill wind, it directly attacked the spirit of people. If one was careless and this ill wind entered the body, then even a Daoist Master realm expert’s vitality would be greatly damaged.

This was just a passage, but it was already this dangerous, what about in the Ghost Residence itself?

Ye Chuan, White Dragon Sage, Plague Archfiend Abasi and others were solemn as if they were facing a formidable enemy. Those who could survive in Ghost Residence, no matter if it was a demon or the legendary ghost, all would definitely have heaven-defying cultivation base. Those that would come out of this Ghost Passage would at least be at the level of Ghost King or even more powerful!

“Kakaka, Your Excellency, let me try to see how deep this passage is!”

Old Demon of Mount Yin raised his right hand, then a vine shot into the Ghost Passage from his palm, going deeper and deeper.

100 meters, 1000 meters, 1,200 meters……

The tough vine became longer and longer as it went deeper and deeper into this Ghost Passage.

The innate skill of Old Demon of Mount Yin was very unusual. In theory, as long as he had sufficient energy, he could elongate vines as long as he wanted. But, not long after, a layer of frost appeared on the vine and cold qi spread along this vine. Old Demon of Mount Yin shivered and he was forced to cut off this vine, giving up the exploration of this Ghost Passage.

Ye Chuan walked over and placing his palm on the back of Old Demon of Mount Yin, he injected his pure energy. Slowly, Old Demon of Mount Yin reverted back to normal.

“Thank you, your excellency!”

Old Demon of Mount Yin wiped the sweat from his forehead and walked over to one side. He finally understood that this Ghost Passage was something he couldn’t deal with. The dangers of Five Fingered Buddhist Cave, he knew better than anyone else, but the legendary Ghost Residence on the other end of this Ghost Passage in front of his eyes was more dangerous than Five Fingered Buddhist Cave.

“Noble son Ye, provide support from the back!”

White Dragon Sage took a deep breath and suddenly transforming into a strong and vigorous white dragon, he soared into the sky. Then, after issuing a powerful dragon roar, he began to chant a long dragon incantation, using an ancient and profound technique.

The ground shook and begun to collapse.

Looking down from high altitude, one could see the ground splitting open and caving in. It stretched from blacksnake square to the seashore. Soon, sounds of sea waves resounded as raging sea waves gushed in. In less than half an incense time, the blacksnake square was flooded by seawater. Now, a big lake appeared at the center of this island and it was becoming bigger. The entrance of Ghost Passage was located at the center of this lake and looking from far away, it looked just like a black undersea whirlpool. But, the intriguing matter was, even though the seawater had already submerged the entrance of Ghost Passage, not a drop of water flowed into the Ghost Passage. It seemed that there was invisible energy blocking the seawater.

And at the same time, the ground around this lake shook and slowly four tall mountains appeared. Looking from close, these mountains were rocks, but looking from far away, they looked like four dragons that were looking down at this lake. In the sky, dense yang dragon aura fluctuated, and even far away from the lake, one could vaguely hear a dragon roar as if a true dragon was living in this lake.

Four Seas Dragon King Formation!

White Dragon Sage used his unique technique to lay out a powerful ancient restriction.

This was the unique restriction passed down in White Dragon Clan. According to the legend, this ancient restriction could even seal Sages, but although it was powerful, it required an astonishing amount of energy.

White Dragon Sage began to sweat profusely and his original robust body also begun to weaken. But, at this time, the earth was still shaking and four dragon-shaped high mountains were still rising, moreover, a layer of white light gradually appeared around them and they began to sparkle, transforming into crystal stones.

A crystal stone in the hands of an ordinary person who didn’t cultivate was just a piece of stone that looked nice. But, in the hands of cultivators, its true worth would be seen. They could absorb the energy contained on it to boost their cultivation. Conversely, pouring their powerful energy into a piece of ordinary stone, the ordinary stone would transform becoming extraordinary. And absorbing the worldly spiritual qi in the air for a long period of time, stones could transform into real crystal stones.

Under the heaven-defying technique of White Dragon Sage, an astonishing scene appeared in front of people.

Four Seas Dragon King Formation, there were two powerful aspects of this restriction. One was moving mountain and sea, thoroughly changing the terrain around. Once someone touches the restriction from inside the Ghost Passage, raging seawater would flood downward, destroying this passage; the other powerful aspect was those towering dragon-shaped mountains beside the lake. They were four restriction cores of this restriction. At the critical moment, these four high mountains could transform into four Dragon Kings and launch a deadly attack on the person who had triggered this restriction.

“Rhodes, start!”

Ye Chuan ordered and flew behind White Dragon Sage. Then, circulating nine Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, he injected his vast energy into White Dragon Sage to provide a helping hand. Old Demon of Mount Yin followed behind Ye Chuan and also provide a helping hand.

With the help of two people, the vitality of White Dragon Sage soared and he used his technique again. Those four towering dragon-shaped high mountains beside the lake became even more lifelike, but the dazzling light around them was still not stable enough and it appeared as they could crumble at any moment. Merely after a while, White Dragon Sage weakened again and the energy fluctuation within his body became chaotic, which in turn caused the lake below them to sway.

Roar! Along with a roar, Plague Archfiend Abasi also make a move. Enduring his fear of water, he transformed into a three-eyed toad and sent out a mouthful of vital yuan qi to White Dragon Sage from far away.

With another Half-Sage realm expert making a move, sure enough, the result was outstanding. The vitality of White Dragon Sage soared, then letting out a dragon roar, he pressed on forward to complete his technique. Instantly, seawater rose sharply and the entrance of Ghost Passage was deeply submerged, in addition, those four dragon-shaped high mountains were completely formed. Those huge dragons guarded the four side of this lake. Now, their dragon head was held high, swallowing worldly spiritual qi in the air, sweeping away worldly spiritual qi within the radius of hundred li.

White Dragon Sage became weak again and reverting back to his human form, he slowly floated down to the lakeshore. Ye Chuan also floated down to the lakeshore, and looking at this big lake which nearly occupied one-third of this island, Ye Chuan was astonished. A lifeless barren land, because of this lake and four dragon-shaped high mountains, had a vague vitality and spiritual qi. In the future, verdant and luxuriant trees will grow here again.

“Noble son Ye, this is Four Seas Dragon King Formation passed down in our White Dragon Clan, now, please give this island a new name.” White Dragon Sage explained. Although he was exhausted, he still looked excited, clearly, he was quite satisfied with this restriction.

With this lake and restriction, the life of his family of four will not be boring and lonely, in addition, cultivating here would be very effective. In the future, it would be even better if dragon blood was supplied continuously to this restriction.

“Four Seas Dragon King Formation, then, let’s call this island Dragon King Island.” Ye Chuan looked around and said. He was sincerely convinced by the means of White Dragon Sage. He wondered if he could use such a technique in his previous life when he was still a Half-Sage realm expert before he became a Great Sage. White Dragon Sage Bai Rulong already had such heaven-defying means when he was still Half-Sage realm expert, later, when he broke through to a Sage realm, he would definitely be an outstanding Sage!

“Good, good, Dragon King Island, this is a good name!”

White Dragon Sage happily nodded his head, and holding his head high, he uttered a long, loud cry. His powerful dragon roar reverberated through the sky above the lake for a long time.

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