Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 430

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 430: Ghost aura

After killing Mei Chuanfeng, everyone completely relaxed. They weren’t in a rush to leave, they just stationed nearby.

Sea Demon clansmen who never dared to go ashore without careful consideration also disembarked with ease. They took out all kinds of goods and materials to build a temporary campsite. Now, Ghost King Dusen and Blacksnake Demon God had disappeared, Blacksnake Clan was destroyed, Mei Chuanfeng had also died, and the entire island had become a pile of debris, so they didn’t need to worry about exposing their whereabouts.

After the entire night of banquet, early in the next morning, people gathered to discuss the next action plan.

“Noble son Ye, although there are still many remnants of Blacksnake Clan, the stormy waves have already passed, we should continue on our journey to Lost City, how about it?” Sea Demon Patriarch took the initiative to propose. He appeared as if he was impatient.

Ye Chuan sipped a mouthful of hot tea and didn’t answer immediately. He looked at Bai Rulong and Chu Hongniang at one side and asked, “Brother White Dragon, what about you? What is your next plan?”

Ye Chuan rather appreciated Bai Rulong. It was rare to encounter Half-Sage realm cultivator. If he could recruit this kind of expert, then he would have one more strong follower!

Ye Chuan appeared calm and composed, but he wanted to recruit this husband and wife in his heart and wanted to bring them along to the Lost City.

“Noble son Ye, I am very sorry, I fear we husband and wife cannot leave together with you.”

White Dragon Sage and Chu Hongniang looked at each other and paused for a bit, then added, “I have discussed with my wife, we will not be going anywhere, we will settle down here in this Blacksnake Residence.”

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and Sea Demon warriors in nearby tables were surprised and they made all sorts of comments.

The current Blacksnake Residence had already become a barren land. The battle between Ghost King Dusen and Blacksnake Demon God , these two sage realm experts, had turned this place into a death land. Just staying here for one night was already uncomfortable. They felt as if countless zombies would appear at any time. If they stayed here for a long time, even if there was nothing dangerous, it would not be good for health, and cultivating here was also very ineffective now.

Ye Chuan was also somewhat surprised, but he didn’t question closely, just personally poured a cup of tea to White Dragon Sage and Chu Hongniang. He was very familiar with White Dragon Sage like people, if the other party didn’t want to speak, then it was useless to ask more. If he was willing to say something, then he would speak out without asking. In this aspect, White Dragon Sage and Nan Tiandu were rather similar.

“Current Blacksnake Residence is truly not a good place to live and the environment is vile, but, there is also a benefit, average people will not come here. So, living here, we can avoid unnecessary troubles and disturbance. In this period of time, Hongniang and children were very scared, I want to rest with them for the time being. In the past, I was not good, I didn’t take good care of my wife and children. And after resting for some time, I will look for the news of medicinal herbs to treat my son Jiajia as soon as possible.”

White Dragon Sage said in a low voice, and when he mentioned his son Jiajia who was frozen inside the crystal coffin, he looked dejected. “In addition, although Ghost King Dusen and Blacksnake Demon God have disappeared, they might come back through this ghost passage at any time. I want to stay behind and guard the entrance of this ghost passage in person, I cannot let this Ghost King wreak havoc everywhere again!”

White Dragon Sage tightly held the teacup and said.

Now, the storm had passed and his family was safe, but thinking of danger times, White Dragon Sage couldn’t forget the might of that Ghost King Dusen. He absolutely couldn’t let that tragedy repeat again. This time, his wife Chu Hongniang was safe and sound, but who knows what would happen next time if Ghost King Dusen capture his wife again.

“The passage to the world beyond the highest heaven is something that cannot be guarded normally, brother White Dragon, do you have any good idea?” Ye Chuan asked.

Thinking about that ghost passage on this island, he similarly had misgivings in his heart, and he was worried about Bai Rulong and Chu Hongniang.

But the worries of White Dragon Sage was not superfluous, on the contrary, it was a necessity.

Although Ghost King Dusen had disappeared in this ghost passage, no one knew whether he had died or not. In addition, no one knew whether the evil spirits on the other side of this ghost passage might come here via this passage, so they had to be careful. Even if Ghost King Dusen never come back again, they must be wary of Blacksnake Demon God rushing out from this passage to Wilderness World again.

Seeing the battle between Ghost King Dusen and Blacksnake Demon God in person, Ye Chuan was sure that that Blacksnake Demon God was not Blacksnake Monarch, the formidable enemy of his past life, and also not the avatar of the latter. But even if there was no other connection between them, Blacksnake Demon God might be the subordinate of Blacksnake Monarch. He couldn’t rule out this possibility. And before he had sufficient strength, he absolutely couldn’t let Blacksnake Monarch be aware of his existence. Thinking from this aspect, it was necessary to seal off ghost passage, in addition, the sooner the better!

“I know a kind of ancient restriction that should be able to seal off this ghost passage, but, it cannot be arranged with only my strength. Noble son Ye, I am afraid I have to trouble you again.” White Dragon Sage openly asked for help. In front of Ye Chuan, he didn’t mince words and he also didn’t put himself in pedestal just because he was a Half-Sage realm expert, he treated Ye Chuan as a friend of the same generation. This was not only because of the favor of Ye Chuan, but also because Ye Chuan had qualification and ability.

Although the cultivation realm of Ye Chuan in itself was not up to much, Old Demon of Mount Yin and Plague Archfiend Abasi under his leadership were peak experts of Wilderness World. Being able to subdue and become master of this kind of experts was sufficient to prove the ability of Ye Chuan!

“No problem, feel free to speak whatever is needed. Brother Long, this matter needs immediate attention, how about doing it immediately?” Ye Chuan agreed without any hesitation so as to avoid the problems that may arise due to a long delay. At the same time, he also somewhat looked forward to seeing what kind of restriction White Dragon Sage would arrange.

What kind of restriction was it for even a Half-Sage realm expert couldn’t arrange it alone?

Ye Chuan was curious and somewhat looked forward to it. Zhu Sijia and others were even more looking forward to it. Soon, everyone arrived in front of that ghost passage.

Under broad daylight, the other places were somewhat hot, but arriving in the vicinity of this ghost passage, they immediately felt chill. In addition, they could vaguely hear wailings of ghosts as if countless specters would rush out from this passage at any time. Those who didn’t have sufficiently solid cultivation had their spirit fall into chaos. The closer they were to this ghost passage, the more obvious that feeling was. Compared to yesterday when they saw this ghost passage for the first time, it appeared even more ghastly, intensifying the uneasy feeling of people.

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and Sea Demon warriors shrunk their neck and when they were one kilometer away from that ghost passage, all of them coincidentally stopped at the same time. Only White Dragon Sage, Ye Chuan, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others walked forward.

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