Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 43

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Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 43: Unexpected harvest

Each mountain of Cloud Mist Sect had many medicinal herbs planted. Among them, there was no lack of rare and strange herbs, which were important materials to refine the highest grade pills. The Purple Cloud Peak where Sect master used to stay was naturally also no exception. But none of these medicinal herbs made Ye Chuan so surprised and excited.

In the Ghost Market, seeing these mysterious cyan colored seeds, he had vaguely guessed it somewhat, merely he was unable to be certain and also didn’t dare to believe, that’s all.

Millions of years ago, when he was still aloof and remote Heaven Concealing Great Sage who could conceal the heaven with his hand, Qingyang fruit was already a kind of rare worldly treasure, which was yearned by countless experts. This treasure that is given birth by worldly spiritual qi, in addition to having the ability to cleanse muscles, refine marrow and accelerate the cultivation speed, it even more was a great tonic for the spirit. It is a thing that is yearned even in their dreams by the cultivators who cultivates various magical techniques.

Ye Chuan stretched out his hand, and Cyan Lotus Lamp appeared in his hand, then with a thought, Golden Cicada King flew out from inside the Cyan Lotus Lamp, hovering above his head.

Each Qingyang tree only bears one Qingyang fruit, and after the fruit was plucked, the fruit tree would wither and die. This was the consequence of the absurdly fast growth of fruit tree due to the excessively boundless Yang qi around. The stone forest was already destroyed by yao beasts, and among the 13 Qingyang trees, only 5 remained intact. He didn’t know whether the other Qingyang fruits had fallen into Evil Dragon Abyss or eaten by yao beasts, but Ye Chuan was determined to win these final 5 Qingyang fruits!

Ye Chuan secretly circulated Heaven Swallowing Talisman within his body, however he kept calm without attacking immediately, and silently wait for a favorable opportunity.

Although he had arranged Stone Forest Formation with some difficulty and hurriedly, but it was strong enough to withstand the attacks of Xiushi realm experts. But now, this formation was already destroyed by force and was filled with the corpses of yao beasts, this sufficiently shows the ferociousness of this small wild pig and nine headed snake. This small wild pig appeared to be born not long ago, but its innate skill was unusually high. As for this nine headed snake, it clearly was at least more than 1,000 years old.

The longer the yao beasts had lived, the stronger the combat ability and the more ferocious they would be. So Ye Chuan didn’t dare to be careless even a bit.

After a while, when both yao beasts were intensely fighting at close quarters, suddenly, both of these yao beasts roared repeatedly.

Nine headed snake was good at defending, one head would meet with an attack and other eight would immediately counterattack. As for small wild pig, it seems, with its extraordinary strength, it was good at attacking violently. Each attack would leave behind a deep wound on the body of nine headed snake, vaguely occupying an upper hand. Slowly, the injury of nine headed snake became heavier and heavier, and due to its inattentiveness, small wild pig bit 7 inch deep, giving it a heavy injury.

Nine headed snake desperately fought back to free itself from this bite. Its long body conversely bound this small wild pig, and its nine heads desperately bit towards this small wild pig. Helpless, this small wild pig madly launched even more ferocious attacks, and didn’t relax its bite in any case. After waging a desperate struggle for a while, the body of nine headed hydra slowly softened and fell down, simply was bit to death by this small wild pig.


Small wild pig roared loudly, claiming its victory, then throwing off the corpse of nine headed hydra to one side, it hobbled towards Qingyang fruit. And just when it opened its mouth to bite off a Qingyang fruit, suddenly a golden light flashed before its eyes, and it immediately jumped behind. And with a pain in its neck, a trace of blood appeared.

As expected of Wilderness mutated spices, even after a life and death fight with nine headed snake, this small wild pig was still able to dodge the sneak attack of Golden Cicada King!

A simple and unsophisticated oil lamp suddenly drifted, and floated above the head of this small wild pig.

Although the lamplight was dim, but with the warmness of this light, small wild pig suddenly appeared to be in a trance, and with the rise of peacefulness in its heart, it no longer had any fighting will.

Under Cyan Lotus Lamp, all creation was at its mercy!

In this period of time, Ye Chuan pondered about another mysterious aspect of Cyan Lotus Lamp. Unless the opponent’s cultivation was far higher than his own, if caught in an unguarded state, more or less all of them would be unable to escape the imprisonment and effect of Cyan Lotus Lamp.

Small wild pig suddenly roared angrily, and it seems it would sober up after an extremely short period of one breath of time. Its combat power was really outstanding.

But this very short period of one breath of time was already enough for Ye Chuan.

Ye Chuan who was hiding in the dark, immediately jumped out and circulating Heaven Swallowing Talisman, he mercilessly palmed towards small wild pig. With this 18,000 jin power, this innately skilled mutated yao beast was sent flying to more than 10 meters.

Ye Chuan stepped on the ground, and just like a shadow, chased after it, and then raised his right hand. Just when was about to kill this yao beast, he saw the corpse of nine headed snake not far away, and suddenly had a thought. He silently recited his cultivation technique and forced out a drop of essence blood and dripped it into the space between the brows of this little wild pig. Then the surface of the body of this cute yet ferocious mutated yao beast shook and changing into a white light, it entered into Cyan Lotus Lamp.

As long as it was Wilderness mutated species, it certainly had its exceptional points, just like Golden Cicada King. On his whim, Ye Chuan silently recited Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing technique to tame this ferocious beast, small wild pig.

After reincarnation, he had to do everything over again, and must cultivate from the scratch. And if he wishes to regain his previous level cultivation, then even he himself didn’t know how my storms and tribulation he must pass. And these innately skilled small wild pig and Golden Cicada King would undoubtedly be the best assistants of Ye Chuan to go through many difficulties in the future.

“These five Qingyang fruits are all mine!”

Ye Chuan put away Cyan Lotus Lamp, then rushing inside the stone forest, he pick off all the remaining 5 Qingyang fruits, and without cleaning off the battlefield, he hurriedly left. Just after he walked away, a figure flew past in the sky and firmly landing on the ground, he walked steadily, but his speed was still faster than a flying sword. With eagle nose, black face, imposing stature and entire body’s blood and qi seething with killing intent, he was no other than Alchemy Hall’s Hall Master Jin Zhikun!

The birth of Qingyang Fruit emitted a faint fragrance, and coupled with the energy fluctuation caused by numerous yao beasts fighting, this quickly alarmed the experts of Cloud Mist Sect.

Alchemy Hall was not the nearest one from this mountain, still Hall Master Jin Zhikun had arrived here first.

Unfortunately, he arrived one step late in spite of his astonishing speed. All the Qingyang trees beside Evil Dragon Abyss had already withered away, and with the surrounding mess, one couldn’t see even a trace of them.

Looking at the corpse of nine headed hydra, Jin Zhikun pricked up his brows, then suddenly stretching his hand he caught the void, and carefully sensing the reaction in front of him, her facial expression became overcast and uncertain, “Eh, this is……”

Jin Zhikun frowned, as he vaguely sensed the aura of Ye Chuan in the air. This aura, made his complexion even gloomier. Recalling the tragic death of his son Jin Hua in the hands of Ye Chuan, his killing intent flourished, and he had the impulse to immediately go to Purple Cloud Peak and kill him. But recalling the warning of Third Elder, he had to restrain and endure again and again.

It was already dawn, and every expert of Cloud Mist Sect came here stepping on their flying sword. While they were quietly cultivating, all of them sensed the unusual changes besides Evil Dragon Abyss. Unfortunately, all of them were late. Even Jin Zhikun was not able to gain anything, they even more had to return empty-handed.

Perhaps because of the arrival of many people, the blood mist of Evil Dragon Abyss became denser, emitting more oppressive aura. Standing beside the abyss for a while, numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect felt restless, and all of them left in succession. And seeing this blood mist of Evil Dragon Abyss, a trace of horror and restlessness flashed in the eyes of Jin Zhikun, then he bitterly flew away.

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